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Izuku....neglected au....ye by JustDJig
Izuku....neglected au....yeby JustDJ
I own nothing but I edited the cover that's it.....hi it was a very shitty edit Also If yall didn't know this already I dont own shirt the ownership goes the people who...
Learning To Feel by PaleKittenVoid
Learning To Feelby On Hiatus
Izuku was born without emotions. It was an odd phenomenon and no one knew why it happened. ... ... Izuku knew what emotions were he just... Didn't know how to feel them...
Caught Grinning At A Dead Body by mrcornycollins
Caught Grinning At A Dead Bodyby marsstyxx
Bruises littered creamy white skin, glimpses of which you could only see if you looked long enough. Swaying to an unknown song Izuku stood on the packed train, a tattere...
First blood of John Midoriya Rambo  by Son_Mono
First blood of John Midoriya Rambo by Son Mono
When I was little I wanted to be a soldier to help guide people protect them so they could live a good life something that I had never gotten I went to UA the biggest he...
Emotions? What are they? by Vallabha2005
Emotions? What are they?by Overhaul
Izuku Shigaraki. The child of the legendary villain. He kills every villain in the underground city including his father...........or so he thought.......
Not Everybody Can Be A Protagonist by MyMindsRealm
Not Everybody Can Be A Protagonistby MyMindsRealm
Midoriya Izuku is your regular, middle class worker, who lives in a society where protagonist actually exist. It's just that he's not one of them.
[Hiatus] Down Into Madness - BNHA/MHA by smxxtrv
[Hiatus] Down Into Madness - BNHA...by Monsoon || Quinton
Izuku has felt nothing ever since he was born. Every single time he was hit, degraded, sold, everything his parents did to him, he felt none of it. He has healed every t...
Our Difference》My Hero Academia《 by Some_Insomniac
Our Difference》My Hero Academia《by Some_Insomniac
In many different worlds, you may know Izuku Midoriya as quirkless. But, in this world he develops an amazing quirk that takes the world by storm. This was represented b...
The special agents (on Hiatus) by Tsucchio
The special agents (on Hiatus)by de4dp0l plays
What if izuku midorya & katsuki bakugo were kidnapped at the age of 5 and where trained to become black ops soldiers?
My Flame Of Rage by MusicMan382
My Flame Of Rageby Music Man
no one is born equal and I had to learn that at the age of 4 and now I'm a human lab rat and I'm being turned into a weapon this is my story of how I went from a weapon...
BNHA Power Rangers: Dino Charge  by Cheetahx2
BNHA Power Rangers: Dino Charge by Réohataka
Guess I have to join in as well To the respect of our dear Green Ranger And to the love of the Power Ranger Franchise I will do a story towards this particular series...
You're no hero! by Dabibabygirl13
You're no hero!by Kuruma
Cannibal Bakugou, Emotionless Deku, Villain Izuku, villain inko, Villain Aizawa, Villain Hizashi, Villain Eri, Dead overhaul.
Arigato, Kacchan. {A DADZAWA FANFIC} by IcarusAscension
Arigato, Kacchan. {A DADZAWA FANFI...by IcarusAscension
ON HIATUS, CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN In a world where 80% of the population possesses some kind of uncanny ability, there is a young boy, barely above 13, with an abilit...
KUROMUCHI by Midorikuro138
a fanfic where izuku is not part of the 20% population of quirkless peoples and has the quirk of the fifth user
Agent deku by TheArinek
Agent dekuby Arinek
Izuku parents get killed by a villain and was found by an ex-general and got taken in to army special forces
Dream That Destroyed My Life (Villian Deku) by ChimilamuSherpa
Dream That Destroyed My Life (Vill...by Chimi lamu Sherpa
What if the sludge incident occures when Izuku was too young and what if he lost his mother in the incident due to Allmight. Losing all his dreams, hopes and family in...
A crystal rose by ash_kilzz
A crystal roseby ash_kilzz
Izuku midoriya is not very social and barely talks some people even say he's emotionless, except those who know the truth many people thought he was quirkless and becau...