Anything for Her - Complete by The_Same_Deep_Waters
Anything for Her - Completeby Swimming the Same Deep Waters
Rose and Lissa have been best friends since kindergarten. Their friendship has grown and changed but they still have each other's backs - even as Queen and Head of the Q...
  • christian
  • lissa
  • romitri
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Broken(a VA fanfiction) (COMPLETE)  by TS__18
Broken(a VA fanfiction) (COMPLETE) by T S
After the Badica house, everyone is pushing rose away causing her to finally snap and break. What would have happened if the school didn't decide to go on the Ski trip...
  • romitri
  • christen
  • school
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Vampire Academy Adventure❤️ by Rukhsanna
Vampire Academy Adventure❤️by Rukhsanna Ramin
This story is about how the novices go on a camping trip. There is an adventure with Rose and her friends including Viktoria Dimitri's sister. Dimitri's family comes for...
  • love
  • rose
  • shadowkissed
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Going back to my comrade ( VA fanfiction) by TS__18
Going back to my comrade ( VA T S
Rose and Dimitri are very close friends since birth or so they thought until one night When a lust charm was put in rose's necklace, Dimitri left Baia, their hometown, s...
  • princess
  • romitri
  • rose
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Who's Mind Is In My Mind? by TeresaSullivan427
Who's Mind Is In My Mind?by Teresa Sullivan
What happens to all of those that love and care about Rose after the words, Love fades... mine has? What happens to Rose after Dimitri said those for fateful words? Does...
  • christian
  • adventure
  • eddie
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Only Gets Better- VA by LittleDhampir12
Only Gets Better- VAby Elle McCann
This is set when Dimitri tells Rose that his love had faded. How will she cope with the heartache? A week after Dimitri leaves Rose visits him and Tasha along with Lissa...
  • vampireacademy
  • lissa
  • rose
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Summer Job ( VA fanfiction) (On Hold) by TS__18
Summer Job ( VA fanfiction) (On T S
All Human.Belikov is the CEO of the Belikova Industries. Rose Muzur is a high school student who wants to get out of her famous father's shadow. She want's to do somethi...
  • christen
  • abemazur
  • rosemazur
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A Royal Marriage by Kate_Alviar_
A Royal Marriageby Elaiza Kate D.S Alviar
Princess Rose Hathaway is the daughter of King Abe Mazur and Queen Janice Hathaway. She is the next heir to the throne since her sister is already married to someone els...
  • academy
  • vampire
  • roza
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Last Sacrifice 2: Rosalie by TaylorJackson27
Last Sacrifice 2: Rosalieby Alexus J.
This story takes place after Last Sacrifice. Rose is happily guarding the one person she loves most: Lissa and they still have the bond. The gang is still together: Dimi...
  • romitri
  • roson
  • sydney
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Special (christian ozera) ✔️ by alaina01
Special (christian ozera) ✔️by Alaina
Amelia Hathaway. Older twin sister of Rosemary Hathaway (Rose). When Rose, Lissa, and her get back to the Academy, she goes to her favorite spot to already find someone...
  • love
  • christian
  • dimitri
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The Vampire Academy by coco0114
The Vampire Academyby coco0114
My own version of different scenes and the continuation of the vampire academy series. Further explanation in book but more specifically this book is taking scenes that...
  • action
  • lissa
  • vampires
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Who's the boss (Complete) by TeresaSullivan427
Who's the boss (Complete)by Teresa Sullivan
Rose and Dimitri are together, openly, while at the academy. But what happened to make that possible? And what happens after they leave the academy? Will they stay toget...
  • lissa
  • comrade
  • dhampir
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Am I Ready by Frankie11Adam5
Am I Readyby FrankielovesDimitri
Rose & Dimitri share a great night. Rose wakes up to an empty room & finds Dimitri gone. The thing is, he didn't just leave her behind, he left a little bundle of joy fo...
  • romitri
  • christian
  • dimitri
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Zrujnowane życie Lissy [Eldarya] by alajea123
Zrujnowane życie Lissy [Eldarya]by Alajea Eldarya
Lissa była w Liceum z swoimi Koleżankami ma 19 lat i kończy liceum chce zostać policjantem ale jak że jest w innym świecie? w końcu nie miała chłopaka a była piękna chło...
  • rose
  • nevra
  • kero
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Roza The Dancer by rosehathaway323
Roza The Dancerby Danah Brozyno
After 'Love Fades Mine Has' Rose runs away into the human world and becomes a popular dancer her new name is Rebeca Hastings.What happens when Rose AKA Rebeca runs into...
  • dimitri
  • rose
  • lovefadesminehas
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the forgotten pheonix (Dabi reader x dxd harem) by pittwo
the forgotten pheonix (Dabi pittoo
you are a pure blodded devil of the pheonix household however you've been abused and burned since birth beacause your powers havnt manifested yet (#1 lyn 10/11/18
  • nora
  • weiss
  • dxd
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Never Forgotten (A Vampire Academy Fanfic) Part One by FearTheDrumline
Never Forgotten (A Vampire Sydney
This book is based off the Vampire Academy Series after Last Sacrifice.This book is more about Dimitri and Rose’s life after Last Sacrifice and is mostly about their lov...
  • strigoi
  • rose
  • love
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Memorias de una RUBIA by martafloridom
Memorias de una RUBIAby M A R T Í S I M A
Lissa lleva tres años saliendo con Nate. Tres años que se van a la mierda después de que éste decida engañarla. Lissa no debería dar por sentado muchas cosas, como por...
  • chicaxchica
  • lesbiana
  • instituto
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First Time Destiny | Fire Emblem Awakening (Oneshots) by MMHunter
First Time Destiny | Fire Emblem M.M. Hunter
A collection of Fire Emblem Awakening oneshots. Between romance, family, and friendship, some of the brightest and darkest moments of the Shepherds are shared. (Featurin...
  • teaminvisibleties
  • gerome
  • lonqu
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Can't Lose (A Vampire Academy Fanfic) (Sequel To Blood Rose) by YoCoco
Can't Lose (A Vampire Academy megan
the sequel to blood rose *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Rose has spent 5 years recovering from...
  • abe
  • christian
  • rose
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