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Lupophobia by IllicitRoses
Lupophobiaby IllicitRoses
Highest Rankings #1 in plussize #2 3rdperson * * * "Please dont kill me." She exclaimed jokingly, but there was a hidden truth behind that statement. He's scar...
Her Hope by OwenFlavia
Her Hopeby Owen Flavia
This is a story about the girl who craves for real love, not just wanted to be only used for other's selfish reasons. Everyone says and comments that she is 'Fat', ' Use...
The Alpha's Curve by BeforeTheDive
The Alpha's Curveby Fallen
Amelia Sparks has been bullied since she arrived at her new pack, it has damaged her both mentally and physically. It seemed like everyone was against her, even her own...
Ziara Ale, a normal teenage girl, well as normal as Ziara could get. She's short, clever, and curvy. If there is one thing to know about Ziara it's that she knows of the...
Curvylicous (Joker Love Story 🃏) by QueenofFanFitcion
Curvylicous (Joker Love Story 🃏)by QueenofFanFitcion
"You don't scare me anymore." I said firmly as I stared deep into his blue entrancing eyes. I told him I wasn't scared, but I was shaking and plus my heart was...
Online Dating🔞 (Plus Size FF) ✅️ by MinSugasonly1
Online Dating🔞 (Plus Size FF) ✅️by MinSugasonly1
Y/N is a nice girl but she's always meeting creeps that just objectify her. She decides to try her luck with online dating. Has she met the one, or is something better...
Blind Love by missk11_
Blind Loveby ᴋɪʀᴛʜᴀɴᴀ
Beyond far of just being a plus size woman, Nicola Burnes is black and the softest yet tenderest person. After confronting a crying child, she ended up adopting him as h...
Sweet bread *Levi Ackerman x curvy reader* by RoseWaters3
Sweet bread *Levi Ackerman x Rose Waters
⚠WARNING⚠ size kink cussing body shaming talk of suicide ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠ I do not own any thing but the plot. All rights go the there original owner. Story does NOT follow the m...
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize) by no_one_u_know
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize)by no_one_u_know
April is a big girl who knows how to handle herself. Growing up with two older brothers she learned you either fight back or get pushed over. Her kind heart and boyish w...
Becoming Mrs Jones: My un-Valentine Love Story by missb_themost
Becoming Mrs Jones: My Bonolo Mataboge
Valentine's Day sucks. It's marketed as a day for public declarations of love and affection but what most of us end up with is a painful reminder of our very single stat...
Accidental Roommate (NEW) by saiidah
Accidental Roommate (NEW)by Saiyidah Rahman
After experiencing heartbreak and betrayal, Sharon Ashwood runs to New York, trying to get as far from it as possible. However, instead of the solitude she wanted, she s...
Mr.Family Issues by ammu7781___
Mr.Family Issuesby Ammu
"I-Ishan stop. Don't take another step near to me" I warn as I place my chubby hands on his chest , stopping him from walking further , feeling dizzy. "Yo...
My "DEADLY" Happily Ever After by KewelKuma
My "DEADLY" Happily Ever Afterby Kewel
Jordana Reeves comes home from work tired and worn out. She's suddenly pushed against the wall with a knife pointed at her throat. She screams "Please don't kill me...
The Loving Alpha Meets the Party Girl (Bwwm)(Werewolf) by Love_Me_Sweetlyy
The Loving Alpha Meets the Party Love_Me_Sweetlyy
This is a Werewolf/Bwwm/Interracial Tori is badass werewolf who is not waiting for her mate. She's been through many relationships but they only wanted her for her body...
Before It Gets Beautiful  by lonealpha_63
Before It Gets Beautiful by lonealpha_63
Aleena thought she had her life planned out but a sudden twist of fate has her confused. Will she try to stray from fate?
Unforgotten Memories  by AlbaDiaz039
Unforgotten Memories by Rider 🔷
"Why would you do that?" "So that I can have my Rosie with me, forever." Jackson Black and Rose Harper were high school sweethearts who were insepar...
Blind Date  (Completed)✅ by VICMAD
Blind Date (Completed)✅by VICMAD
Copyright © 2014 by VICMAD -All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written perm...
TOUGH LOVE by djhfan
TOUGH LOVEby Crybaby
Rider is a curvy Junior in High school with very few friends. She gets bullied mainly by James. Although James and her used to be the best of friends when they were smal...
Tom Hiddleston Imagines by TwoGirlsHoldingHands
Tom Hiddleston Imaginesby TwoGirlsHoldingHands
Tom Hiddleston x Reader imagines including Tom Hiddleston x Curvy Reader imagines.
Bewitched by Christina_Perry
Bewitchedby Christina_Perry
A sudden laughter broke me out of my chanting. I opened my eyes and gasped. The sight ahead of me nearly blow me out of my heels. I drank in the sight of him, tall, mas...