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HIDDEN HERONDALE|| A.l by officialcga
Elizabeth "Beth" Cruz is studying to be an engineer. She's smart and snarky. Or as she calls herself, the real life female Tony Stark. Without the rich. A nigh...
A Winter's Ball - Pete Davidson by _kirayoung_
A Winter's Ball - Pete Davidsonby _kirayoung_
Renée Ambrose joins the cast of the famous late night comedy SNL in 2017. She starts to befriend the cast, specifically Pete Davidson. She's only a few months older than...
rwby: the earthly survivor by ghost_wolf_L227
rwby: the earthly survivorby ghost_wolf_L227
a unknown virus turn people into mindless zombies across the world the only survivors was the (L/n) they were found by the u.s military they were evacuated all excited o...
Love me Psycho  by MillaSotoJ
Love me Psycho by MJ
- I'm going to corrupt your skin, taste every inch of it. - He started to get close to me. I gasped. My heart pounding hard each time. - Draco... - sounded breathless...
Memes 2.0 by actively_inactive
Memes 2.0by Black Lives Matter
Second memes book ;)
Damon by RealWordsFalseWorlds
Damonby RealWordsFalseWorlds
David Walliams and Simon Cowell doing some gay...shit.
The Seven Badboys and Me  by Moonara_
The Seven Badboys and Me by a r i a n g
The Seven Badboys and Me by: Moonara_ It's a story about the Seven Badboys and a girl where their paths meets. Where the girl forgets her past and tries to bring it bac...
Bad idea~John Mulaney  by Jra101
Bad idea~John Mulaney by Julia <3
You bump into your celebrity crush John Mulaney on the streets of New York. John and Anna are no longer together. And your crush on John has never been bigger. Could you...
🌟შეშლილთა ქრონიკები🌟 by BaiaTshkelishvilii
🌟შეშლილთა ქრონიკები🌟by 🌟Selfish Dreamer🌟
ერთხელ მოხდა შეცდომა და ორი შეხვდა ერთმანეთს😊😂💙
🤣ღმერთო გადმოგვხედე🙏 by qristi33
🤣ღმერთო გადმოგვხედე🙏by Narcissus_girl
კარგად დაჯექით და ჩასკდით სიცილით დებილი ნაილისა და შეშლილი გოგოს ვივის გულისშემაწუხებელ ამბავზე😂 ფიკში შეხვდებით გაბრაზებულ მაცხოვრებლებს, მაღაზიის და ზოოპარკის მეპა...
Luffy is a girl Zolu mpreg by bakudeku2341
Luffy is a girl Zolu mpregby Bakudeku2341
Luffy turn in to a girl read and see what will happen zoro luffy there will be mpreg Hot Shot's girl: Hi, I'm new to the One Piece fanfics and just recently became a fa...
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Riverdale social media!** by Burning_in_hell
Riverdale social media!**by Burning_in_hell
Gay porn, drama, basically riverdale :)
~Sway Girl~ by Myiesha12345
~Sway Girl~by Myiesha12345
Myiesha's best friend Madison convinces her to go to playlist live. At playlist a sad and awkward series of events go down, Myiesha meets the Sway guys and they ALL fall...
Kpop World || جيھانى كەيپۆپ by Park_Rosanne
Kpop World || جيھانى كەيپۆپby "Rosé'
ئەو جيھانە كۆميدييەى ئاواتمانە يەك جار بچينە ناويەوە ئەوە ئەو جيھانەيە كە ھەموومان تەنانەت بۆ يەكجاريش بئ ويستوومانە تاقى بكەينەوە جيھانى كەيپۆپ بەزمى گروپەكان ، شەركرد...
Petes World by Rosie253
Petes Worldby Rose
Just about a love story with Pete Davidson
My Oneshots Stories/Poetry by Moonara_
My Oneshots Stories/Poetryby a r i a n g
I have a lot of Oneshots and Poetry. So i hope magustuhan niyo 😽❣️
Keeping a secret  by Jra101
Keeping a secret by Julia <3
John Mulaney (yes that John Mulaney) is your English Professor. Nothing to see here. Just normal teacher and student interactions. Until you start to find Mr.Mulaney in...
Text Me || Eddie Redmayne by Pastel_Death
Text Me || Eddie Redmayneby Pretty Mother Fucker
[Chewy? is typing....] // That's how their love story began.
زمردتى  by mariam555777
زمردتى by M_a_r-o_t_7👀🌨️🍂
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