Hunting Love

Hunting Love

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Sabrina Jade lived during a time where vampires were the dominant species on Earth. The royal family controlled everything within the area and no one was brave or strong enough to go against their laws. Sabrina broke one of the laws the second she was born. She knew that it was illegal for her to be alive, so she keeps to herself most of the time.

Despite her efforts to avoid the outside world as much as possible, she gets taken away and forced to become a slave to the oldest son of the royal family. In the middle of trying to survive, she finds out that her soulmate, someone that she needs to live, is someone who despises her kind with every nerve.

There's nothing worse than loving someone you can't have.

parsnip1980 parsnip1980 Sep 08
My school has failed to teach me about the Cold War. In this book is fiction, but could someone please tell me what the Cold War is/was?
diamondier diamondier Sep 10
I am also a deempire... Those are the ones who eats eggs instead of blood, right?
parsnip1980 parsnip1980 Sep 08
This reminds of the time I realized the closest holiday to my Bday is 9/11.
bestvicky bestvicky Sep 10
I am not sure there are any bad English  in the story keep it up😜😜
ArtH0e1 ArtH0e1 Sep 10
Im not a dhampire, but I am dyslexic! There's probably a holiday we're they killed all the stupid people in the world. *cough* *cough* me
drawing_geek06 drawing_geek06 2 days ago
Its her fault she shouldn't have slept with a vampire your mother is a stupid hoe