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Reincarnated as a system in the Honkai Multiverse. by darkcrysis11
Reincarnated as a system in the Ho...by DarkCrysis11
A person from our world not only had the misfortune to be reborn as a system but also has to choose 14 heroes from different parallel realities to save the multiverse. S...
Honkai Impact 3rd: the Giant of Duality by Kuuga13Henshin
Honkai Impact 3rd: the Giant of Du...by ChouAvatar
Ultraman OC x Honkai Impact 3rd When one Ultraman fan suddenly gets strange dreams of an Ultraman he's never seen before, he suddenly gets transported into... quite an a...
BRAINSTORM by amymhawes
When orphans vanish, Nick Sperry takes on the case. What do the missing children have in common? IQ's higher than Einstein's. P.I. Nick Sperry investigates the disappear...
Meet Albert Einstein...And Find the Hero in You! by ZENFIRE
Meet Albert Einstein...And Find th...by Adam Stuart
A non-fiction short story about learning to believe in yourself even when it seems no one else does.
Verago Meets Oliver and Company  by scxash
Verago Meets Oliver and Company by scxash
Verago is sent on adventure by himself and he ends up going to New York and meets a cat and a group of dogs. And they have an adventure together.
Wait for me,10 more years(Albert x Nikola) by yn_adamdir
Wait for me,10 more years(Albert x...by yn_adamdiraga
"do you promise?" Nikola asked while wiping off the tears running on his cheek,knowing damn well those were his actual last words.Or were they? "always&q...
A Date With Albert Einstein by zhongchi003
A Date With Albert Einsteinby frog_fanfics<3
Y/N's dream has come true... finally meeting Albert Einstein. But something unexpected occurs either taking a turn for the better or for the worse.
arılar yok olursa by BirZamanYolcusuyum
arılar yok olursaby ben bir zaman yolcusuyum
Albert Einstein ölmeden önce, Arılar yok olursa insanlık ta yok olur demişti gerçek payı olabilir mi. Hawking ise Robotlara yapay zekaya dikkat edin demişti ve dünyay...
Stereotypes by xXBlackBloodAngelXx
Stereotypesby xXBlackBloodAngelXx
My opinion on various stereotypes!
Martha und Till by NataliaMaximiliano
Martha und Tillby NataliaMaximiliano
Ich schreibe nach bestimmten Folgen, wie ich die Geschichte zwischen Till und Martha weiterschreiben würde.
Doctor, I Need You! by B_Minnie
Doctor, I Need You!by B_Minnie
A Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith fanfic. It has been over a decade since The Doctor left Sarah Jane back on Earth, but she is still finding things a little hard without him...
The Science Of Reality Shifting by HelpingPeopleShift
The Science Of Reality Shiftingby Reality Shifting Resources
Challenging the cynicism of determination, both scientific and theological, is a necessity for the inquistive mind looking to break free from the chains of our current r...
Why Socialism? by SpookyScarySocialist
Why Socialism?by Spooky Scribbly Socialist
Want to learn about socialism? Then, why not read about it from literally the smartest guy in the history of the human race? Albert Einstein is a world-famous physicist...
Quotes By Albert Einstein by YesImReading-_-
Quotes By Albert Einsteinby Aliyah
This book contains different quotes said by the genius himself Albert Einstein. Creative Commons (cc) attribution 2018 @whos.aliyah
A Few Pages from my Brain: Attys 1st Edition by SilentDream
A Few Pages from my Brain: Attys 1...by SilentDream
These poems are my entries for The Attys 2012. Check out the original banners by yours truly on the sides. Please comment and vote as you feel it's deemed, and wish me l...