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Twisted Wonderland: Crystal Hearts Vol. 1 by AnnieNollette
Twisted Wonderland: Crystal Hearts...by Annie Nollette
Four young teenage girls, who are good friends, find that their world is suddenly turned upside down when they suddenly encounter some black carriages and end up in a wo...
Ocean Waves by AwakenDreamersWorld
Ocean Wavesby ☄️AwakenDreamer ☄️
Alberto is still jealous after Luca starts hanging out with Giulia more than him, soon he meets a feral Siren and they both get attached to each other, but the Siren is...
Your World ( Ariel X Ursula's Son )  by GodessOfCreation
Your World ( Ariel X Ursula's Son...by Annik
A Disney Princess Fanfiction . Ursula convinces Ariel to sign a contract that would ultimately ruin the peace-loving haven King Triton has created for merfolk . Ursula...
Harry Hook Imagines by amy_is_fabulous
Harry Hook Imaginesby amy_is_fabulous
just some imagines about a perfect little pirate
Peyton Meyer imagines by teenageHippy
Peyton Meyer imaginesby Jane doe
Peyton Meyer imagines. [Enter cool description here] .... Xx.
All of You - Male! Mirabel Madrigal x Reader by FutureDiaryAyano
All of You - Male! Mirabel Madriga...by Son Sakura
Book 13 - Complete " Am I too late for a miracle...? " Miguel Madrigal was promised he would be a part of the miracle bestowed upon his family fifty years ago...
A Little Piece of Heaven (Varian X Reader) (COMPLETE) by please_go_away_man
A Little Piece of Heaven (Varian X...by Please_Go_Away_Man
Varian is a young alchemist who is known for his dangerous acts of Science. When he meets a young girl, he soon learns there's more to life than elements. ------ Yeah I...
Ariel's lost daughter (Descendants x y/n/oc) by beano1368
Ariel's lost daughter (Descendants...by Lost Girl
You grew up on the isle as Uma's sister- Ursula took you as a baby from your mother Ariel as payment for giving her legs. This is how you get to Auradon after 16 years...
Lover of Mine (Barley LightFoot x Reader) by SleeepyzZzZ
Lover of Mine (Barley LightFoot x...by Sleeepy
You just moved to Mushroomton a new town that you have heard of, mostly because of the history behind it. Your mother has a new job at the police station in town she di...
Disney Characters x Reader *One-shots* by -Freak-Of-Life-
Disney Characters x Reader *One-sh...by Psychopath <3
I am in love with all things Disney!! So... I have decided to make some Disney Characters x Reader book since there are not many that I have seen. :3 "Laughter Is T...
My Little Disney (Disney x Baby/Child Reader) by CosmicQueen10
My Little Disney (Disney x Baby/Ch...by COSMIC QUEEN
A bundle of joy, abandoned. Only to fall down a magic well and into the arms of familiar characters. Next thing you know, the entire Disney verse is fawning over the lit...
The Owl House Group Chat by purplakes
The Owl House Group Chatby Mox/Ami/Twi
This story contains homosexuality, 3AM randomness, and witchcraft. Proceed? Yes ✅ Hell yes ☑️
 I'm Hooked {Harry Hook X Reader}(COMPLETED) by EmmaRosa523
I'm Hooked {Harry Hook X Reader}(...by PrincessRose
You have lived on the Isle of The Lost your whole life. You are also Mal's year-younger sister. You are pretty quiet and don't talk to many people. The few people you ta...
Harry Hook X Reader [Requests closed] by BadassXMultiQueen
Harry Hook X Reader [Requests clos...by BadassXMultiQueen
Harry Hook X Reader Oneshots Making my own Harry Hook Imagines! Open for requests. You can put them in the comment section or send it to my inbox. Have fun reading!
15 Puppies by victoriarowlands
15 Puppiesby victoria rowlands
(Y/N) is the daughter of rogue and Anita. she's a fun, average teenager and just like her farther so loves music and their pet Dalmatians pongo and Perdita, but one nigh...
Aladdin Role Swap by MyNameIsSomeone19
Aladdin Role Swapby Someone
We all know the classic story of Aladdin. How Aladdin fell in love with princess Jasmine who was forced to marry a prince, and how Aladdin found genie's lamp. But what i...
darling pan one shots by Library_Neko_Nerd
darling pan one shotsby megan
different alternate universes and timelines where peter pan and wendy darling cross paths. features other characters from the neverland fam and or Disney fam
What Are We? | Star vs the Forces of Evil by StarryEyedButterfly
What Are We? | Star vs the Forces...by Starry Myst
When Star left Earth, some things were left unsaid. She admitted the feelings she had for Marco, knowing that he may not feel the same way. Now, they are reunited, and M...
Open Mic Night (Higuel/Hiroguel) by stephsan96
Open Mic Night (Higuel/Hiroguel)by stephsan96
*BOTH CHARACTERS ARE 18+* Miguel moves to San Fransokyo to attend a university that specializes in entertainment and music. When he gets an opportunity to work and perfo...
Mickey and the Three Musketeers (Fanfiction) by HDN4ll5arts
Mickey and the Three Musketeers (F...by HDN all stars 🌟🌮
Based on Disney's 2004 film "Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers". Mickey Mouse always dreamed of becoming a musketeer despite all the economic tro...