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Are You Jealous? ~ A Defan One shot by Faithless11
Are You Jealous? ~ A Defan One shotby Faithless11
'Are you jealous?', Stefan asked Damon, an amused smile making its way to the surface. Can be read seriously or as crack. Note: I do not own the characters or basic stor...
  • lockwood
  • stefansalvatore
  • tvd
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FORBIDDEN LOVE by sterekgayships
FORBIDDEN LOVEby @sterekstamondefancalec
  • lgbttvd
  • salvatore
  • defan
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Swan Diaries (crossover fanfiction of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries) by ttsforks
Swan Diaries (crossover noelle wolfe | 18
Plot: Isabella Swan was on the run from Niklaus Mikaelson, hybrid of a royal family whom she once called her own, when she got pulled into an unfamiliar place. Not knowi...
  • bellacullen
  • bellaandedward
  • breakingdawn
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Falling for Stefan Salvatore by nadjawmiller
Falling for Stefan Salvatoreby nadjawmiller
She was all alone when she woke up in the middle of the woods. It was dark. Her skin was cold and she had a hunger that overwhelmed her. She couldn't remember anything...
  • thevampirediaries
  • vampire
  • iansomerhalder
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Back In Time-II- Stefan Salvatore Story by GudduBrahmbhatt
Back In Time-II- Stefan Guddu Brahmbhatt
This is so much similar to my story 'Back in Time- Damon Salvatore story'. I imagined, if this could happen if Damon is back in time after series finale, what will happ...
  • damon
  • alaricsaltzman
  • elijah
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Lost- A Vampire Diaries Fanfiction by GudduBrahmbhatt
Lost- A Vampire Diaries Fanfictionby Guddu Brahmbhatt
Damon wants to find his little brother whom he lost when he was human, he was also turned by Katherine. Now when he will find him, how it will change his life.
  • elijah
  • damon
  • klaus
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The Ripper's Diary.  by steffsalvatore
The Ripper's Diary. by Stefan Salvatore.
Just other stories.
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  • roleplay
  • thevampirediaries
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Spreading the Love {TVD X TW} by -aquariius
Spreading the Love {TVD X TW}by I s a b e l K e l l y
#spreadingthelove x in which a nosy teenager comments on elena gilberts Instagram x ~ social media
  • defan
  • socialmedia
  • allydia
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Bamon Oneshots by LilySerena
Bamon Oneshotsby LilySerena
A series of Bamon oneshots that have spurred from the ideas that pop into my head. Enjoy!
  • bamon
  • bellarke
  • bonnie
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Evolution- A TVD Fanfiction by GudduBrahmbhatt
Evolution- A TVD Fanfictionby Guddu Brahmbhatt
Damon Salvatore is devastated after finding out that Kathrine wasn't in the tomb and all she did, was betraying him. The pain was too much to deal with. what could be be...
  • defan
  • salvatorebrothers
  • damonsalvatore
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Damon Salvatore : Hidden Past by Erzatitania777
Damon Salvatore : Hidden Pastby Erzatitania777
What if damon never told stefan about the wolf bite. What past is hidden. What if there was another original hybrid no mikaelson sibling knew about. What if damon and st...
  • torture
  • hurt
  • defan
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Salvatore Twins- The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction by GudduBrahmbhatt
Salvatore Twins- The Vampire Guddu Brahmbhatt
Stefan is with Klaus ripping heads off across the Eastern coast. Damon and Elena are trying to track him down and bring him back. In middle of all of this, Damon have tw...
  • defan
  • bonnie
  • klaus
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Defan fanfic~ Damon and Stefan at High School by DeanLovesPie28
Defan fanfic~ Damon and Stefan Impala67
[Written in Damon's POV] Damon Salvatore and his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore have enrolled in a normal high school for the town's ordinary humans little does the t...
  • stefansalvatore
  • damonsalvatore
  • defan
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Stefan Is Gone OS - Vampire Diaries by ResentfulCharacters
Stefan Is Gone OS - Vampire Diariesby ResentfulCharacters
Set just at the end of 5x21 Stefan is killed by Julian, just in front of Caroline. OS on the reaction of poor Care and also Damon! FRENCH VERSION HERE : https://www.fa...
  • love
  • salvatorebrothers
  • tvd
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Guarded by xTFOLIEx
Guardedby Taylor Juanita
  • elena
  • defan
  • elejahmikaelson
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Neighbors by delenaswishes
Neighborsby D&E Forever
When a family from Mystic Falls, Virginia moves in next to the bloodsucking Salvatore brothers, Damon Salvatore has to keep their secret hidden. But when he falls for on...
  • fanfiction
  • beremy
  • bonkai
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It Will Always Be You [tvd x delena] by tvdxtwilightxoth
It Will Always Be You [tvd x Mostly Delena
Synopsis: Stefan dies and Damon thought all good was gone until he saw her.. Elena the love of his life standing right in front of him and then everything seemed to fall...
  • elenagilbert
  • elena
  • hey
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Trust Breeds Trust by lilshitdamon
Trust Breeds Trustby lilshitdamon
In the midst of another dark time of another hopeless decade Damon Salvatore stumbles upon Elena Gilbert. What begins as a game to Damon becomes something more than expe...
  • foreverdelena
  • elenagilbert
  • delenaforver
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TVD//Shattered-Astrid Mikaelson||Damon Salvatore by chantellesienna
TVD//Shattered-Astrid Mikaelson|| Chantelle Sienna
"What if the only person who can fix your broken heart is the one that shattered it?" . . . . . . . . Astrid has spent nearly two centuries running away from h...
  • defan
  • katherinepierce
  • katerinapetrova
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