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(Transformers Prime x Reshiram! Reader!) The Angel Dragon by Aouchi--Fusionia
(Transformers Prime x Reshiram! Aoūchī - Fusionia
I was sent to another world and I discover planet earth. I for shall learn this dimension and looking for a truth where all human keeps.
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Ash Ketchum the protector by tattarat
Ash Ketchum the protectorby sawfishs
After Ash is betrayed he and his pokemon take refuge on Mount Silver and this is known only to two people. He trains with his pokemon for 4 years training and catching p...
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Truth Be Told Male Reader X Reshiram by Pokestory01
Truth Be Told Male Reader X Pokestory01
A man, twenty years of age, was living a normal life for the most part, until some dreams are now leading him to a different path. Come read your story on how you meet R...
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Truth and Ideals - Ferriswheelshipping ||Complete|| by _LisaNguyen_
Truth and Ideals - ღLisa Nguyenღ
I was only 15 when I first met you. I was still 15 when I had to say goodbye. I remembered your words back in your castle...and I will. I will make my dreams come true...
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Pokemon: Fire and Ice by Misgel
Pokemon: Fire and Iceby Misgel
Ash is traveling across Unova for his Pokémon Journey, but suddenly strange phenomena begins to occur across the region. An ancient creature is awakening, and its rage i...
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She's a Dragon Seeker!(Tfp starscream x seeker Reshiram!  OC) by BlazetheReshiram
She's a Dragon Seeker!(Tfp Blaze the Reshiram
The Decepticons have a new recruit, and she is a seeker with a powerful secret behind it all. Starscream a fellow seeker is partnered up with her by orders from Megatron...
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Why you? (Pokemon fanfic) by shinymewgirl
Why you? (Pokemon fanfic)by The one and only
It's been a whole year since Emma left her friends and six months since she last spoke to any of them, the worst of it is that no one knows why. To them Emma just simply...
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A Dragon similar to Blue eyes White Dragon? (Seto Kaiba x Female! Reshiram OC ) by BlazetheReshiram
A Dragon similar to Blue eyes Blaze the Reshiram
Yugioh/ slight Pokemon cross over!One day during a duel between Seto Kaiba and Yugi Muto a strange white stone falls from the sky and into the duel arena. To the young C...
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ArtBook by _TheBedMonster_
ArtBookby I need friends
Just some stuff that I did I hope you'll enjoy it ! and yeah Kermit is my god
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The Dragon of Remnant (RWBY x Male Reader) by DrizztTheReaper
The Dragon of Remnant (RWBY x DrizztTheReaper
Legends of a dragon capable of freezing air itself was as well known as the maidens. But what happens when team RWBY encounters said dragon.
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A legendary love by mlpwarriorcat
A legendary loveby A Dork
Mew and Mewtwo have to watch over a child in the new region of Oediv
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When You Were A Foal: How Keldeo Came Into The World by bluedog1414
When You Were A Foal: How Keldeo Life Is a Tea Party
Virizion and Cobalion are mates, in love everyday and night. Terrakion was happy for them but was not a fan of their blatantly flirtatious moments. Despite protecting Po...
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A Champion's Ideal | Pokémon FanFiction by StreetRacer-Sam
A Champion's Ideal | Pokémon StreetRacer-Sam
Two trainers. Two dreams. One truth. One ideal. What would happen when a truth and an ideal clash together? Dreams would shatter and sacrifices would be made, and the re...
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The Path to Truth (Pokémon Fanfiction) by Latios25
The Path to Truth (Pokémon Latios25
Everyone knows about Hilbert Black and his adventures in Unova, and how eventually he becomes the Hero of Ideals by besting the Hero of Truth and then taking down Team P...
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Farewell by reshiramu
Farewellby reshiramu
(These are some quotes from Pokemon black and white. Yes this is a fan fic) I've been living with Pokemon since I was born, so it's easier for me to talk to them than wi...
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Hearts of Black and White by NagisaShiota11
Hearts of Black and Whiteby Naughty Dog
After the war, Touya falls into a deep depression and the only one who could pull him out of it had disappeared. His friends tried to pull him out of it, but it always t...
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Book 2: teravoltXturboblaze by TheNightFury
Book 2: teravoltXturboblazeby Misphantom
This is the Book 2 of whiteflareXblackbolt, and the storyline is B2W2. I suggest you read the first book, but do whatever you want XD. Places and the rest of the charact...
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When Legendaries Show by LizzardLady123
When Legendaries Showby Dabi
Liana, a young trainer just starting her journey in the Kalos region, is met with many suprising events when she runs into some Pokémon that have interesting personaliti...
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Battle against the D(ragon)Virus!(Leon Kennedy x Female! Reshiram OC) by BlazetheReshiram
Battle against the D(ragon)Virus!( Blaze the Reshiram
Leon S Kennedy is on a mission to stop yet another viral out break. When he meets a Dragon Princess named Blaze ( Reshiram) Dragon, who surprisingly along with her bro...
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The randomness of a white dragon by TheWhiteReshiram
The randomness of a white dragonby White dragon
Not to be taken seriously Random thoughts from the mind of this white dragon (Basically just a rp book)
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