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SonAmy: Werehog's Roommate by GothNebula
SonAmy: Werehog's Roommateby GothNebula
In a city known as Monster City is a place where all types of monsters live. Sonic the Werehog is not excited to have a new roommate. But what he doesn't realize is that...
Sonamy: The Love Prank by SandyDandygUrl
Sonamy: The Love Prankby 🌸💓Sandy Dandy💓🌸
"Besides, I don't like you. You know that." Sonic said. "We're just friends, that's all. There's nothing more than that--no strings attached--no feelings...
Sonamy: The princess and the knight by Lilli0161
Sonamy: The princess and the knightby Lilli0161
Somewhere in a kingdom, called the Rose Kingdom, their lives a young pink princess, known as princess Amy Rose. Having a lot of friends Amy has a great live, till one da...
SonAmy: Jungle Pink Hedgehog by GothNebula
SonAmy: Jungle Pink Hedgehogby GothNebula
Amy's parents were killed by leopards and she becomes lonely and sad that she has to take care of herself in the wild jungle. She soon meets a wild savage badger and bec...
Breaking The Ice (SonAmy) by 101Rosy
Breaking The Ice (SonAmy)by Pol Layra
Sonic live his life for almost a 600 years now. Ever since his family passed down their very successful company to him. He started to lose the fun in his life, taking al...
SonAmy: The Pink Genie by GothNebula
SonAmy: The Pink Genieby GothNebula
Amy Rose the pink hedgehog has been turned into a genie by the evil dark lord Mephiles, sealing her inside the gemstone bracelet cuff and can't get out until the chosen...
SonAmy Boom/EXE: Perfection is a name by NOVATheHedgehog14
SonAmy Boom/EXE: Perfection is a NOVA T. Hedgie
WARNING: There will be a lot of blood mentioned, and some gore (I guess) if you're not ok with these then don't read this fanfic Eggman zapped Sonic with a gun in his h...
My Bad Boy (Original) by Lovely-Girl-10
My Bad Boy (Original)by Lovely Girl 10
Full Summary: Tails and the rest of the gang leave Sonic alone with Amy Rose at their home while they go and try to find out what the doctor is doing since that he was n...
Sonic Crew on Facebook by LostInYesteryear
Sonic Crew on Facebookby LostInYesteryear
What if the Sonic gang had Facebook? Relationships, friendships, posts around every corner, even Eggman doing what he does best. What goes on in the life of Sonic and hi...
Claws, Paws, and Heart Throbs ( A weresonamy story) { COMPLETED} by thewolfwhocriedgirl2
Claws, Paws, and Heart Throbs ( Maisy the Wolf
" Let me go Egghead... you don't know what you're doing", I yelled at him. " Yes I do... Without the chaos emeralds power, you be... Well, let's make that...
Sonamy: Mating Season by NikkiDollie
Sonamy: Mating Seasonby NikkiDollie
.... kinda self-explanatory with that title eh? *WARNING* Lemons/Smut Cussing Vulgar/Sensitive topics (rape DISCUSSED briefly, not done)
Sonamy: Werewolves by Lilli0161
Sonamy: Werewolvesby Lilli0161
During a battle with Dr. Eggman, Sonic and Amy got shoot by a laser. After the sun went down on the day they got shoot, they both turned into wolves. Now Tails and Knuck...
SonAmy: Ghostly Love by NOVATheHedgehog14
SonAmy: Ghostly Loveby NOVA T. Hedgie
When a ghost falls in love with loser geek, Amy Rose, it'll do anything to make sure she's happy. Even if it has to kill everyone that gets in his way.
Chaos Born by EruDuma
Chaos Bornby EruDuma
Science can explain anyone on Mobius... but not Sonic. Why is it that the one we think we ought to know the most about is the one we actually know the least? Set in the...
SonAmy: I'm An Idiot by NOVATheHedgehog14
SonAmy: I'm An Idiotby NOVA T. Hedgie
Sonic missed another date with Amy. But the result it different then the others. Amy doesn't seem to care, and Sonic seems to be going through denial. Sneak Peek: "...
NikkiDollie's Sonamy Smut Oneshots by NikkiDollie
NikkiDollie's Sonamy Smut Oneshotsby NikkiDollie
I wanna try and keep my smut separate from my usual oneshots. So yes, each chapter is a different oneshot that ranges from intimacy to full-on seggsy scenes. I didn't ge...
SonAmy: Body Swap by GothNebula
SonAmy: Body Swapby GothNebula
Sonic and Amy are having a hard time to get along and they always argue and fight each other. But all that changes when they find these mysterious crystals that accident...
Sonamy: Sleep Talk by NikkiDollie
Sonamy: Sleep Talkby NikkiDollie
This is a *spicy* oneshot 😈
SonAmy: Through the Mirror by GothNebula
SonAmy: Through the Mirrorby GothNebula
Amy couldn't stand to see that her friend Sonic is dating Sally and that she doesn't have a chance to tell him that she loves him but it was too late. Her family and her...
Trust No One by GalaxyIllumimation
Trust No Oneby Atlas Fernsby
At the age of five Sonic was abandoned and doomed to be alone for the rest of his life. But he is found by a gang of thieves. Soon years passed and Sonic is a well-known...