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smut || Rafe cameron💋 by yourdadswife
smut || Rafe cameron💋by yourdadswife
hey guys this is a smut so it's incredibly nasty and loads of people will think i'm sexualising rafe but trust me I'm not he's not even real he's just a character i lov...
Bakugo x reader by demonlord663
Bakugo x readerby Myya.B
Every book I make is crack don't expect good shit from me. Bakugo has a crush on his childhood best friend. Being 3rd years he realizes that he wants her even more. Sadl...
Unnatural love jikook by woosanscrayon
Unnatural love jikookby Hana
Jimin is a Omega, the lowest of the wolves among him. Omegas are looked down upon and said to be worthless. The wolves and vampires made a treaty of peace in 1850 after...
Damiano by coolisa
Damianoby Alyssa
(Previously known as: My Italian Greek God of a Mate) Katherine Elaine Williams. 18. Stubborn, sassy and cusses like a sailor. Her family's broken. She thinks she's norm...
Tfp crossover exoprimal by thisisnotplayeer123
Tfp crossover exoprimalby Player123
What happens if cliffjumper got saved by someone...what will if they meet? Find out in this story
Sulk by drunkonforthbeam
Sulkby drunkonforthbeam
Forth sulks. Hard. And Beam just can't anymore.
Almost Copies Love {Lookism fanfiction & Vasco Love story~} (On Hold) by WAKANDA_FOREVA
Almost Copies Love {Lookism Avengers trash
[Cover made by lillyre] [If you are reading this in other websites besides wattpad, please know that you are at risk of being attack by a virus-like thing. For more info...
A story to be told (bakugou x male oc) by 4624riya
A story to be told (bakugou x Riya Rawat
hi guys! this is my first book it. it about bakugou and my male oc . all character are not my except male oc . Male oc is my character i have not taken him form any anim...
Secret (Book 1) (hiatus) by thisisnotplayeer123
Secret (Book 1) (hiatus)by Player123
There was a two boys and the boy name is Yoshi Hamato while other one is Oroku Saki they we're best friends, they fought together, hang out and act like they are brothe...
Laced || Asylum by vashappiningstyles
Laced || Asylumby “ babe ”
❝The hardest thing is killing the monsters inside you without killing yourself in the process.❞ © vashappingstyles. all rights reserved. // z.
•|~' secret of lefty...'~•|]{°^thefamousfilmsv'} by mfrz3004
•|~' secret of lefty...'~•|]{°^
what if... Bryan and hes friend find out lefty secret?.. what go happen to molten and lefty friendship?..... =~'|Waring!!*•|= cussing blood drama cringe the ship that ha...
Dark animes for U by Geekofdeath
Dark animes for Uby GEEK
Just Another Fairytale by moonlxghtsonata
Just Another Fairytaleby Trish
you never know what is infront of you until it's finally gone. © 2015 moonlxghtsonata
Sky Sama afton/ shani fullbuster by -The-Peggy-Schuyler-
Sky Sama afton/ shani fullbusterby Peggy and Springtrap
Because I F*CKInG CAN (I don't own fnaf or fairytail)
The Dark Saints by SaraTheUndead
The Dark Saintsby Sara D
Kim. A 21 year old girl, with power. The power to rule and own a group of people, group of members which create a gang. The Dark Saints. She has money, power, courage an...
Cusses-non cusses by ChildOfMagic20
Cusses-non cussesby Royalty of Magic
If u wanna cuss, but u can't, try these
What happened to wattpad? by kirkatofficial
What happened to wattpad?by Kirkat
I have encountered something horrible on wattpad
The bad ass next door by LexiKeiser0
The bad ass next doorby XxBlurryfacexx21xx
This book is about a girl named Allie Smith and her best friends Lexi Grey and Molli Elizabeth. They are the bad asses of BlueJay academy. That is until one day a boy na...
{^'~<|Never Enough|>~'^} au by 8DRevolution69
{^'~~'^} auby BunnyBoi 🐰
Idk, don't call this a book bcz it's just my rants & some random shi-stuff