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Changing Rein (Complete) by EQWriter
Changing Rein (Complete)by EQWriter
Lexi Davies has landed a dream job as rider at a professional stud in England. Everything is perfect, she has amazing horses a great boss and her best friend works with...
Sugawara x Reader Fanfic: 👑EXPENSIVE👑 [ON HOLD] by bt_serendipity
Sugawara x Reader Fanfic: 👑EXPENS...by Celia
Haikyuu x fem!Reader Sugawara Koushi x fem!Reader As she neared her cousin, she removed her sunglasses and placed them atop her head, finally showing her beautiful (e/c)...
Winter in August by luvZorro
Winter in Augustby luvZorro
Two dead parents later, August is sent to live with her Aunt on a rescue horse farm. When a horse comes in with a past as bad as August's, can two broken pieces make a w...
Broken (LGBT) *Edited* by buckskin_equus
Broken (LGBT) *Edited*by Daniel
Jake lost everything in his divorce, including his will to live, he became an alcohol dependant recluse, until the day an injured horse wanders into his ranch. He soon...
Rodeo Hearts by CharismaticWildFlwrs
Rodeo Heartsby Abby Lawson
Aurora Lamar is a small town girl with dreams of barrel racing in the National Finals Rodeo. She's not your average girl. Under her western attire there is a girl of man...
Just Competition. by TommotheTease2021
Just Competition.by TommotheTease
Louis Tomlinson is a competitive rider from Rolling Hills equestrian school in London. Harry Styles is competitive rider from his own private school, his parents own th...
Maple Stream Riding Academy by cxntering
Maple Stream Riding Academyby college equestrian
(First book in MSRA series!) COMPLETED When Cami gets accepted to Maple Stream Riding Academy, she has to leave her friends, family, and comfortable way of life. On the...
Burning Desire by modulation_
Burning Desireby jasmine
For Madison Evans, success in the harsh world of eventing has always been a distant dream; ambitions of competing at the infamous Rolex Kentucky Horse Trials being stash...
Blue {Completed} by Acacia102
Blue {Completed}by Acacia♞
Hayley Barnes lives on a horse ranch with her brother, father and mother. They all have horses except for her. Luckily, a mustang round up happens and she gets to save o...
Stop Horsing Around! by _victoris
Stop Horsing Around!by Victoria
"You have a horse?" "Yeah." "Oh my God, let me see it."
Safety by sparkybark17
Safetyby Elizabeth Hope
BOOK 2 OF RECOVERY SERIES After coming home from Osprey Point, Grace finds it difficult to return to her previous life. She cuts horses completely from her life, instead...
Equestrian vs Non Equestrian by Nomiloveshorses
Equestrian vs Non Equestrianby Nomiloveshorses
I felt like writing about things that happen between me and non equestrians, and pretty much things that happen alot between equestrians and non horsey people!!! Anyways...
Horse Academy (1) by _infinity_06
Horse Academy (1)by _infinity_06
[COMPLETED: undergoing editing] Taylor Hastings has always dreamed of attending the prestigious Elliot Falls Academy, but it came with a price, she would have to leave h...
Can Cowboys Fix Mistakes? (Under Revision) (Maxwell Love #1) by hoofprintson02
Can Cowboys Fix Mistakes? (Under R...by Sequoyah- Writer
Jaelyn Maxwell and Tyson Reed have a past, one that didn't end so well. Jaelyn has moved on from the past, but hasn't forgotten it. Starting colts with her brother, Can...
Welcome to White Pine Ranch by NovemberRider
Welcome to White Pine Ranchby Alyx Barter
"White Pine Ranch. Six months." That's the verdict Riley Lewitts receives after she's accused, tried, and found guilty for attempting to steal a horse. It's a...
On Our Own by sparkybark17
On Our Ownby Elizabeth Hope
Taylor Evans is in the run yet again, leaving behind the boy she came to love, along with her dog. Not to mention her sense of security. When she comes across 'Maple R...
My Dazzling Angels (Male reader X The Dazzlings) (+18) by TheSaiyanPony
My Dazzling Angels (Male reader X...by LIMIT BREAKER X
the story is all about you (Y/n). this is the story after you married the pie sisters (four sisters in a wedding). princess twilight sends you and Noel to the human worl...
Kinswood Academy: Dressage Queen by Dressage_Queen
Kinswood Academy: Dressage Queenby Equestrian for Life!
Isla Summers has submitted her application to Kinswood Academy and has the rest of the school year to contemplate leaving her upscale New York penthouse and family horse...
Carry On (Book 1) by Dressage_Queen
Carry On (Book 1)by Equestrian for Life!
Ariel Whitman didn't think life could carry on after the death of her mother. Living with her depressed father and twin siblings, they barely made enough income to keep...