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The Prince of Canterlot High & His Princesses by LordStarX101
The Prince of Canterlot High & His...by LordStarX101
Equestria Girls Harem X Male Reader. F/N L/N may seem like your average teen but he has a secret, he can use magic! F/N has been able to use magic ever since he was litt...
  • fluttershy
  • mylittlepony
  • rarity
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My Little Pony: Enchanted | ✔️ by amberiscool333
My Little Pony: Enchanted | ✔️by ♡Raven♡
Welcome to a whole new world . . . Twilight Sparkle believes that friendship is magic . . . after all, she lives in the magical world of Equestria. So when she is crown...
  • friendship
  • mylittlepony
  • enchantedmovie
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Sunset dash Adventure by HunterHall478
Sunset dash Adventureby Hunter Hall
Sunset dash adventure with old Disney movie songs and jump inside some magic paintings.
  • sunsetdash
  • sundash
  • pawpartol
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Ask Or Dare AppleDash | ✔️ by amberiscool333
Ask Or Dare AppleDash | ✔️by ♡Raven♡
Ask or dare AppleDash in this awesome book that will surely make you ship this couple more than ever. <3 [This book is now completed so don't waste your time commenti...
  • answers
  • mylittlepony
  • romance
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MLP/EQG Pics & Comics by II_AceReizen_II
MLP/EQG Pics & Comicsby Nightlight
Nothing much! Just pictures and comics of different stuff from both MLP and EQG. These pictures are not mine but I really like them. So I hope ya guys would enjoy this a...
  • mylittlepony
  • mylittleponyfriendshipismagic
  • flutterdash
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My Little Pony: Equestria God by shadowlight2784
My Little Pony: Equestria Godby Shadow Moonlight
You are...well you should know who you are. You recently moved to a new place called Canterlot City with your family and now have to transfer to a new school. Of course...
  • pinkiepie
  • starlightglimmer
  • ariablaze
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A Ray of Sunlight by BChunter426
A Ray of Sunlightby BChunter426
Twilight, an introverted bookworm who had to leave her friends behind is new to Canterlot High. Sunset Shimmer is an estranged girl with a troubled past she desperately...
  • love
  • twilightsparkle
  • fim
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My Humanized Ponies: Friendship & Love is Magic (Currently Being Rebooted) by LordStarX101
My Humanized Ponies: Friendship...by LordStarX101
STORY IS BEING REBOOTED! Be ready for when the reboot comes out.
  • trixielulamoon
  • harem
  • twilightsparkle
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My Little Pony oneshots by 31Mango
My Little Pony oneshotsby Mango Tropics
This is a book of (duh!) My Little Pony one shots! Please feel free to DM me with a request (anything but lemons) they can be in human or Pony form. Ships: Pinkie Pie...
  • fluttershy
  • pinkiepie
  • rarijack
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Carnage is Chaos!!: MLP Eg and marvel x male carnage reader by deadpoolmerkwiththem
Carnage is Chaos!!: MLP Eg and mar...by dead pool
You are Y/n Danvers or Carnage marvel and your the biological son of Captain marvel but being a hero does make you miss having a normal life so Carol decided to enroll y...
  • mlp
  • equestriagirls
  • carnage
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Equestria Girls Z by HunterHall478
Equestria Girls Zby Hunter Hall
during forgotten friendship the potara earrings appeared at CHS, applejack and sunset shimmer put them on and fuse together into apple shimmer. Adventures for apple shim...
  • forgottenfriendship
  • dbz
  • gore
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I Love Her More [COMPLETED] by Sunrise_Mist
I Love Her More [COMPLETED]by ѕυnrιѕe
[COMPLETED] ok lol, this book srsly sucks, idk what i was thinking and i have no clue how i gained so many reads and votes this past year 😂. S U M M A R Y: Pinkie Pie a...
  • manesix
  • mlpfanfic
  • rainbowshy
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Can you help me Study?? by GayForSpitfire
Can you help me Study??by Nigel
Sunset Shimmer asks Twilight Sparkle to help her study for a big test. Yess a very simple description for my SunsetSparkle/TwilightShimmer fic. P.S. I do not own the glo...
  • mylittlepony
  • friendshipismagic
  • equestriagirls
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Good Humanized MLP Pictures by LordStarX101
Good Humanized MLP Picturesby LordStarX101
Just a bunch of good Humanized MLP Pictures I found on DeviantArt or around the internet. I do not own the pictures I put up here.
  • mlp
  • eqg
  • mylittlepony
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Play Hard To Get by AddictiveReads
Play Hard To Getby iheartpizzas
Bad boy Soarin never had a problem with girls. Most of them just fall for him without him even lifting a finger. However, when it comes to the most athletic girl in scho...
  • equestriagirls
  • canterlothigh
  • soarin
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Keep on Skating (An appledash fanfic) by Fantasy_fairies
Keep on Skating (An appledash fanf...by Meka
Rainbow Dash is hiding a dark secret from her friends. When that secret comes to light, the others learn just how horrible Rainbow's home life really is.
  • mylittlepony
  • appledash
  • equestriagirls
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Rarijack: Am I Straight or Bi? by Sunrise_Mist
Rarijack: Am I Straight or Bi?by ѕυnrιѕe
[ONGOING] This a humanised version of Rarijack. Rarity is turning 13 and one question has been haunting her for a while. Is she really straight? There has been some roma...
  • mlpfanfic
  • flutterdash
  • mane6
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Listen To Your Heart (FlashLight) by amberiscool333
Listen To Your Heart (FlashLight)by ♡Raven♡
In this complicated adventure, Flash Sentry has been dating his girlfriend, Sunset Shimmer, for two years. But Flash is not happy, and is neither is Sunset. So, they dec...
  • love
  • drama
  • cheating
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inspector gadget: legend of everfree by HunterHall478
inspector gadget: legend of everfr...by Hunter Hall
sunset shimmer and her friends going on school trip to camp everfree and sunset solve a mystery around the camp to find magic. Shipping Timber x human twilight sparkle F...
  • comedy
  • inspectorgadget
  • mystery
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The Twisting Paths of Love [Discontinued] by iluvsolangelo
The Twisting Paths of Love [Discon...by Krazy Kool Kid 😜😎
Rainbow Dash-Canterlot High's greatest athlete. Hates boys and love-dovey sappy stuff. Is 20% cooler than everyone else. Soarin Skies-Bad boy. Hottest new actor, singer...
  • carameljack
  • fluttercord
  • couple
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