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"If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room."

A Wattpad featured author. The original #evil

I don't do: follow for follow, vote for vote.

I might consider your reading request if I find it interesting enough and you're willing to check my stuff out (or already have)

I'm a grammar Nazi. *puts on Nazi hat* I'm also pretty much a smartass. *puts on smartass Nazi hat*

My mind and mouth are dirty, my grammar is clean. I like drama of the written kind, dirty humor, and strong character motivation. I hate plot convenience, fake tension and characters that don't make sense.

I live in my mysterious writer lair from where I occasionally exit to breathe fire. Beware or be singed.

Do you want me to read your book? Yes. Will I? Probably not unless you worm your way into my heart. I have a huge reading list, but am always looking for new friends.

Oh, I'm also a published author, but we don't talk about that much.

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Happy stalking!

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Wimbug Wimbug Mar 27, 2017 11:13AM
My dear, dear followers.So, the next thing happened: RIFOY has reached 50k reads!! Woo hoo! To most, it might not seem much, but to me, it's gynormous (is that even a word?). It has actually surpass...
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Fate or Fight by Wimbug
Fate or Fight Fantasy
From a young age, Darian Tarkin had been certain of three things: he was cursed, there was no way to break the curse, and he would die by said curse the day he turned twenty. On his nineteenth birthday, the town cr...
Lost Stars (The Jewel Project #3) by Wimbug
Lost Stars (The Jewel Project #3) #388 in Adventure
"You youngsters are stupidly adorable with your stubborn obsession with love. Love doesn't lift you. It destroys you." For Sam Grant, his family has become his sanctuary and the team that joins him on dea...
Wrong Impression✅ by Wimbug
Wrong Impression✅ Teen Fiction
Angie Jones is poor. And not the I-can't-affoard-the-latest-Prada-bag poor, but the candles-are-cheaper-than-electricity poor. But she has a plan. After moving to the big city and a very good school, she'll work an...
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