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runaway idol / cha eunwoo astro ✔ by imrainebow
runaway idol / cha eunwoo astro ✔by de'light
Running away from his idol life, fate brought him and her together. ASTRO Fanfic; Cha Eun Woo and Lee Eun Bi (OC). Date published; 10/19/2016 Date completed; 08/08/2017 ...
  • chaeunwoo
  • idol
  • seventeen
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Binnie Baby (Binwoo/binu)  by astroarohaz
Binnie Baby (Binwoo/binu) by 💖💖💖
"What's your name cutie?" "I-I'm M-Moonbin and I'm lonely" Eunwoo can't help but take this cute guy with him. In which Moonbin is a cat hybrid and a...
  • littlespace
  • fluffy
  • fanfiction
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Locker ; Cha Eunwoo by dongminnie
Locker ; Cha Eunwooby 👑
I would open my locker to find a blue note everyday before english class, until I found out who wrote them © dongminnie pls dont plagiarize (-: achievements- #678 sho...
  • fanfic
  • shortstory
  • fantagio
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Earphone ||  Astro Eunwoo by sanhabooty
Earphone || Astro Eunwooby polaris
"in which a cold guy bumped into a girl wearing earphones" ||chaeunwoo|| [ ] on going [✅] completed [✅] edited started - 30.12.16 ended - 29.4.17 -ayna✔️
  • leedongmin
  • cha
  • romance
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VISUAL. - ( CHA EUNWOO. ) [TWO UPD...by oof
[OC X LEE DONGMIN] ❝SHE WANTS ME. NOT MY LOOKS, BUT ME.❞ in which he wanted someone to see him as he saw himself. started : [ 12/12/18] ended: [ 29/12/18 ] [pre-writte...
  • idol
  • parkminhyuk
  • chaeunwoo
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First Love || Cha Eunwoo by adibah_tofu
First Love || Cha Eunwooby Kawaii Tofu
"I was too late to even regret my actions." -Cha Eunwoo #1 - dongmin
  • eunwoo
  • astrolove
  • kpopfanfiction
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Everything I hate about you. // Binwoo // Astro by itsmoonbinnie
Everything I hate about you. // Bi...by Enter bae's name here...
Due to other students misbehavior, Eunwoo started to form a huge hatred towards school. Everything about the environment irritates him until he met a certain boy called...
  • rocky
  • leedongmin
  • binwoo
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Don't Fall ↠ Park Minhyuk  by JinwooHeartu
Don't Fall ↠ Park Minhyuk by Viriya ♡
• An angel is sent down to Earth to help a cold-hearted guy, who is dealing with the death of his father. She manages to help him recover and becomes a helpful friend...
  • mj
  • chaeunwoo
  • moonbin
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First Love {ASTRO} || #Wattys2016 by peachyten
First Love {ASTRO} || #Wattys2016by ~Jess~
It's the start of a new year at Sang Do High School in Busan, and three new boys are starting in class 16A. Their names? Lee Dongmin, Moon Bin and Park Jinwoo. Will the...
  • myungjun
  • leedongmin
  • wattys2016
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ᴀsᴛʀᴏ ᴡᴀʟʟᴘᴀᴘᴇʀs  by Yoonsbinwoo
ᴀsᴛʀᴏ ᴡᴀʟʟᴘᴀᴘᴇʀs by 🐰
Wallpapers by yoonsbinwoo 💞 For All light era 🌱 If you want to repost, give credits @yoonsbinwoo or ask permission Thanks for checking my book 🤗
  • leedongmin
  • wallpapers
  • astro
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Remember that I love you «Lee Dongmin» by AROHA_ry
Remember that I love you «Lee Dong...by a d i ó s
Se podía decir que EunJi era una chica como cualquiera, no obstante, para los ojos de Dongmin, era la chica perfecta, la más guapa, la más tierna, ella era la persona pe...
  • chaeunwoo
  • astro
  • leedongmin
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ROCKYS SIDE  by astro__parkminhyuk
ROCKYS SIDE by heather vela
a girl meets a boy named rocky (astro) she likes him but is not sure if he likes her back so this is ROCKYS SIDE IF HE LIKES HER OR NOT
  • parkminhyuk
  • astrokpop
  • parkjinwoo
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Star | P.JW by elxrr_
Star | P.JWby ᴡᴇᴇ ᴍɪɴᴊɪ (위민지)
a jinjin × reader story jinjin ; a member of astro, a popular boy group from fantagio y/n ; an aroha who dreams to be noticed by him will he notice her? or will y/n only...
  • jinjin
  • rocky
  • leedongmin
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Colours; Astro Yoon Sanha by -gummyyoongi
Colours; Astro Yoon Sanhaby Af
In which a boy tells a colour-blind girl what colour she is everyday.
  • eunwoo
  • kimmyungjun
  • parkjinwoo
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Elixir || l.dm by macjonalds
Elixir || l.dmby shelby
"You are my elixir because your love cures my broken heart."
  • fantagio
  • astrochaeunwoo
  • kpopidols
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Being Their Fashion Designer (ONHOLD) by AngelEunWoo
Being Their Fashion Designer (ONHO...by AngelEunWoo
You as Mode Yoon Astro as Themselves Medyo mabagal lang po ang update pero I promise na maga-update ako para sa inyo.Don't Forget to Vote,Comment and Fangirl!
  • astro
  • moonbin
  • parkminhyuk
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Wanna Be Your Star by _PurpleDy
Wanna Be Your Starby AndreaNichole
What if you go to South Korea to reach your dream to became a Superstar but instead you became a housemaid of an Idol Group in South Korea called ASTRO. As a K-Pop Fan y...
  • moonbin
  • astro
  • chaeunwoo
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