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Demon of Tōtsuki by Juna_Akarin
Demon of Tōtsukiby Juna_Akarin
Synopsis : Akabane Karma is an assassin from his former middle school who is also a chef and often helping his family running a 5-star restaurant named Wasamasā Akabane...
Animes watching their own universe by Anime_lover1014
Animes watching their own universeby JoAnna Stevens
This fan fiction will be a reaction type of story. There will be seven animes that will be reacting each other's world. The animes that will be in this story will be as...
Gamemode: Shokugeki no Soma / Food Wars by OllveyCrage
Gamemode: Shokugeki no Soma / Aristeia
Shokugeki no Soma Various x Female Reader. It was a normal day for you, Quarantine was really boring and it was already 7 in the morning. You just managed to finish watc...
Kitchen Encounter (Tsukasa Eishi x OC) by stoicofthevast
Kitchen Encounter (Tsukasa Eishi Miamora
Caterina Moretti was forced to attend Tōtsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy. As she go through her cooking journey she met Tsukasa Eishi, a chef who was baffled with...
The Forgotten Nakiri by zeldapiece1
The Forgotten Nakiriby Rhian Chivers
Raven is the twin sister to the famous (god tongue) Erina Nakiri who got all the attention from the family and grand draughter to the (Demon of the kitchen) Senzaemon Na...
Scrumptious ℘ Shokugeki No Soma | Food Wars X Male! OC by senyoratrinidad
Scrumptious ℘ Shokugeki No Soma | 𝕿𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖓𝖌
He's just a guy who seemed like he doesn't care, but truth is? He's playing the biggest part in a lot of people's lives. SCRUMPTIOUS © senyoratrinidad
The listener of cooking, food wars x male oc by TheCrimsonWrath
The listener of cooking, food TheCrimsonWrath
Inside the Yukihira Diner There's a boy with blue hair His name is Ren Dojima Almost always has a neutral expression like nothing bothers him but when he's cooking o...
Eternity || tsukasa eishi by april-showxrs
Eternity || tsukasa eishiby 【can chan】
/əˈtərnədē/ [n.] 1. infinite or unending time "Their love was sealed for eternity" Y/N Nakiri is the 3-year girlfriend of the one and only Tsukasa Eishi. they'...
♙Our Love Cuisine♙ by BB_Kyungie_23
♙Our Love Cuisine♙by Aiyana uωu
* This is a Shokugeki no Soma ( Food Wars ) Fan fiction... Yukihira Soma, a very confident and careless boy had a little sister named Sora. Sora is a very kind, shy and...
Heaven's Senses by Rubyrose645
Heaven's Sensesby Rubyrose645
From the moment they could hold a chef's knife, Hikari and her older twin brother Soma loved to cook. Creating new dishes was their passion, every new ingredient a stepp...
Soma: The Phantom Seat (Abandoned) by HungjuiChiu
Soma: The Phantom Seat (Abandoned)by Ray Chiu
Born from both alumni of the Totsuki, Soma comes to the school as the Number 0 of the Elite 10, nobody knows his true identity, only know that he has the skills to defea...
Timebomb | Shokugeki No Soma by _avocadhoe
Timebomb | Shokugeki No Somaby 💜 Lilah 💜
Park Mikala is one to be feared. His mother was one of the top 5 best chefs in France while his father is the owner of Park Inc. global food stores. Even his grandparent...
The Gourmet Goddess by TeamWhiteRose100
The Gourmet Goddessby TeamWhiteRose100
Meet the only OC character who can bring The God Tongue, Erina to tears with her food.
Brightest Star Above by DareToDreamAbout
Brightest Star Aboveby LetGoAndJustBeFree
Nobody expected anything from her. No one knew who she was. To her classmates, she's just that pretty face that walked the halls of Tootsuki Academy. She's nothing speci...
Dive Back in Time (Shokugeki No Soma x Male OC) (Food Wars x Male OC) by 3miik0
Dive Back in Time (Shokugeki No emiko
Rin Nakiri, twin brother of Erina Nakiri, embarks his way through his years of high school at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Come witness his journey with the unexpected twis...
Simply Delicious, Always Delicious by CacheCharisGal
Simply Delicious, Always Deliciousby MarryMeHeizou
Yugā Yasahī, a normal 15 year old girl that was gifted with the ability to have any food she makes taste like it was a dish from heaven, get recommended to the Tohtsuki...
Queen of all Food (Shokugeki no Souma Fan fiction) by RKiraaaa
Queen of all Food (Shokugeki no RikaRikaRika
Seira Yukihira who have known all the truth behind the lies of what his father said to him. One day she escape home and went on a journey by herself. Knowing what it cos...
Seat Number Zero by KunaTheTrash
Seat Number Zeroby Just_Impatient
Shokugeki no soma Fanfic Finally my suspension is over. I wonder how my brother is doing, he just transferred what could possibly happen. Yumi Yukihira a first year hig...
Opposites Attract - Terunori Kuga x Reader by kazu_kazu
Opposites Attract - Terunori KAZU
Just two people with completely different personalities. Some would describe him as the sun while they would describe you as the moon. He was a walking sun while you wer...
Cynosure | Shokugeki no Souma | by matchavantae
Cynosure | Shokugeki no Souma |by matchavantae
-Because with her, the only place they wanted to be was closer- -------------------------------------------- ♛-A Various Shokugeki no Souma x Reader Fanfiction-♛ *Featur...