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Adhine [snacktime] by yourkidlee
Adhine [snacktime]by FAI LEE
Special Spin off gimana rasanya punya abang idiot yang jail dan rasanya punya adik galak atau manja **CERITA BERBENTUK SNACKTIME TANPA KONFLIK DAN HANYA CHAPTER RANDOM
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Mars & Venus (Einstein 2.0) by yourkidlee
Mars & Venus (Einstein 2.0)by FAI LEE
Mars & Venus They agree on little and understand each other less and less. - Dahulu kala, orang Mars berjumpa dengan orang Venus. Mereka jatuh cinta dan menjalin hubung...
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BRAINSTORM by amymhawes
When orphans vanish, Nick Sperry takes on the case. What do the missing children have in common? IQ's higher than Einstein's. P.I. Nick Sperry investigates the disappear...
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EDISON by ChyaaBlawa
EDISONby Chyaa
Masa putih abu-abu. Banyak yang bilang jika masa ini sangat indah. Gue setuju karena di masa inilah gue sama teman-teman yang lain menemukan potensi diri kami. Di masa i...
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Prime Thinker: Chronological protocol of the Multiverse by Nero2035
Prime Thinker: Chronological proto...by Niranjan Mahajan
A Higher-dimensional species create a simulated universe for completing the chain of incidents that have happened before. A Level four parallel universe species grows aw...
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Hit List by Jackx_x
Hit Listby Jack.
Jacques Manson, a troubled boy, is bullied all his life as he goes through a depression crisis. He swears he will finally take revenge when his best friend, Karina, move...
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Tarihe Damga Vuran Sözler by BirdeBenden
Tarihe Damga Vuran Sözlerby BirBen
Tarihe Damga Vuran Sözler
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Milk. ≈ Adolf Hitler by xxsmoldragon
Milk. ≈ Adolf Hitlerby 𝐾𝑎𝑦𝑎🥀
We got a kawaii school full of historical people with Adolf Hitler in the main role as a cute ass slut that he is. Nah I'm just kidding(probably) ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
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We big brain by NoAriSherloid
We big brainby Sherloid UwU
Where we write random stuff that we want to talk about bc our parents refuse to take us to therapy again.
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(-Back to the future memes-) by BackToTheHetalian
(-Back to the future memes-)by BackToTheHetalian
Memes off back to the future
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German Whiskey and Crude Stitches by redrum6
German Whiskey and Crude Stitchesby redrum6
Arsenic and Old Lace "fanfiction." This will be updated at a later date.
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Who Was Albert Einstein? by rainbowsasha
Who Was Albert Einstein?by rainbowsasha
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Einstein: Sir, Once you Believe in God..... by CHINchanDfirst
Einstein: Sir, Once you Believe in...by chin CHAN
“Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.”
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Haiku Quotes ~ Famous People by Warrior_Prophet
Haiku Quotes ~ Famous Peopleby PJ Perry
Quote's the famous and infamous have actually said. I've sifted through their words until I've found a little spark that fits the haiku 5,7,5,pattern. Enjoy! PJ
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Ciência Geek by Bug_Blue
Ciência Geekby BugBlue
Imagine aprender física, química ou matemática com a ajuda de personagens da cultura Geek, de animes e cartoons, com diversas questões empolgantes aplicadas a diversas u...
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An Open Letter to Stephen Hawking by RossCoburn
An Open Letter to Stephen Hawkingby Bubo Books
Originally published on September 9, 2013 on MEDIUM. Reprinted in my book Heraclitus - Nimis Obscurē and soon to be reprinted in my revision and work in progress I Searc...
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Meet Albert Einstein...And Find the Hero in You! by ZENFIRE
Meet Albert Einstein...And Find th...by Adam Stuart
A non-fiction short story about learning to believe in yourself even when it seems no one else does.
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Gerçek sözler by xo_rosalie
Gerçek sözlerby rosalie
Alber Einstein/ William Shakespeare/ Tolstoy... Bilim insanları ve yazarların sözleri...
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Technology is limiting creativity by GHOSTIE97
Technology is limiting creativityby Ghostie
A cave man evolved with the power of its brain. Brain controls creativity. Technology is a fruit of creativity. Everything is suitable in moderation. Just an essay posti...
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School Work by rainjays
School Workby rainjays
Just random half-decent ramblings that were school assignments.
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