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Whispers in the Wind by Chimera_Regarion
Whispers in the Windby Chimera_Regarion
Izuku couldn't believe what happened. It was not as if he already lost enough in his life... So why are these two people here wanting to adopt him? It was their fault th...
Wrong Number (Vigilante Deku) by Chimera_Regarion
Wrong Number (Vigilante Deku)by Chimera_Regarion
Izuku Midoriya is stuggeling from an abusive houshold. Not only that but he is also the number 1 vigilante in japan named Castiel. So one day Izuku as Castiel got shot a...
The Story Of Them by CrazyDemon192
The Story Of Themby CrazyDemon192
They were four brothers. Not by blood of course. No, they were adopted. Shouta and Hizashi has been married for three years. Although their relationship wasn't public ac...
To be a Hero by claimed7329
To be a Heroby ~nothing in particular~
*not my art the google gods gifted it to me, if it's your art and if you want me to take it down i will* Izuku Midoriya, the quirkless nobody who vanished years ag...
Teardrop by Chimera_Regarion
Teardropby Chimera_Regarion
Izuku was an orphan ever since he was diagnosed quirkless. His life was the best but he wasn't alone. He had a good friend that he called brother and one day both of the...
To A Villain and Back by Fanficreaderbnha
To A Villain and Backby MoreExpressoLessDepresso
Izuku Midoriya has a quirk, called "Dark Scars". This quirk makes another person extremely sad, useful to make a villain think about what they are doing and wh...
Teacher's Chat + Unknown Number by not_winter
Teacher's Chat + Unknown Numberby Winter
Ok so I'm new to all this hahah.. Anyways nezu created a group chat with the ua teachers and mistakly adds izuku in it and no izuku is not at ua he's still in middle sc...
• Izuku-Centric Oneshots • by DPauthorgirl
• Izuku-Centric Oneshots •by CocoTheCat
Welcome to a collection of random Izuku centered oneshots my brain spits out at 2 AM when I'm trying to sleep. Trigger Warnings: • depression • anxiety •...
The Future I see by Chimera_Regarion
The Future I seeby Chimera_Regarion
When Izuku was born there was an agreement between his mother and his father. Thanks to this he lived 10 years alone with his mother but after these ten years she decide...
Izuku's unwanted past. by Uriel_et_teneberis
Izuku's unwanted Kinshu
Izuku is cheated by Ochaco but she somehow manages to be the victim and Izuku receives the short end of the stick. Izuku's life couldn't get any worse right , well it ge...
Izuku's CDs by insomnia_is_a_bich
Izuku's CDsby insomnia_is_a_bich
1a finds out deku sings and that singing is his coping mechanic this is my first book plz be nice i also suck at spelling with that said enjoy P.s: I dont own anything...
Keep Going by Sleepless29
Keep Goingby Ghost
Izuku Midoriya, a Quirkless boy, constantly bullied. One day his former childhood friend gives him some 'helpful' advice. he was going to do it, he was really going to j...
Problem child... by eweelikesMHA
Problem eweelikesMHA
Two weeks into the first year at UA aizawa notices something strange about his problem child. He already knew that the boy was skittish and shy but the way he acts aroun...
Parallax (Suicidal Vigilante Deku) by Chimera_Regarion
Parallax (Suicidal Vigilante Deku)by Chimera_Regarion
No one has the right to intervene in the life of another person. That was something Izuku knew but ignored soo many times. He wanted to help, and the only way to do so w...
Good Enough?! by Chimera_Regarion
Good Enough?!by Chimera_Regarion
Izuku Midoriya had enough from life, everyone was telling him how useless he was. His mother stopped looking at him. His best friend bullies him. He had no one who cares...
Supreme Ruler Of UA (Suicidal me, NO Never! Part2) by Chimera_Regarion
Supreme Ruler Of UA (Suicidal Chimera_Regarion
After being added to the wrong group chat and finding a new family and a place in life, it is finally time for Izuku to move on and be a proper UA hero course student. W...
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PapaBird by Chimera_Regarion
PapaBirdby Chimera_Regarion
As a child being thrown away Izuku lost all hope to be saved but still he couldn't help it but plea for help no matter what. He wanted to escape that prison of madness...
Great Advice - Swan Dive! (Not your usual Chat-Fic) by Chimera_Regarion
Great Advice - Swan Dive! (Not Chimera_Regarion
Due to something rather unexpected Izuku turned into his older self. Now being back in the body of a 10-year-old child, Izuku doesn't remember anything about being part...
Free Fall by Chimera_Regarion
Free Fallby Chimera_Regarion
Izuku Midoriya hated himself for a long time now. His mother loved him but the words "I am sorry." were stuck in his mind every time he sees her. Deep down, he...
Lost Senses by Chimera_Regarion
Lost Sensesby Chimera_Regarion
Izuku Midoriya is a deaf kid that got into UA and managed to fool everyone that he was okay and normal. One day he loses his sight thanks to the fight with Todoroki and...