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Sun Queen by -Stellaric-
Sun Queenby Stellaric
༶•┈┈ ♛ ┈┈•༶ "You really want me to shy away like I used to? Like your little mouse?" I pierce him with every word. The Darkling stares back and for a while th...
Meant to Be My Balance by writingblobfish
Meant to Be My Balanceby Blobby the Blobfish
A shadow snaked up my arm, a gentle caress, a brush of the night. "My name, Alina." I lifted my head. "Please, Aleksander." The darkness fell away...
The light behind the darkness (Darklina fanfic) by Ira112019
The light behind the darkness (Dar...by Ira2020
AU episode 5, where Alina heard what happened to Marie and Genya. She left the War Room with Aleksander. So Baghra didn't reveal the truth to her. It was AU about 5 epis...
Child of Legend - A Shadow and Bone Fanfic by PoshStarfish775
Child of Legend - A Shadow and Bon...by PoshStarfish775
What if the Darkling and Alina hadn't been interrupted that night at the winter fete? What if the Darkling had caused Alina to become pregnant with a child? What would h...
Against Fate - A Darklina FanFic by skyetorrance
Against Fate - A Darklina FanFicby Skye Torrance
"We exist because of each other. There would be no shadows if it was not for the sun, and why would the sun be ever appreciated if there existed no shadows?" ...
How the Game is Played by switchbladebarbie
How the Game is Playedby jess🗡
Her mind reeled, and she was confident that it was all a mistake, a simple hallucination. Grasping at every memory she could muster from that final battle in the Fold, A...
Ash and Dusk by AnniesAlina
Ash and Duskby Annie Kate
A childhood friend. A war. A soul of sunlight. All of them are lost. As Alina is sinking in grief, her friends are trying to stay united, making plans of dethroning the...
Sword & Succession - A Darklina AU Fanfic by DawnTide
Sword & Succession - A Darklina AU...by DawnTide
┍──༺⋆⋅☆⋅⋆༻──┑ Love. War. Death. Hate. Peace. Birth. What if Alina and Aleksander had spent the night together? What if their child held both the power of light and shado...
Just hold me || Shadow and Bone || The grishaverse by 20florina01
Just hold me || Shadow and Bone ||...by Flora Zennaro
Aleksander didn't expect their tether to be so strong. He is drawn to her and he just doesn't want to resist this pull, he had already waited long enough to find her. Or...
Don't Let Me Be Alone (the Darkling AU) by lostgirlriddle1926
Don't Let Me Be Alone (the Darklin...by lostgirlriddle1926
How season 2 of "Shadow and Bone" on Netflix should have ended. Because the once lonely and scared child named Aleksander still deserves a chance.
Perfect by viridimessorem
Perfectby Priya
Alina never wanted to oppose the man she loved. Yet, here she was.
Darklina Oneshots by -Stellaric-
Darklina Oneshotsby Stellaric
・゜゜・.。・゚゚・。・゜゜・. I have written a few oneshots for our favorite Shadow and Bone Couple😁 Some of these oneshots will include: - Darkling and child Alina interactions if...
and the waltz goes on by Marenke
and the waltz goes onby Marenke
"You don't know how to dance?" The Darkling asked, raising an eyebrow.
The True Saint by ambercoleman48jj
The True Saintby Amber Elise
A darklina story~How would the story end if the battle at the climax of Seige & Storm between Alina and the Darkling happened at a different place and time-After the Dar...
Darkness in Light by TheAlmightyMew
Darkness in Lightby TheAlmightyMew
A Darklina fanfic A corrupted Alina fanfic A get out of here and let Darklina happen Mal fanfic What if Alina had destroyed the Fold earlier on and kept her powers? What...
Soft Whispers, Pretty Lies by cardans_tail
Soft Whispers, Pretty Liesby cardans_tail
I wish I didn't, I wish I didn't feel anything for him. I wish I could pretend his arms did not tempt me, his gaze didn't pierce deep into my very soul, his lips didn't...
You Might Be King Of Half The World, But You Won't Own Me As Well | Darklina by WickedTheRedHorse
You Might Be King Of Half The Worl...by Roxanne
Alina Starkova was never an orphan. Discovered by Grisha examiners in the valley of Dva Stolba when she is nine years old, she is taken from her troubled family and grow...
The twins - A grishaverse Darklina fanfic by coolclownfish
The twins - A grishaverse Darklina...by Annalise
What if Alina and the darkling had gone further the night of the winter fate? What if they weren't interrupted till later? Alina is pregnant when she runs away from the...
General Kirigan one shots  by brekkerbybrekkerr
General Kirigan one shots by brekkerbybrekkerr
Yee wee yeah hey hi general Kirigan x reader book of one shots?
Aleeza-the Star Summoner by Aleeza_Morozova
Aleeza-the Star Summonerby Aleeza_Morozova
Let's just say Alexander won't be the Starless One anymore... Set shortly before the events of Shadow and Bone, adding a new powerful eternal Grisha character. After r...