Book Recommendations - Larry by larryislouisxharry
Book Recommendations - Larryby Bottom Louis Writer
A collection of Larry Stylinson Wattpad novels.
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The Fallout (N.H.) by futureATomlinson3
The Fallout (N.H.)by futureATomlinson3
Fanfiction Royalty- The Royalty Awards 2018 "There's something about surviving that takes the life right out of you. Like the very thing you are trying to maintain...
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Abused and Bullied (One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Fanfiction) by LysDuPont
Abused and Bullied (One LysDuPont
What happens when a depressed teenage girl who is bullied and abused meets five amazing guys who want nothing but to save her. Maybe they're the only people who can.
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Rpg sammlung by mrs_payne_styles_
Rpg sammlungby mrs_payne_styles_
Halöle , Hier findest du eine Menge Rpgs das Inhaltsverzeichnis hier wird regelmäßig aktualisiert also du kannst dich auf viele rpgs freuen :) •Wolves (open ) •Dirty...
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Too Much To Ask ( Zarry fanfiction) by ZarryQueenBaby
Too Much To Ask ( Zarry fanfiction)by Priscila
A first meeting that probably will be the last. That was how Harry Styles thought. Zayn Malik was the most arrogant man he had known in his life...But the destiny had ot...
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Consequences  One Direction au by Aysha1214
Consequences One Direction auby ItsChonce93
"Loving me will have it's consequences " Airis Stirling is an average 17 year old sophomore in Beaconhills Highschool along with her 3 annoying best friends Ch...
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Sweet Creature [h.s] by TommosTriTri
Sweet Creature [h.s]by Triza_Styles
"I've done things, Avery. I have a darkness that you don't know about." "I have seen your darkness, Harry. Sometimes as I go to bed at time I wish you did...
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In Love With The Bad Prince by emcolbert4
In Love With The Bad Princeby emcolbert4
Princess Arabella of England must marry on her seventeenth birthday, she must choose between 10 Prince's to marry one Prince and claim her thrown to be Queen. But what...
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One Direction imagines!  by love-1D-2014-forever
One Direction imagines! by hiekehilbers14
Haaaayyyy! Ik zat te denken met het verhaal heb ik niet heel veel inspiratie dus wat nou als ik korte imagines doe! Er zullen. Verschillende imagines zijn belooft! Ik ga...
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Until My Last Breath (Harry Styles & Camila Cabello) by Lukey5S0S
Until My Last Breath (Harry Luke5SOS
Harry Styles, a hard working young man in the city of London, crosses paths with a angelic looking girl, Keira. They meet and their bond blossoms into love with time spe...
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Found and taken in by Niall Horan by Priceisrightrusher
Found and taken in by Niall Horanby Priceisrightrusher
My third Niall Horan Horan and this time Niall Horan is driving down the highway going to the doctor's cause he has been sick and along the way he finds these two baby...
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The Story Of Us by fangurlwritez
The Story Of Usby SaXel
A short story expressed in a poem.
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Меня удочерили one direction [ПЕРЕЗАГРУЗКА] by IrmaFoster
Меня удочерили one direction [ПЕРЕ IrmaFoster
Да, эта тема изъезжена вдоль и поперек, но не покидает свои высшие рейтинги на сайтах. Сразу говорю здесь не будет пристований со стороны парней и прочей ереси. Это лёг...
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Unhinged  by _saltystyles_
Unhinged by _saltystyles_
His many years of school that qualified him to get his PhD would never prepare him for the whirlwind of a life he was about to endure
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You are mine. by Praahi
You are Praahi
It is all about two people who doesn't want to compromise in their life, mainly for their dreams. Though their destination is same, they have their own pasts. To know h...
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Pride (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) - Mature by LSMiller
Pride (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) LSMiller
"This is wrong" I murmur, as his lips trail down my neck leaving dark marks in his wake. He pulls his shirt over his head, smirking. The tattoos that trail dow...
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The Marks You Left // niall horan  by nialluur
The Marks You Left // niall horan by danielaa
If Elle knew all along, why did she take so long to tell Niall? © nialluur 2018-19
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Adopted by 5sos [ENGLISH] by istolemichaelspizza
Adopted by 5sos [ENGLISH]by band trash
Luna Jane Miles is a ten year old girl that lives in an orphanage. She's scared of people, because her parents abused her until the police took her away. How does it go...
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Forgetful (Larry Stylinson) by keil-san
Forgetful (Larry Stylinson)by Keileigh Jones
Louis Tomlinson has dementia, he's had it since he was a child. Louis knows that he has this since all his life his mother and sisters have had to tell him over and over...
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Having Harry's Baby by HayleyCT
Having Harry's Babyby Hayley
When Hazel Porter meets pop superstar Harry Styles, she doesn't seem too fazed by his fame. Instead, she sees his good looks and his attitude and knows that a one-night...
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