The Ghosts of Dark Hollow (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 1) by exlibrisregina
The Ghosts of Dark Hollow (The Regina Saint Claire
Wattpad Featured Story! When a malicious spirit made flesh attacks seventeen-year-old Hannah Gares, she discovers that the Ghosts of Dark Hollow are more than just legen...
  • romance
  • ghosts
  • wattys
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The Soulless  by kada11
The Soulless by ka da
Some things are best left hidden. Jenny has spent her life wondering about the soulless and why everyone fears them. When she delves into the secrets, the world wants t...
  • killing
  • girl
  • abnormal
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The Lord of Blackshire (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 3) by exlibrisregina
The Lord of Blackshire (The Dark Regina Saint Claire
Edina leaves Sebastian at the altar in Tahiti. After six months of traveling, Sebastian and Hannah return to Blackshire. Hannah decides to start a foundation to help nee...
  • horror
  • gothicromance
  • occult
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The Witch of Long Shadows (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 2) by exlibrisregina
The Witch of Long Shadows (The Regina Saint Claire
In the Sequel to The Ghosts of Dark Hollow, Hannah is now a wealthy young heiress living in Blackshire Manor. In an attempt to keep the spirits permanently at bay to pro...
  • witchcraft
  • gothichorror
  • wicked
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A New Estate - Crimson Peak by DarkHell616
A New Estate - Crimson Peakby Hell
Odd happenings have been going on at Allerdale Hall, perhaps there's more to the mysterious quitting's of scaffolders and builders than father is willing to let on.
  • tomhiddleston
  • originalshipping
  • sirthomassharpe
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Vespertine by ShadowMaven
Vespertineby Antoinette McCormick
A puzzling Patronus, strange summons, and otherworldly obsession draw Hermione into a plot laced with madness, murder, and untold delight. But all is not as it seems! De...
  • horror
  • violence
  • fantasy
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Gothick by StevenWinters
Gothickby Steven Winters
Emma thought death was the end, but it was only the beginning. Through the advancement of nineteenth century science, Emma has been brought back to life, but not as she...
  • femalemaincharacter
  • frankenstein
  • zombies
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Snippets by StarRoseColors
Snippetsby Star Rose
This is my book of random oneshots- some fanfiction, others original, all over the place.
  • undertale
  • drabble
  • fantasy
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DISTANT SOULS // A Star Witch and Marre Bear Fan Fiction // by Omarking0924
A story of love, and sadness of two recluses known as the distant souls. They join together to support each other through their tribulations, overcoming them along the w...
  • story
  • love
  • romance
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Fortuna: The Coupling by mstaylorsm
Fortuna: The Couplingby S. M. Taylor
In the tradition of Hammer Horror Gothic romance... 'Fortuna: The Coupling' is a supernatural suspense in which Lily Ward wakes up and enters the pages of a Gothic roman...
  • paranormal
  • witchcraft
  • gothic
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An Anthology of Short Gothic Stories by justthatrandomnerd
An Anthology of Short Gothic Anna
This is a collection of short stories I wrote for my Gothic Literature class this past semester. They range from paranormal/ supernatural horror to more realistic and t...
  • stories
  • supernatural
  • gothic
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Bound By Chains by OneTerribleWriter
Bound By Chainsby OneTerribleWriter
Reym, a young and mute pilgrim, has met his end. In the deserts of Saradon his final breath escapes his pale mouth. However, fate will not allow him to rest his tired so...
  • gothichorror
  • death
  • gloomy
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Thrashing Claws [Golumek's Legacy Book 1] by cmwilliams39
Thrashing Claws [Golumek's C.M.Williams
Book 1 of Golumek's Legacy A Gothic horror story of three individuals who bear extraordinary potential, only to learn that this potential can burden their hearts, their...
  • melancholy
  • dark
  • romance
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The Woman in the Woods by Ez_the_kiwi
The Woman in the Woodsby Ez_the_kiwi
Every year two children disappear and reappear dead. All want to know why. All want to know who. All those that know end up dead. Will you be next?
  • featured
  • shortstory
  • gothic
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Blissful Insanity by wpresley
Blissful Insanityby wpresley
An English jury is called to hear a murder trial in which everyone involved - even the victim - is neither innocent nor sane. Faceless demons, shifting realities and sca...
  • witchcraft
  • gothichorror
  • gothic
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Chills: 1001 horror stories by StarWolfLegacy
Chills: 1001 horror storiesby Anabelle
This book is created by you! Yes if you have a horror story suggestion contact me and I might add it to this book! Of course it will be mentioned who is the writer and w...
  • myth
  • scary
  • chills
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The Little Peasant Girl [Book III in the Curse Of Blood Saga] by JeanineCroft
The Little Peasant Girl [Book JeanineCroft
Asteria is a girl cloistered behind the anesthetic walls of her convent home. A life chosen for her by a mother she can no longer remember. When an unforeseen malevolenc...
  • romance
  • gothichorror
  • convent
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Origin  by kada11
Origin by ka da
*A prequel to the soulless* Baethan Zacharias a respected doctor and scientists tackles his biggest challenge, stopping death. His greatest triumph becomes the world's b...
  • abnormal
  • scifi-fantasy
  • dystopian
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On the other side of the mirror | a poem |✔️ by zarbabkebab_
On the other side of the mirror | Zarbab💫
~~~ To get you in the Halloween spirit. ~~~ Copyright © by zarbabkebab_
  • wattys2018
  • emoteen
  • gothichorror
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Dark Shadows by AlexandreaStill
Dark Shadowsby Alexandrea Still (formerly Kr...
Godric is 2000 years old, and has grown tired of living with the destruction and carnage that was his life. He has plans to meet the sun after an attempt to make amends...
  • fiction
  • godric
  • fan
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