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That Cowboy Love by cowgirl1102
That Cowboy Loveby cowgirl1102
Amy is an ordinary rodeo girl. She is a professional Barrel Racer that only cares about the rodeo, friends an family . She doesn't really like many boys except for one...
Colorado Skies by tinfoilhat1786
Colorado Skiesby Sophia <3
Brynlee Matthews lives with her dad, brother, and sister on there small ranch in Garrison, Colorado. Living in a small town has many perks but some downfalls as well. Ri...
The Alphas Cowgirl  by HorsesAreMyLife55
The Alphas Cowgirl by ~Paige~🐺
Alpha Phoenix Black. He's your typical teenage boy,well,besides he's a werewolf;an alpha at that. Enter in T.J. A seemingly typical girl who lived with her older bro...
The Rodeo sheriff and the Rodeo murders. by Angel20030126
The Rodeo sheriff and the Rodeo Angel20030126
Madison Sterling as she says it but.... why does she makes calls and say Madison Daniels? Marshal Madison recieved a call from the one of the chieves of Las Vegas Polic...
What a good cowgirl by feedergirl99
What a good cowgirlby Cam :)
while on vacation in sunny California, Darla finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is abducted by a shadowy figure. When she wakes up, bound to a hospi...
The English Milf and I... by awhisperer
The English Milf and awhisperer
A short story about losing my virginity to an English milf. (Mother I'd like to f@#k)
Because of a Cowboy by dreamsmadereal
Because of a Cowboyby Jess Gonzalez
A bad boy, a good boy, and a pregnant teen. Will Willabelle choose Holden, the sexy cowboy and father of her baby, or Toby, her sweet and loving best friend? Holden can...
Natalie & The Boys by Rebeccajgcheeseman
Natalie & The Boysby Rebecca Juliet George Cheesem...
Wish I had two guys as my BFF's. Imagine what fun we'd get up to. Natalie has just that. Two men as BFF's and what fun do they get up to. Just one juicy chapter writte...
your boots beneath my bed | JENLISA by centerjnls
your boots beneath my bed | JENLISAby nna <3
When her sister opens up a meditation retreat in the middle of nowhere, Jennie decides to relocate to help her out, and hopefully put her past behind her. But then, the...
Cowgirls Don't Cry by roansNropes
Cowgirls Don't Cryby Wild Flower Child🌻
#1 in Cowgirl #1 in Rodeo #1 in Cowboy Luke Anderson is a good ol' country boy, but also a professional bull rider. His life is devoted to the PBR lifestyle, but he a...
Run, Wild Horses, Run by Ninja_Cupcakes
Run, Wild Horses, Runby Kat *BOOKS ON HOLD*
Dutton ranch full of wranglers, booze, and bad decisions. ⚠️ WARNINGS:⚠️ Alcohol Alcoholism Anxiety Blood Cursing Death Depression Fighting Mentioning Sexual Situatio...
Can Cowboys Fix Mistakes? (Under Revision) (Maxwell Love #1) by hoofprintson02
Can Cowboys Fix Mistakes? (Under Sequoyah- Writer
Jaelyn Maxwell and Tyson Reed have a past, one that didn't end so well. Jaelyn has moved on from the past, but hasn't forgotten it. Starting colts with her brother, Can...
River Lane by hatch87
River Laneby hatch87
When Nayvee moves back to her small town Montana home to live with her aunt and uncle, she's hoping life will go back to the way it used to be. Little does she know abou...
Goblins Must Be Burned (Fem! Goblin Slayer X Firebreak) by Unthinkable175
Goblins Must Be Burned (Fem! Estatic Think
After disappearing from Earth, Firebreak woke up on a new world; one that is completely different from his own. He need the aid of the Goblin Slayer and her friends to b...
Forgive Me  by Countrybumpkin73638
Forgive Me by Countrybumpkin
Sequel to Surprise Jessica Will Harry ever win Jess back or will he be too late? Can he get the love of his life back? Why did he walk out and leave her? Find out in thi...
Cowgirl Roots by readergal12
Cowgirl Rootsby readergal12
April never thought she would move back to Texas, Will wasn't expecting to meet a Florida gal. What happens when they run into each other, literally!! Heartbreak, suspen...
Wild Lands by llayton0708015
Wild Landsby whitefang
A teenage cowgirl name Lanna lives in The Wild Lands and works here too. She owns a farm and helps with injured animals as well. The Wild Lands gets its name for a good...
isteri yg ditingalkan by flyingferror
isteri yg ditingalkanby Flying Ferror
seorang isteri yg kerap ditingalakn tanpa pulang rumah oleh si suami yg pentingkan diri
AMY and LYNDY  by TrekkiTaylor
AMY and LYNDY by Alan Taylor
Amy is 22 yrs old and lives with her grandparents after losing her parents and her horse in a terrifying Car Accident. She lives on one of the Biggest Cattle and Horse...
Cowboys Unknown Child by painted_rodeo14
Cowboys Unknown Childby painted_rodeo14
When Kassidy found out she was pregnant with her rodeo ex-boyfriend child, she was anything but happy! She was scared that she had to support a child, that Rylee would r...