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Truth and Ideals - Ferriswheelshipping ||Complete|| by _LisaNguyen_
Truth and Ideals - ღLisa Nguyenღ
At 15 years old, White had defeated Team Plasma and stopped Ghetsis from conquering Unova. Despite a seemingly nice ending, it was also the time where she had to say goo...
Ash Ketchum the protector by tattarat
Ash Ketchum the protectorby sawfishs
After Ash is betrayed he and his pokemon take refuge on Mount Silver and this is known only to two people. He trains with his pokemon for 4 years training and catching p...
What do Legendaries get up to? by EdibleSnek
What do Legendaries get up to?by Mmmmmmmm
This is like all the roleplays me and my sister have done I swear Anyways what do legendaries and mythicals get up to? Trust me you don't wanna know UPDATE: {ULTRA BEAST...
Truth Be Told Male Reader X Reshiram by Pokestory01
Truth Be Told Male Reader X Pokestory01
A man, twenty years of age, was living a normal life for the most part, until some dreams are now leading him to a different path. Come read your story on how you meet R...
She's a Dragon Seeker!(Tfp Starscream x Seeker Reshiram!  OC) *Book One* by BlazetheReshiram
She's a Dragon Seeker!(Tfp Blaze the Reshiram
The Decepticons have a new recruit, and she is a seeker with a powerful secret behind it all. Starscream a fellow seeker is partnered up with her by orders from Megatron...
Pokémon Black and White! Adventures In Unova by Leonidas781918
Pokémon Black and White! Leon
Rewrite of Ash journey through Unova, and of course Ash journey through Kalos (wich will have small changes to next), this will be my own retake of Ash journey through U...
(Transformers Prime x Reshiram! Reader!) The Angel Dragon by Aouchi--Fusionia
(Transformers Prime x Reshiram! Ultra-Beast+50
I was sent to another world and I discover a different planet earth. I for shall learn this world and looking for a truth where all human keeps.
A Dragon similar to Blue eyes White Dragon? (Seto Kaiba x Female! Reshiram OC ) by BlazetheReshiram
A Dragon similar to Blue eyes Blaze the Reshiram
Yugioh/ slight Pokemon cross over!One day during a duel between Seto Kaiba and Yugi Muto a strange white stone falls from the sky and into the duel arena. To the young C...
When You Were A Foal: How Keldeo Came Into The World by bluedog1414
When You Were A Foal: How Keldeo Logical Horsegirl
Virizion and Cobalion are mates, in love everyday and night. Terrakion was happy for them but was not a fan of their blatantly flirtatious moments. Despite protecting Po...
• transfer successful • by bellofthedelta
• transfer successful •by call me bell!
When playing Pokémon Black 2, a certain character catches your eye. Too bad he's only got around five or ten minutes of screen time. You wish you could see him again, ev...
Legendary Week! by blaziken01trainer
Legendary Week!by Procrastinator
Cover by the wonderful @Imberlapis. Lancelot is your average high school student and a fervent Pokemon Black and White fan...until he died one night while crossing the...
A Girl and Her Dragon: Blazing Heart by LunarPlayer16
A Girl and Her Dragon: Blazing LunarPlayer
Kayden is traveling to the Galar region, out of necessity. But will the evil team from Kalos chase after the Champion's daughter. *I own only my oc's and storyline. Not...
Pokemon: Book One: The Dark Hearted  by xXScarclawXx
Pokemon: Book One: The Dark Scarclaw
Do you want to be a Pokemon trainer? Do you want to catch Pokemon? Do you want to travel the world with a companion by your side? Maybe you haven't realized this, bu...
Pokémon BW: whiteflareXblackbolt by TheNightFury
Pokémon BW: whiteflareXblackboltby Misphantom
A new generation of Pokédex holders await! Professor Juniper chooses four lucky teenagers to travel all around Unova region with their very own Pokédex. Black, White, Ch...
The Tao trio..... scattered (Reshiram x Zekrom) by LegendPoke
The Tao trio..... scattered ( LegendPoke
(Credits to Google for the cover) The Tao Trio were living their usual lives in their hidden forest home, doing their work and enjoying their lives, until one day one of...
Pokemon: Fire and Ice by Misgel
Pokemon: Fire and Iceby Misgel
Ash is traveling across Unova for his Pokémon Journey, but suddenly strange phenomena begins to occur across the region. An ancient creature is awakening, and its rage i...
Battle against the D(ragon)Virus!(Leon Kennedy x Female! Reshiram OC) by BlazetheReshiram
Battle against the D(ragon)Virus!( Blaze the Reshiram
Leon S Kennedy is on a mission to stop yet another viral out break. When he meets a Dragon Princess named Blaze ( Reshiram) Dragon, who surprisingly along with her bro...
Pokemon: Clash of Virizion and Reshiram by Neko_Grim_Reaper
Pokemon: Clash of Virizion and ᴀʟɪssɪʀᴀ
This is the story of how Ash, Goh, and Chloe save Unova by stopping Reshiram's rampage with the help of the Grassland Pokemon, Virizion. They reunite with old friends, m...
The Dragon of Remnant (RWBY x Male Reader) by DrizztTheReaper
The Dragon of Remnant (RWBY x DrizztTheReaper
Legends of a dragon capable of freezing air itself was as well known as the maidens. But what happens when team RWBY encounters said dragon.
Encrypted Prophecies ( TFP Smokescreen x Female! Reshiram OC!) *Book Two* by BlazetheReshiram
Encrypted Prophecies ( TFP Blaze the Reshiram
Please read She's a Dragon Seeker before reading this book: Blaze; a Reshiram and only Seeker among the Autobot ranks That disguises herself as a R126F16 model jet alt...