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The Fiery Chef (Shokugeki no Soma Fanfic) by JazMaligo
The Fiery Chef (Shokugeki no SkyMaiden
Man... I have a lot of stories to do... but whatever! I'm doing everything for the readers!? And besides, I have A LOT of free time. Meet... The Fiery Chef... ... also k...
The Tale of Azami by bookqueen09
The Tale of Azamiby Book Nerd
One choice can lead to a million outcomes. And none of them are what Inuyasha and his friends are expecting.
A3!: Act! Addict! Actors! Song Lyrics by tarooo_chi
A3!: Act! Addict! Actors! Song Mafuyu Sato is a fluffball
This book contains song lyrics based from the songs used in a game named A3! Actor Training Game, and in the newly released anime adaptation. This lyric book is sorted b...
Eyes of a goddess belongs to the aura of a demon🤍||-Food wars- ??? ff. by Lilith_Laiz
Eyes of a goddess belongs to the 🖤Lilith🖤
Kiyomi Naki-.., Kiyomi Momobami She has the look of her father, just like his aura. People see him as arrogant, horridly, basely and wicked-.. maybe also as a twit or an...
that's why I adore you ↲ ۪۫• azami izumida x reader by barbatoestoelicker
that's why I adore you ↲ ۪۫• Tuna
Azami x fem!reader, its probably going to be soft and the reader is said to be around his age too. This is my first time writing a fanfic.. Please don't hesitate to cri...
Secret Ingredients by shesafake
Secret Ingredientsby Sophie
❝I don't get why you're doing this.❞ ❝The world is a cruel place, Takumi. It takes people's lives, and I'm not an exception to that.❞ disclaimer: i don't ow...
I N D R A     &     A S H U R A  ||Naruto Fanfiction|| by Annoyed_brunette
I N D R A & A S H U R A | Emiko-Sama
The world had made a mistake. A grave one. And is hoping the two it had created last minute could fix it. But it won't be easy. But, They are the world's only hope. &quo...
Elation in Monochrome by voluptas_
Elation in Monochromeby des
Azami bloom Alcantha grew up in a mental hospital after the tragedy happened since she was nine. She was traumatized and suffered mental illness. It was cruel and it's d...
The lonely girl by xxsotplugxx
The lonely girlby xxsotplugxx
The lonely girl,name Tsu is always alone.. whenever she tries to apporach someone,they would walk away would the lonely girl ever make friends? would the lonely girl get...
the heat haze // カゲロウデイズ by laughingjack77
the heat haze // カゲロウデイズby ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴
a story about every day ayano spent in the heat haze. intentionally lowercase.
MCA/Kagepro fanfict: Azami's story by Nubiyama_Rain
MCA/Kagepro fanfict: Azami's storyby Rainny
Just a half-assed written story of Azami from Mekakucity Actors/ Kagerou Project
Haunting Voices by Loving_Azalea
Haunting Voicesby ♥️Azalea♥️
! The only character I own is my OC Azami! From a young age, Azami was ripped away from her life and locked away in one of the Hero Commission's facilities in America. T...
||MekakucitY∞TimE∞TravelS|| Part 2: The Haze by callmethewordsmyth
||MekakucitY∞TimE∞TravelS|| Part bi.angeli
Ene will do anything to get Haruka back, even if it takes throwing the Mekakushi Dan into a travel to her past. But when activating Shintaro's power suddenly goes wrong...
My Alternate Academia by Jam_life
My Alternate Academiaby JayAslan
lol writing this with my friends don't expect this to be all that good cuz it's my first time writing a fanatic like this also don't dish the cover another one of the au...
Camp Half-Blood: A Whole New World by BellaBubbles2004
Camp Half-Blood: A Whole New Worldby BellaBubbles2004
This is a fanfiction that I am writing with my friend, Maddy Hermansen. Two sisters, Azami and Aaliyah, are catapulted from their normal lives into a world of gods and...
My hero academia alternate by ZeroTaku12
My hero academia alternateby Zero Lowell
This is a a story about the oriental cast and some oc characters. The storyline will be alternated with extra scenes and story but all the main events will have either n...