Remember I Love You by StaliaStrange
Remember I Love Youby StaliaStrange
~A Stalia fanfiction~ When Malia finds out that everyone is forgetting Stiles, she races to find her anchor. Stiles has been taken by the Ghost Riders, erasing him from...
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spiderman [ stiles stilinski ] by spitfirestiles
spiderman [ stiles stilinski ]by rach
"stiles stilinski," he let out a sour laugh, "look who wants to play hero! News flash, Spidey, hero's die." as the stiles and his friends enter their...
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Change me /Dylan Obrien by voidstilinskix
Change me /Dylan Obrienby (:Marta
Dylan, a boy that every girl dreams about. Malia, a simple girl thar wants to experience True love. What happens when these two paths cross? ❌Some swearing And sexual s...
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Inked Emissary by Higgies
Inked Emissaryby Higgies
Stiles is racked with guilt after Allison's death. He can't look at any of his friends, especially Isaac, and not think about all of the people he'd killed, injured or l...
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The Wolf Runner (maze runner/teen wolf) by voidstilespack
The Wolf Runner (maze runner/ Amanda
WARNING!!! Do not read if you haven't read the death cure or seen teen wolf season 4!!! I don't own the maze runner or teen wolf!!!All rights go to James Dashner and Jef...
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The Fire Within by paris_girl22
The Fire Withinby paris_girl22
"I could have hurt you. I could have killed you without even meaning to." "I'll never leave you, Stiles. You could never hurt me." Stiles Stilinski...
  • kirayukimura
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Her by aaliyahbucci
Herby aaliyahbucci
I thought about it all ending in senior year and I thought about everyone being gone until I saw her
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Teen Survivors | Stiles Stilinski by twstorylover
Teen Survivors | Stiles Stilinskiby divineoverseer
Whenever Stiles brings out his new blue eyes, Scott flinches and looks away. After Allison's death they are starting to drift apart, right when assassins begin coming in...
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'oh scott mccall, how come you always fall for the hunters?' [season four] [completed] [I DO NOT OWN TEEN WOLF I only own Veronica Martinez and her storyline.]
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GOOGLE IT | Stuart Twombly [1] by starryeyedturtle
GOOGLE IT | Stuart Twombly [1]by -ˏˋ lynny ˊˎ-
❝ Sometimes you only need to look three inches up to see your whole life ahead of you. ❞ BOOK 1 OF STUART TWOMBLY SERIES - EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE ❪ THE INTERNSHIP...
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(Sterek) Punked Out The Story by creepysterek
(Sterek) Punked Out The Storyby Jenjenjen
Teen Wolf, the not so normal story of Stiles Stillinski and his new life. Stiles was once an ordinary, sarcastic, witty 16 year old thin, lanky and fragile human boy. Bu...
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Fox At Heart (Stiles Stilinski) by Piper5
Fox At Heart (Stiles Stilinski)by Clare
After a deadly battle with darkness. Stiles suffers mortal wounds. Despite Stiles wanting to die as a human, unable to live life without his best friend Scott bites him...
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bruised//«stiles stilinski» by fandomstcries
bruised//«stiles stilinski»by Fandomstoriess
Depressed, anxious, ADHD Stiles is growing up, after the recent suicide of his mother, with a now drunk, abusive father. A/N SUMMARIES R HARD BUT I ASSURE YOU ITS ALOT...
  • abused
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CLOSE | PENNIG. by rrevengers
CLOSE | emily.
tyler posey + shelley hennig
  • teenwolf
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The Harpy and The Hellhound [J.P] by childembryo
The Harpy and The Hellhound [J.P]by Embryonic
She's a confused girl, who wakes up in the middle of the forest, naked and alone. He's a harbinger of death and always finds her when she disappears. Two strange being...
  • stalia
  • scottmcall
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Stalia (Simon & Talia) by mintersrose
Stalia (Simon & Talia)by -kay
Talia and Simon are best friends, they soon start to have feelings for each other but will that ruin their great friendship? -
  • sidefam
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She Wolf ▷Teen Wolf by -Whittemores
She Wolf ▷Teen Wolfby A
//• The World Is Full Of Monsters With Friendly Faces//• 'It's Not Just The Colour Of Her Eyes That Are Different' Looks innocent but is the ultimate betrayer Talbot+Dun...
  • malia
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Lies Behind The Blue Eyes by we_are_broken_01
Lies Behind The Blue Eyesby Fandom Daddy
Scott bit the nogitsune to destroy him. He wanted to save his best friend, his brother. Instead he failed. Instead the bite infected Stiles with something much wor...
  • malia
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Burn It Down || Stilinski  by LexiePresta
Burn It Down || Stilinski by Lex?
"You have me, okay?" Stiles told her seriously, and then dropped his voice into a whisper. "You'll always have me." ----- Normal people struggle to...
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Teen Normal. [TEEN WOLF FAN FIC] by dxlanfanfiction
Teen Normal. [TEEN WOLF FAN FIC]by tw fanfic 🍯🌻💛🌈
Storyline of teen wolf as more of a comedic show, and romances. STALIA+MALISAAC+SCALLISON+SCALIA+SCIRA+LAIDEN+JYDIA+ETC Warning: Smut, cursing, etc.
  • wattys2018
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