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My Villain, My Balance by ambercoleman48jj
My Villain, My Balanceby Amber Elise
"You might make me a better man." "And you might make me a monster." ― Leigh Bardugo, Ruin and Rising ________________ If the Darkling succeeded in...
Just hold me || Shadow and Bone || The grishaverse by 20florina01
Just hold me || Shadow and Bone || Flora Zennaro
Aleksander didn't expect their tether to be so strong. He is drawn to her and he just doesn't want to resist this pull, he had already waited long enough to find her. Or...
Not Always the Villain by ambercoleman48jj
Not Always the Villainby Amber Elise
This takes place in the middle of Ruin & Rising if Baghra didn't jump off the cliff and the Darkling captured Alina. PREVIEW: I sat up, leaning my back against t...
Call Out My Name by eugeniabright
Call Out My Nameby Eugenia Bright
Events happen after the end of King of Scars and will mainly focus on Alina and the Darkling. Spoilers ahead. Rule of Wolves might be spoiled if I decide to go around th...
wretched and divine by Marenke
wretched and divineby Marenke
When he looks into the Saintess' eyes, everything he's read clicks with such speed Aleksander feels foolish to not have realized before. Role reversal AU, explanation on...
isn't it lovely (all alone) by Marenke
isn't it lovely (all alone)by Marenke
The knife sank into his body, and Alina regretted it almost immediately. She tried to stop the flow of blood, but by the way it spurts out in coughs, Alina knew that she...
The twins - A grishaverse Darklina fanfic by coolclownfish
The twins - A grishaverse Annalise
What if Alina and the darkling had gone further the night of the winter fate? What if they weren't interrupted till later? Alina is pregnant when she runs away from the...
plastic gods by Marenke
plastic godsby Marenke
They've been together for - too long, he supposes. Through royalty and revolutions and centuries. Sometimes they go apart from each other, but not for long: never for lo...
Darkness inside-Darklina Fan Fiction by Camifelten13
Darkness inside-Darklina Fan Cami
*discontinued* Hello, this is my first story on Wattpad so it will probably not be that good, so if you want very high-quality writing don't look here. **ALERT SPOILERS...
Ash and Dusk by AnniesAlina
Ash and Duskby Annie Kate
A childhood friend. A war. A soul of sunlight. All of them are lost. As Alina is sinking in grief, her friends are trying to stay united, making plans of dethroning the...
collared by Marenke
collaredby Marenke
The skin beneath Alina's collar itches.
Embrace the Dark by mossymorgan
Embrace the Darkby mossy
On the day of her coronation, princess Nika Morozova is kidnapped by a band of rebel pirates, fighting for a cause that had all but been wiped from her history books: Th...
these holy bones by Marenke
these holy bonesby Marenke
Alina figured that a dead man did not need all the bones he once had.
the winter after by ellewhile
the winter afterby elle
"I'm like your little pet," I said once, when they wouldn't stop glancing at me. "Have you fed me? Have you watered me? I bet they wonder." There was...
In The Name of Shadows - A Darklina Story by EwciaEwciaToJa
In The Name of Shadows - A Eva
It has been more than a year since Alina Oretsev (formerly known as Alina Starkov) has tried to shake off the events that destroyed the Shadow Fold and that stripped her...
kiss by Marenke
kissby Marenke
Three sentences, three kisses, three meanings.
The best thing life ever gave him || Shadow and Bone || The Grishaverse by 20florina01
The best thing life ever gave Flora Zennaro
The Darkling's thoughts in the war room scene and the first kiss scene. You can read my other story "Just hold me" that could be considered a sequel. This litt...
Darklina Oneshots by thattribridbitch
Darklina Oneshotsby 🌙 Dorian
Mostly based on pre-written prompts. Each has its own individual title and description. Based off the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. Will include some of her original...
Like Calls To Like by m_louise_s
Like Calls To Likeby m_louise_s
"We are alike," he said, "as no one else is, as no one else will ever be." The truth of it rang through me. Like calls to like. He held out his han...
Sweet cravings [darklina human au] by tessahe
Sweet cravings [darklina human au]by Anairda (addy)
Aleksander Morozov has lived all his life in front of a spotlight whether it is camera flash or the terrible light over the surgery table. One doctor visit later and he...