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Nursemaid //h.s. by dirtyharrry
Nursemaid //h.s.by dirtyharrry
A desirable single father hires a plain looking nursemaid to help take care of his young daughter, but it quickly escalates into something much more complicated when fee...
One Direction Preferences by CaitlinNicoleee
One Direction Preferencesby Caitlin
A collection of 1D Preferences :))))
Elopement | h.s.| by dirtyharrry
Elopement | h.s.|by dirtyharrry
A womanizing business man and an aspiring writer wake up in the honeymoon suite in Las Vegas and realize that they may have made one of the biggest mistakes of their liv...
It's Just A Photo by rightnow_larry
It's Just A Photoby Rightnow_larry
~Complete~ **A PHYSICAL AND FULLY EDITED COPY IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!** Harry and Louis used to be best friends up until high school when they went there different...
Keeping up with the Directioners by 1dFantasyNiall_28
Keeping up with the Directionersby ♡Pluto♡
A book fill with real dramas about the fandom of One Direction or else Directioners. This story contains Drama, Clowning, and Fangirling. If you want to share your drama...
EIGHTEEN (H.S) by kate1d222
Harry is on a hiatus with One Direction and comes back to his old town, Holmes Chapel, to spend some quality time with his friends from his childhood and family. But wh...
The 1D Seasonal Fanfic Awards 2022 (Open) by The1DCommunity
The 1D Seasonal Fanfic Awards 2022...by The1DCommunity
(Open☀️) (Judging) Closed) Dear Directioners, we welcome you to our very first award; The 1D Seasonal Fanfic Awards! If you're a die-hard fan of One Direction, then this...
A little change is good  by crincklearts
A little change is good by crincklearts
Harry Edward Styles was a decent student in school. He had a couple of friends but not the ones he could truly trust or called them "best friends". He was aver...
Louis Tomlinson sister by vashappening99
Louis Tomlinson sisterby vashappening99
what happens when Lexi finally meet the boys
The FIVE (A Series) by therunwayscrivener
The FIVE (A Series)by Rayna Malik
One Direction. The biggest boyband in the world. They're famous for their talent as well as the controversies surrounding them. The management gives them false hopes on...
Louis Tomlinson smut stories by Directionerinabakery
Louis Tomlinson smut storiesby Directionerinabakery
i finished my Harry smut stories and now I'm moving to Louis. I was suggested to do a Larry fanfic so i'm starting with this.
Can't Help Falling In Love by silvyline86
Can't Help Falling In Loveby silvyline86
Hello guys.... I am back with my 2nd story. The story is about Nandini and Harry getting hitched up and then falling in love. Nandini is just a 18yr old wants to pursue...
Harry Styles smut stories by Directionerinabakery
Harry Styles smut storiesby Directionerinabakery
Hey there! I'm Vina and my plan is to write two smut stories for each of the boys , staring with Harry. After i finish these I'm going to move on to Louis , Liam , Niall...
Harry Styles Quotes by 1Dream_1Directi0n
Harry Styles Quotesby 1Dream_1Directi0n
"I love every single one of you. If you are black, if you are white. If you are gay, if you are straight, if you are transgender. Whoever you are, whoever you want...
Beep beep it's murder time by softhelegend
Beep beep it's murder timeby A fucking failure
The chronicles of Michael Amadeus Vera Hey so just fyi, the seven year olds are eldritch beings dw. HELLO SO WE PUBLSIHED THIS IN AMAZINF
Sugar Daddy by Sunkissedbae
Sugar Daddyby Amani Scoggins
He called me his sweet baby So I called him my sugar daddy
A Collection Of Harry Styles Imagines & Blurbs by Rawmeharry
A Collection Of Harry Styles Imagi...by Rawmeharry
Some of my very first writing, Don't judge too hard. I wanted others to have to chance to read them if they like. There's a mix of different Harry Styles and Y/n blurb...
Louis Tomlinson Quotes by 1Dream_1Directi0n
Louis Tomlinson Quotesby 1Dream_1Directi0n
"There are more insecure girls in the world. I want to hold them and show them how beautiful they are." - Louis Tomlinson
Cherry (Harry styles fan fiction)  by hollymaree_
Cherry (Harry styles fan fiction) by Holly <3
"Telling lies to protect someone you love only destroys them in the end". What happens to Anaya when she finds out that throughout her whole life, she'd been l...