Darktale Stories

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Torn Pages by moonwrecks
Torn Pagesby Yui & Mia
A collection of dark tales and of lost happily-ever-afters. Join us as we go back to Once upon a times. Page after page, we bring you truth behind old tales modern tongu...
Dark Tales by books4_Lizfly
Dark Talesby elizabeth kat
These are stories that I collected from urban legends websites and from word of mouth. Some of these are ghost stories, others legends. Most of these are true stories. I...
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Into The Dark by LonelyGerman_Raichu
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Into The...by LonelyGerman_Raichu
Abby didn't have any idea what lay ahead. She wakes up a treecko, just to see a skitty staring right back at her. She didn't have any idea of who should would meet, and...
Happily Ever... by RebeccaAnders6
Happily Ever...by Pridecat89
A short story about a Princess. But it's not a rainbow and unicorns kind of story.
LA IRA DE LA DIOSA by 23SniperWolf
LA IRA DE LA DIOSAby 23SniperWolf
Allí estaba, sutil, la presencia. No era la esencia oscura que tantas veces la visitaba. Era algo antiguo, profundo. Dhara sentía como lentamente iba despertando, en alg...
Ask Fell Sans! (And Me!) by Rainbow_The_Shipper
Ask Fell Sans! (And Me!)by holy fuck this acc is dead
Fell: Ask us.. I guess.. Me: Or dare us~! Fell: Please, no... Me: Yes.~ Fell: Pleaseee no... Me: *Hugs Fell* YESSSSS.~~~ Fell: *Blushes* D-dare us too, then, I guess...
Illuminated by ArchSera
Illuminatedby ArchSera
Underground, home to the monsters that were once banished from the surface. The only thing that remains is darkness, whispers and the feeling of death that hung in the a...
Flying Blind by sundog3
Flying Blindby sundog3
Emily is intrigued by Charlie right away. She is also wary. Who is he really? Why does he know her so well while she feels she doesn't know him at all.
The Ones Who Lived by Akai_Seirei
The Ones Who Livedby Akai Seirei
Harry become a traitor to King Voldemort and for leading a rebellion, he and his 'sister' Hermione are sentence to be killed by Yagnars. However, something unexpected ha...
DarkTale by Lightningangel67X
DarkTaleby Lightningangel67X
My DarkTale Original Undertale AU (Gacha Life)
Hans & Margarete by NoelleThorne
Hans & Margareteby N. Thorne
*** 1st place winner of the Rewind the Classics contest by @WattpadFairytales A retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale Hansel and Gretel. What if the story you were told...
Dark Hour Tales by HJHerrick
Dark Hour Talesby HJHerrick
Grim stories with plot twists and spooks. Irregular upload schedule.
Dark Poems And Dark Tales by PedroHM7899
Dark Poems And Dark Talesby Pedro Hernandez
Just some sad, creepy, honest poems and a few little short stories. Do be warned some of these poems and short stories might offend you or you might find them disturbing...
The Endless Flight by theblasefanboy
The Endless Flightby theblasefanboy
A man runs from many problems in life, none more than those he can't control. Desperation and instinct may not be enough to safe him. But where there is a tiny glimmer o...
Westside Hotel by WilloStars
Westside Hotelby Will'o'Stars
A prose in which four blokes check into an off hotel at the end of a graveyard for a working residential. Will'o'Stars ©
ŘÜSHŢĀŁE♠ by undertale378
ŘÜSHŢĀŁE♠by undertale378
book 1 the book 0 was a trailer for the first book,kinda like a introduction. enjoy! also this is a series
Eddstale by Rainbow_The_Shipper
Eddstaleby holy fuck this acc is dead
Having no memory of how they got there, Edd, Tom, Matt, and Tord wake up on a patch of golden flowers, surrounded by strangers. Oh, boy, this'll be fun. ~~~ This story i...
Un libro para los condenados (en proceso) by dannydust
Un libro para los condenados (en p...by dannydust
Una historia que mezcla el ocultismo, y los aspectos mas oscuros del ser humano e incluso de otros seres con la fragilidad de la determinacion, la depresion y la amistad