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Legacy Academy by BookDragon2726
Legacy Academyby BookDragon
Teen romance + Murder Mystery + Royals + Horses = one heck of a roller coaster! Lauren's life is normal. The daily routine of wake up, get dressed, go to school, return...
Freedom Ranch by asmendezbooks
Freedom Ranchby A. S. Mendez
Dakota, an Army Veteran in a small town in Texas, has had enough of her good for nothing husband. After a brawl between them, she flees without a trace. She has no one...
It's Complicated by messandahalf
It's Complicatedby messandahalf
Riding is not just about winning, and that's something that Abigail Forestor has always prided herself in believing. Sure, winning is great, and why else spend ridiculou...
When Single Riders Come Together (COMPLETED) by hoofprintson02
When Single Riders Come Together (...by Sequoyah Branham
Tylee Jackson lives on a 100,000 acre ranch, outside of Sundance, Texas, that she runs herself. She is very shy and gets social anxiety easily, her best friend, Becca, s...
MISTAKE    lando norris by urmumfcksme
MISTAKE lando norrisby rik
IN WHICH. he adds a wrong number to a group chat and doesn't remove her OR IN WHICH. both have no idea that the other person is a famous athlete
The lost bet - (Appledash) by WritingGayAsF
The lost bet - (Appledash)by WritingGayAsF
The two students on Canterlot High likes competitions, bets and challenges. Both of them are really concered to winning. Who wins the bet to not fall in love first? - ap...
5 Missed Calls by peppermintted
5 Missed Callsby peppermintted
Colin Bridgerton is back from a 6 month expedition for his derby tour; having to visit Eygpt, India, and even China to compete internationally. He is now back just in ti...
Runaway Horse by sparkybark17
Runaway Horseby Elizabeth Hope
#1 in Adventure 6/16/2015 Taylor Evans, a foster child, has been planning her runaway for a while now. Ever since her parents died when she was 6, she's been moved from...
Reunite ( a Flash Sentry x Princess Twilight Sparkle love story ) by fklee3yahoocommydl
Reunite ( a Flash Sentry x Princes...by LEE JIN YI Moe
Princess Twilight Sparkle could not bear the thought of never seeing her beloved, Flash Sentry, ever again. Meanwhile, Flash also could not stop thinking of his beautifu...
The Cowboy's Package Love with Faith (COMPLETED) by hoofprintson02
The Cowboy's Package Love with Fai...by Sequoyah Branham
Jedediah Williams, 25, is a single cowboy that works on the 6666 Ranch. He has never been married and hasn't really been swept away by a girl. 'Waiting on the Lord' is h...
#SoarinDash by Yourlocalrock03
#SoarinDashby Yourlocalrock03
After Rainbow wins the 'best young flyers' competitions she spends a day with the Wonderbolts and gets closer to Soarin. After the Grand Galloping Gala they form a speci...
Big Girl Boots by lindsle
Big Girl Bootsby Lindsey Grimes
**Book 3 in the Coda Paxton Series** My Aunt Callie always said I had to get back on the horse if I fell off. It didn't matter if I got bucked off, or if my cinch was to...
Ally by Devilish_Equestrian
Allyby That One Equestrian
Ally Johnsen was an ordinary horse loving 14 year old girl until the day came that would change her life, forever. After a big fall during a competition, Ally is blinde...
Cross Creek Equestrian Academy (Completed) by xoxoAffinity
Cross Creek Equestrian Academy (Co...by Affinity
Cross Creek Equestrian Academy is one of the most prestigious riding schools in the United States. It accepts only the most elite riders in the country. - Blaire Grant i...
Stone Creek Riding Academy by M_Equine
Stone Creek Riding Academyby In_The_Moment
16 year old O'Connor Steele used to be a top notch Barrel racer until a freak accident which stopped her career. Her horse was put down and she was almost paralyzed in h...
My Little Schnee (RWBY X MLP)  by KriegSchnee
My Little Schnee (RWBY X MLP) by KriegSchnee
After being impaled by Cinder during the Battle of Haven, Weiss finds herself in a new world, one filled with ponies. RWBY Post Volume 5 Set in Equestria at War universe
Appledash One shots by Love_4ever21
Appledash One shotsby Appledashian
This is just a series of one shots of appledash! I take suggestions and I do allow anything to be put in this book (Even 18+ mature scenes). Hope you guys enjoy
The Fighter and the Lover: Don't Mess with Loco Tex by FighterTiger214
The Fighter and the Lover: Don't M...by Tiger
[ First Completed: 3/4/18 ] Recently Edited: 11/16/22 this is the first part of a three-part series It's a bit of a love story...and also not. Picture this: it's 2016, s...
The Cowgirl's Dreams  [COMPLETED] by cowgirl_with_class
The Cowgirl's Dreams [COMPLETED]by Just a Barrel Racer
Skyler James. A 19 year old horsewoman with unbelievable ranching, riding, and roping skills. Life on the ranch is amazing, as any horse obsessed, cattle working cowgirl...
Purple Sparks at Zephyr Heights by MillyKookie
Purple Sparks at Zephyr Heightsby KalantosaFR
A shy pegasus, Purple Sparks, dreams of becoming a Wonderbolt. Despite challenges and doubts, she finds courage with the help of her friend, Phase, and her idol, Rainbow...