Rick Riordan Book Quotes by sadieddie11
Rick Riordan Book Quotesby Brains.vs.brawns
Just a bunch of quotes from my favorited books! Read for daily Riordan Quotes. DISCLAIMER: ALL RIGHTS GO TO RICK RIORDAN
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Nico Visits 12 Grimmauld Place by ClaireValdez
Nico Visits 12 Grimmauld Placeby ❄ claire ❄
Nico di Angelo had one job. It was to shadow travel to a certain 15 Grimmauld Place in London, England, and reap a soul. Only thing is, he ended up trapped in a house t...
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Dam Demigods meet Puny Mortals by HarryDaFJackson
Dam Demigods meet Puny Mortalsby Harry F Jackson
Ya know, your usual clichè one-shots about our Dam Demigods meeting puny mortals. They might even meet wonderful wizards, magical magicians, and amazing Asgardians. Ma...
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Percy Jackson Unleashed by glitterbug152
Percy Jackson Unleashedby Bliss
Hi everybody I'm Allegra and I'm obsessed with the Percy Jackson, The Kane Chronicles, and The Heroes of Olympus series. I have a fandom book out called It's a Fangirl T...
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Exactly what the title says
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Death's Son (And All Its Perks) by Pey119
Death's Son (And All Its Perks)by Alyssa~
Nico is busy looking for his missing cousin, Percy, when Anubis comes to him with a proposition, one that could win both wars without even trying. But will becoming his...
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"NICO YOU LITTLE GAY ITALIAN!" "What?" by Uncle_LeoValdez
"NICO YOU LITTLE GAY ITALIAN!" "Wh...by LaughsInDiabetic
It all started with a wrong number... and things heated up from there. {Lenny face} Group chat/Texting/Wrong number/Mortal AU and sweet jeezus it's weird and crazy xddd ...
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PJ and KC crossover (Book 1) by youngmoonlight
PJ and KC crossover (Book 1)by Carla the exceed
Kane chronicles and Pjo/HoO crossover. I don't own anything. I only own Natasha and a few other characters. Characters WILL be off at times. And sense this is my first b...
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Protect And Love(Anubis X Reader Love Story) by Book_Worm_Raven
Protect And Love(Anubis X Reader L...by Raven_Roth
"I love you... I love you so much Anubis,and I want you to remember this love... Be it now or a thousand years from now. I will always love you the same... And I ho...
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Inner Soul: A Sanubis Love Story by mysteriousskydiver
Inner Soul: A Sanubis Love Storyby Mysteriousskydiver💝
whats with all these nightmares...... Its being days since Sadie slept peacefully. All these reccuring dreams and that lady.......who is she???And...
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PJO Watty Awards 2019 Entry Book by PJO_WattyAwards
PJO Watty Awards 2019 Entry Bookby ρנσ ωαтту αωαя∂ѕ
Enter all of your books here! Remember to read the rules in the first chapter. Anyone found in violation of the rules will be disqualified.
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Hunter Shades: Daughters of Magic by SolangeloKid
Hunter Shades: Daughters of Magicby Solangelo_Kid
"Hunter Shades: Daughters of Magic" is being rewritten. I will not be allowing new characters that are not my own into the story. I use to allow other people t...
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The Ghost King's Love (Nico Di Angelo X Reader) by TheCipherist
The Ghost King's Love (Nico Di Ang...by £rrorcode$
" Despite the dark that resides in me, that inhabits me, that crawls behind my back, your light continues to warm my heart, to always remind me that even if I...
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Percy Jackson Finds Instagram by Jellywhal
Percy Jackson Finds Instagramby ari
Percy_The_Great has created his account. Annabeth_Is_Smart has created her account Jason_Is_Boss has created his account Animal has created his account Hazel_Summons_Mo...
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One Shots by WizardDemigodWannabe
One Shotsby fangirl101
Basically a bunch of one shots (Mostly x Readers) I will be accepting requests If you want to send a request, look at the tags for the types I will be accepting, shows...
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Zarter by helloworld29
Zarterby Helloworld29
A story about Zia and Carter's life (maybe a few others as well) after the defeat of Apophis.
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Percy Jackson, son of Chaos Book 1: Omega returns(cross-over MCGOA, KANE) by Isabella82958
Percy Jackson, son of Chaos Book 1...by Isabella82958
What happens when Percy Jackson was betrayed by Annabeth Chase, his girlfriend, framing him of aiding the enemy. The real son of Chaos is about to start a new adventure...
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Into The Moon Shadow | A KANE CHRONICLES FANFICTION | Wattys2018  by demigod_anne_kane
Into The Moon Shadow | A KANE CHRO...by ☥ℋᴏᴜsᴇ ᴏғ ʟɪғᴇ☥
We all know about the Greek Gods and how they used to have children with mortals, called demigods. But what happens with the Egyptian ones? Ariana Blue is a fifteen yea...
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Hero of Two Worlds by Rasnak
Hero of Two Worldsby Rasnak
We all know about Percy Jackson as the son of Poseidon, the saviour of Olympus and all his other titles....but he had kept one secret which only Nico knew. What was the...
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Children of the Underworld by HadesPlutoNico
Children of the Underworldby Asilda
With Nico's soul at stake, Percy takes a risk and reveals all that they've been hiding to Annabeth, Thalia, and Jason. United with the Kanes, a desperate search begins...
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