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Meant to Be My Balance by writingblobfish
Meant to Be My Balanceby Blobby the Blobfish
A shadow snaked up my arm, a gentle caress, a brush of the night. "My name, Alina." I lifted my head. "Please, Aleksander." The darkness fell away...
Sun Queen by -Stellaric-
Sun Queenby Stellaric
༶•┈┈ ♛ ┈┈•༶ "You really want me to shy away like I used to? Like your little mouse?" I pierce him with every word. The Darkling stares back and for a while th...
The Darkness That Binds Us by KPMurray
The Darkness That Binds Usby KP Murray
This Fan-Fic follows Alina, blinded by the darkling and unable to access her powers. She must rise to be his balance. Darkling and Alina Fan-Fic. Alternate ending to Ri...
Sound Your Name (Oh, My Darling) by MaskedKait
Sound Your Name (Oh, My Darling)by Kait
Alina has known since she was young that her soulmate was centuries older than her, had been known by many different names but she always knew one thing for sure he was...
Centuries  by darkxlina
Centuries by darkxlina
In a desperate attempt to save ravka Alina intends to time travel to before her power was revealed and kill the darkling the first chance she gets. Things go wrong and A...
Call Out My Name by eugeniabright
Call Out My Nameby Eugenia Bright
Events happen after the end of King of Scars and will mainly focus on Alina and the Darkling. Spoilers ahead. Rule of Wolves might be spoiled if I decide to go around th...
Sword & Succession - A Darklina AU Fanfic by DawnTide
Sword & Succession - A Darklina AU...by DawnTide
┍──༺⋆⋅☆⋅⋆༻──┑ Love. War. Death. Hate. Peace. Birth. What if Alina and Aleksander had spent the night together? What if their child holds both the power of light and shad...
Darklina Oneshots by -Stellaric-
Darklina Oneshotsby Stellaric
・゜゜・.。・゚゚・。・゜゜・. I have written a few oneshots for our favorite Shadow and Bone Couple😁 Some of these oneshots will include: - Darkling and child Alina interactions if...
Child of Legend - A Shadow and Bone Fanfic by PoshStarfish775
Child of Legend - A Shadow and Bon...by Sarah O'Connor
What if the Darkling and Alina hadn't been interrupted that night at the winter fete? What if the Darkling had caused Alina to become pregnant with a child? What would h...
The Royal Ravkan Ballet School - Darklina ballet school AU by hiitsalicesmile
The Royal Ravkan Ballet School - D...by alice
Alina, an orphan, is a talented dancer who doesn't realise her true potential until Aleksander Morozova, famous dancer and head of the Royal Ravkan Ballet School, sees h...
Taking power by freefall0103
Taking powerby freefall0103
Slowburn darklina/ alarkling fanfic set after ruin and rising except i had to ignore the ending. It was too painful so im now im here, writing my own ending. I hope you...
Sunflower of Shadows by Birdgirl365
Sunflower of Shadowsby Rose
The war has ended, The fold is gone. Alina and Mal get married and move to a cottage to live peaceful happy lives. Happy till Alina discovers Mal has left her for anothe...
Ash and Dusk by AnniesAlina
Ash and Duskby Annie Kate
A childhood friend. A war. A soul of sunlight. All of them are lost. As Alina is sinking in grief, her friends are trying to stay united, making plans of dethroning the...
The Never Ending Sun by maddmaddi05
The Never Ending Sunby maddmaddi05
Modern AU where Alina and the rest of the grisha gang are college students at Ravka University. This is my first fan fiction but that story is better than the descriptio...
opening of eyes by Marenke
opening of eyesby Marenke
His eyes are grey. Of course they are. Soulmate AU.
Shadow In The Woods by LePopsicleLoving
Shadow In The Woodsby M1kaylaS
After the destruction of the shadow fold, a new terror emerged. As if darkness and death seemed to have bled into the very soil, the area where the fold had been became...
How the Game is Played by switchbladebarbie
How the Game is Playedby jess🗡
Her mind reeled, and she was confident that it was all a mistake, a simple hallucination. Grasping at every memory she could muster from that final battle in the Fold, A...
LIKE CALLS TO LIKE🖤🤍 by _Jeshnaaa_
darklina fanfic (takes place after ROW) the story takes place after zoya is the queen of ravaka . its been four months since she assigned a job to kaz brekker and his c...
The best thing life ever gave him || Shadow and Bone || The Grishaverse by 20florina01
The best thing life ever gave him...by Flora Zennaro
The Darkling's thoughts in the war room scene and the first kiss scene. You can read my other story "Just hold me" that could be considered a sequel. This litt...
Against Fate - A Darklina FanFic by skyetorrance
Against Fate - A Darklina FanFicby Skye Torrance
"We exist because of each other. There would be no shadows if it was not for the sun, and why would the sun be ever appreciated if there existed no shadows?" ...