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Male Cruella x Reader by RiddlesHorcrux_
Male Cruella x Readerby ˗ˏˋANDREA´ˎ˗
Cruwel De Vil as they call him. One of the most successful and famous fashion designer of London. No one can ever raise their voice to such a man. All would tremble of f...
Kali and the 101 Dalmatians by AdventureGirl5
Kali and the 101 Dalmatiansby AdventureGirl5
While Kali and her family are visiting London, Kali meets a Dalmatian couple, Pongo and Perdita and their fifteen puppies. But after the puppies are dognapped by the evi...
101 Dalmatians: Day Of The Wolves by Ericjrwatsongmail
101 Dalmatians: Day Of The Wolvesby Eric Watson
Lucky feels left out that his family and his person Wallace (My Oc) didn't hang out with him. So he decided to visit a abandoned house where a person named john passed a...
15 Puppies by victoriarowlands
15 Puppiesby victoria rowlands
(Y/N) is the daughter of rogue and Anita. she's a fun, average teenager and just like her farther so loves music and their pet Dalmatians pongo and Perdita, but one nigh...
Male!Cruella De Vil X Blind!Male!Reader ~ Lifts by Crimson-Ward
Male!Cruella De Vil X Blind!Male!R...by Alistair
Some drunkards in your building decide it's funny to screw you over on the lift. The man who owns your building finds it less so.
Love At First Sight (Thunderbolt oneshot) by DragonQueen294
Love At First Sight (Thunderbolt o...by DragonQueen294
Here is a lovely one shot of the handsome and charming canine, Thunderbolt. I didn't know if anyone hadn't made a story or a one shot yet or not so, I thought I could ma...
To Be Her's...(Slow Updates)  by marialikeswritting
To Be Her's...(Slow Updates) by marialikeswritting
Male Cruella De Vil x fem reader Cruello De Vil never thought he would be like this not with anyone but here he was,longing to be with her to know her,feel her warmth,an...
101 Dalmatian Street: A Deity Among Dalmatians by Varkhan
101 Dalmatian Street: A Deity Amon...by Varkhan
What happens when your entire life is gone, you have nothing, and your memory is a massive black hole? These are the questions that haunt Rictor, a man who has awoken in...
Rugrats in Dalmatian Street by JackCryo
Rugrats in Dalmatian Streetby JackCryo
Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil are always on the search for new adventures in the big wide world. And when they arrive in London, they'll soon be bound for even bigger adv...
Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales by Ericjrwatsongmail
Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Talesby Eric Watson
This is a series after the events of cars 1 where he tells his story to lightning and the gang of what he used to do/or what he used to be. And also I will add mater and...
Try everything (101 Dalmatian Street) by Szymonchip
Try everything (101 Dalmatian Stre...by SCD
Dolly realizing that she feels something to Dylan, something big and beautiful.
"A place worth staying." | 101 Dalmatians Street by Alex_Dalmatian
"A place worth staying." | 101 Dal...by Alex_Dalmatian
After a long journey through Europe, a dalmatian named Alex stopped in London. This city was supposed to be another stop before continuing his way.. But after meeting wi...
Against everyone (101 Dalmatian Street) by Szymonchip
Against everyone (101 Dalmatian St...by SCD
Dolly after accident feels like everyone is against her.
Two sides (101 Dalmatian Street) by Szymonchip
Two sides (101 Dalmatian Street)by SCD
After an argue Dolly and Dylan have to make it up.
The Dalmatian Squad Helps Tom and Jerry Find A New Home by Ericjrwatsongmail
The Dalmatian Squad Helps Tom and...by Eric Watson
The Dalmatian Squad were on a good vacation with their leader Wallace until they heard that Tom and Jerry got left behind. So they decide to figure out what happened to...
101 Dalmatians: Dark Deception by Ericjrwatsongmail
101 Dalmatians: Dark Deceptionby Eric Watson
This revolves around Wallace Dearly, The Dalmatian Squad, Timon & Pumbaa who finds themselves in a ballroom. There, a woman named Bierce greets them and explains that if...
The New Brother (101 Dalmatian Street) by SonicOmnomGD
The New Brother (101 Dalmatian Str...by SonicOmnomGD
A history of a brother who is going to ruin a family and destroy foxes
A Boy's Desire (101DS Fanfiction) by ccmcdaniel2
A Boy's Desire (101DS Fanfiction)by ccmcdaniel2
Hunter has found a new family within the Dalmatians, at that point, his problems are over, or are they? His great aunt, Cruella De Vil, along with an unknown family memb...
101 Dalmatians: Planes by Ericjrwatsongmail
101 Dalmatians: Planesby Eric Watson
The Dalmatian Squad, along with Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater go to help a Cropduster plane named Dusty Crophopper. A small-town plane who dreams of one day competing...
Once Upon A Time: Goldilocks comes to Storybrooke by FayeTheFab
Once Upon A Time: Goldilocks comes...by FayeTheFab
A young 15 year old girl finds herself in Storybrooke, a modern town, where all the fairy tale characters live. The young girl claims to be Goldilocks, however no one ad...