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Are You Jealous? ~ A Defan One Shot by Faithless11
Are You Jealous? ~ A Defan One Shotby Faithless11
'Are you jealous?', Stefan asked Damon, an amused smile making its way to the surface. Can be read seriously or as crack. Note: I do not own the characters. This work is...
Denial ✘ Stamon ✘ Defan by CheshireCatLife
Denial ✘ Stamon ✘ Defanby Sssshhhhhh
''i love you... you don't,, Stefan and Damon have suppressed their feelings for each other for too long, They don't realise that love is a funny thing, lines are b...
shared love  by hopemikaelson12446
shared love by hopemikaelson12446
what happens when you have 3 mates ( klamon, stamon, delijah)
Back In Time-II- Stefan Salvatore Story by GudduBrahmbhatt
Back In Time-II- Stefan Maggie Brahmbhatt
This is so much similar to my story 'Back in Time- Damon Salvatore story'. I imagined, if this could happen if Damon is back in time after series finale, what will happ...
Going to 1863 by kaawiigirl05
Going to 1863by kaawiigirl05
This is a story about all the gang(instead for Matt,I may have forgotten to add him ,so he is on vacation with his sister Vicki,I felt that Matt needed someone in his fa...
Little Salvatore- A defan Fanfic  by twistedmajix
Little Salvatore- A defan Fanfic by TwistedMajix
In which Damon screws up and Stefan takes the consequences
Evolution- A TVD Fanfiction by GudduBrahmbhatt
Evolution- A TVD Fanfictionby Maggie Brahmbhatt
Damon Salvatore is devastated after finding out that Kathrine wasn't in the tomb and all she did, was betraying him. The pain was too much to deal with. what could be be...
Sweet Nothing by meneghinx
Sweet Nothingby bitemedam
«Buon Natale anche a te Stefan» Dice alzandola come per brindare con il niente, il suo dolce niente, e solo dopo aver bevuto un lungo sorso scompare.
Back in Time- Damon Salvatore story by GudduBrahmbhatt
Back in Time- Damon Salvatore storyby Maggie Brahmbhatt
Damon lost his brother in the hell fire. he had everything he wanted but his brother. Somehow Bonnie found a way to help him and send him back time. He will save everyo...
The Salvatore brothers sick/hurt by simplylizzy06
The Salvatore brothers sick/hurtby Lizzie<3
This is a hurt/sick fanfic about Damon and Stefan Salvatore. You can request more then once! ( dm or comment) Works with every season
FORBIDDEN LOVE by sterekgayships
FORBIDDEN LOVEby @sterekstamondefancalec
Falling for Stefan Salvatore by nadjawmiller
Falling for Stefan Salvatoreby nadjawmiller
She was all alone when she woke up in the middle of the woods. It was dark. Her skin was cold and she had a hunger that overwhelmed her. She couldn't remember anything...
TVD//Shattered-Astrid Mikaelson||Damon Salvatore by chantellesienna
TVD//Shattered-Astrid Mikaelson|| Chantelle Sienna
"What if the only person who can fix your broken heart is the one that shattered it?" . . . . . . . . Astrid has spent nearly two centuries running away from h...