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Daddy's Girl by matts__beanie
Daddy's Girlby Emi
Hailey Roberts is kidnapped by Britain's most wanted criminal Harry Styles who recently escaped prison. Harry might have a little obsession over Hailey and isn't in the...
Look After You - A Louis Tomlinson Love Story by katie_rick
Look After You - A Louis katie_rick
Ashley Styles is Harry's sister. She hasn't seen her little brother in over five years. She arrives in London, excited to see Harry, but there's something else on her mi...
Louis' Little Sister (Niall Horan Fanfiction)*Complete* by Brooke488
Louis' Little Sister (Niall Brooke488
(Chapters get better and longer) What happens when a girl is switched at birth with a girl who's parents live in America? Well, 16 years later Jamie Lake's family is in...
Finding the Right Direction: A One Direction Love Story by 1DerfulStories
Finding the Right Direction: A Morgan&Megan
Brooke Monroe finds herself friendless after her best mate, Niall Horan becomes famous and forgets about her. But three years down the line, fate lets them meet again. W...
summit ✽ h.s by lucstyles
summit ✽ h.sby Lucy
it was just a simple hike, emma never expected to run into harry styles. - harry is famous in this story- © lucstyles 2015 All Rights Reserved. gorgeous cover by @Jewlez
Just Hold On-A Louis Tomlinson Ageplay Story by louisandpenguins
Just Hold On-A Louis Tomlinson louisandpenguins
After his mother's death, Louis begins to fall apart. Between his grief, the pressure to stay strong for his siblings and the stress of debuting his solo career, it all...
When Lennon met Harry  by GotTheStyles
When Lennon met Harry by GotTheStyles
Lennon somehow manages to drift her way into every girls dream job, being part of Harry Styles inner circle of employees, despite the fact that she neither looks nor act...
Being paul's daughter by lace_hall
Being paul's daughterby Lacy Hall
Gisella or as she prefered to be called Ella has a pretty normal life. She has a dad and a mom. But when her mom leaves for some American man and her dad has to go on to...
Lights Up by goldenfineline
Lights Upby goldenfineline
Milly Baker has spent her entire adult life staying out of the spotlight, and putting everything she has towards her career. She's never been good at letting people see...
It Started With A Tweet (One Direction // Zayn Malik Story) by messedupbun
It Started With A Tweet (One Andy
- because this moment simply is -
Save Me (Niall Horan) by Mariiftw
Save Me (Niall Horan)by Marii
The life of Bree Williams was almost perfect. She had caring parents that loved her and a baby brother that looked up to her. But what happens when that disappears? Fol...
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one ➳ zarry by fluorescentzarry
one ➳ zarryby alexis ⚡️
❝...what's our ship name?❞ zayn asked quietly. harry tilted his head to the side. ❝aren't boys supposed to like girls?❞ ❝it's called gay hazza.❞ ❝gay means happy.❞ ❝no...
Broken Pictures (Larry Stylinson)  by PierceWithKellic
Broken Pictures (Larry Stylinson) by Erika
2015 March 13 "Singer Harry Styles and his boyfriend Louis Tomlinson adopted their now daughter Alexandria who is now 1 year old, an adorable little girl with blond...
27 Minutes -Larry Stylinson- by YorkshirePerrie
27 Minutes -Larry Stylinson-by YorkshirePerrie
Everything has finally become too much for Louis to handle. The lies, fake relationships and fake smiles. The fans were right. They had always been right. Louis loves Ha...
rough draft || z.m by TaurusLovesYou
rough draft || z.mby Em
"Maybe tomorrow that goodbye will lead to a new hello, and maybe this time you will fuel the fire in her heart and make her stay." -Robert M. Drake
Pulled out of Hell (Punk Niall) by mmg_xox
Pulled out of Hell (Punk Niall)by mmg_xox
"This was my first book i wrote so be warned that its not good at first but it gets slighty better later on," Allison Walker had it all. Until one nig...
Controlled // COMPLETED by ktk446
Controlled // COMPLETEDby Hi
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The Player Next Door by BabyInACorner
The Player Next Doorby Natalie
[#1 Teen Fiction | #1 in Romance] Bad boy Luke Dawson is stuck living with clumsy nobody Millie Ripley for the summer. When she ran over his most prized possession, he...
Kidnapped By My Ex-Boyfriend | n.h by shadygirl72
Kidnapped By My Ex-Boyfriend | n.hby Mrs Slim Shady ;)
'I rolled off my bed drying the last tears. The ones I swore I'd never let escape my eyes. Not for that. Not for him.' Hannah lives in Mullingar, Ireland. Her life is...
Larry Stylinson Sick Oneshots by twoghostsinonehome
Larry Stylinson Sick Oneshotsby twoghostsinonehome
Short stories where the larents are all sick and in love.