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A Composition by wanderingcyansocks
A Compositionby KitChenSync
A collection of short stories that may also be contest entries.
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My Art Book! ฅ'ω'ฅ by ChemismasNuclear
My Art Book! ฅ'ω'ฅby ❀Space_Bros❀
I love drawing! So I'm going to post my art here! I also accept requests!
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Coffee Crumbs - Anthology by CoffeeCommunity
Coffee Crumbs - Anthologyby Coffee Community
An anthology of all the winning entries of Coffee Community's short story contests. °•A well chosen anthology is a complete dispensary of medicine for the more common me...
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E l y r i a | Graphic Portfolio by aeriina_
E l y r i a | Graphic Portfolioby johnd
All my works will be posted here on Elyria. Feel free to look my works (◕ ワ ◕✿)
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ruth's graphic portfolio by Antionicha
ruth's graphic portfolioby Ruth Evans
❛ in which i post my graphics ❜ all the resources used belongs to their rightful owners, but the end product belongs to me
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One Shots by ItzOffixial
One Shotsby Violet McGee
A collection of ideas randomly popping into my head..... Open to Requests via dm dirty mind may produce more of smut
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The New Girl *CONTEST ENTRY* by AlexanderRae
The New Girl *CONTEST ENTRY*by Sydney
My Historical AU One Shot submission for the "Tales of Bucky and Steve" contest hosted by @BeautifulBlues
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XO: Graphics Portfolio and Shop・open by VisualGraphics
XO: Graphics Portfolio and Shop・ 𝐊
❝ currently; open ❞ cover shop, trailer shop, badge shop, graphics portfolio, contest entries, and more.
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The Princess Who Almost Never Smiled by rosetothetop
The Princess Who Almost Never Olivia Rose
As an important pawn in her father's game of chess, Violet Alexander has one simple job: smile pretty for the press. But even this proves too difficult. Her mood has see...
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ALL OVER ━ graphics portfolio ² by lavencraw
ALL OVER ━ graphics portfolio ²by 𝐚
round two of me trying not to suck. ⟶ est: 16.2.19 #6 in graphic design #3 in contest entries
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Evincing :  Graphics by staaarly
Evincing : Graphicsby ariana
❝MY ARTS BLEED IN IMPROVEMENT AND GROWTH.❞ [a graphics portfolio book]
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Little Red Riding Hoodie by Taleth
Little Red Riding Hoodieby Taleth
17 year old Scarlet Redmond has a secret, and that secret is the beautiful, smart, goody-goody popular girl Jacqueline Hunter. Living in Deep Wood, a rural farming town...
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explosion; a grfx portfolio by CHRYSAFENIOS
explosion; a grfx portfolioby ♪
「explosion」 › allows the user to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat and ignite it at will › a portfolio for all my somewhat-average graphics › renders, textures, fo...
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Short Stories and Oneshots by cosmiqueer
Short Stories and Oneshotsby you'd say that things have im...
I've started writing stories that aren't quite full books so here's a collection of them. Some are fandom-related, some aren't. Some are oneshots, some aren't. You get i...
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GOOD RIDDANCE | PORTFOLIO. by posingposeys
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Random stuff by S0Keefe4Life
Random stuffby Ami \(•w•)/
This is just a random collection of rants, some short stories from writing prompts, randomness, and the wonderful world of my messed up, chaotic brain!! Enjoy!! I mostly...
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SUNROOF ━ graphics portfolio ✓  by lavencraw
SUNROOF ━ graphics portfolio ✓ by 𝐚
[ this book is outdated, check out my new graphics portfolio 'ALL OVER' instead :) ] ⟶ 15.8.18 - 16.2.19 #1 in cover entries #9 in contest entries ...
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Literally just a contest entry because I have no idea how to use this app. Jeez by Griffins-Tomb
Literally just a contest entry Griffins-Tomb
Just a contest entry!
A Teachers Dream by FrozenIceQueene
A Teachers Dreamby Shy_Queene.3
Please note that this book is for a contest entry and is solely based on real life, my life to be in-fact and was written by a tenth grader (me), and inspired by a tenth...
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Writing prompts/Contest Entrys by DawnOfTheAgez
Writing prompts/Contest Entrysby DawnOfTheAgez
Using writing prompts and all other things that inspire writing If you want to suggest prompts etc please do You can commission me to write for you as well!
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