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Helluva Boss Shelter by Frogs-in-spACE
Helluva Boss Shelterby Frogs in spACE
[Reader] works at a shelter that for awhile was doing great, but all of a sudden a wide range of animals start to show up and no one wants to take them in. Now it's up t...
One Helluva Hazbin (OC X Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel) by Gamma613
One Helluva Hazbin (OC X Helluva Keelan Hayes
What happens when an Orphan somehow makes it to hell? Yep, a young man named Blake enters Hell and work for I.M.P. with his Co-workers as some strange powers emanate thr...
Hells vampire by ghostriley33
Hells vampireby ghostriley33
Akira Dracula tepes son of king Dracula tepes is in hell to help the princess of hell start her new project and to explore his adventures of hell
The Fallen Champion (Ben 10 X Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss) by Logan2465
The Fallen Champion (Ben 10 X ShortMannZ
Something terrible has happened, and Ben has found himself in a terrible place: Hell. Though, it isn't quite like how he expected it to be. Anyhow, Ben is now on an unex...
Male Hellhound Reader in Helluva Boss  by XxDoberman_GamerxX
Male Hellhound Reader in Helluva Xx-Doberman_Gamer-xX
Literally the title, but just to give a heads up. I don't own anything except for the picture of the human disguise, the story idea, and the secret chapters. You own the...
Helluva boss Deku by ECHOBLOODGOD
Helluva boss Dekuby Echo Chaos
Izuku Midoriya, AKA The Green Poison, was an assassin for years until one day he gets a mission that he knows will be his last mission, and his last day on earth, find o...
Helluva Boss (The IMP Life) by IsabellaAnne1803112
Helluva Boss (The IMP Life)by IsabellaAnne1803112
I do not own Helluva Boss. I only own my OC.
Helluva Boss: Jace (18+) by JanaBarac0
Helluva Boss: Jace (18+)by Jane's stories
Join Jace, a gay hellhound, as he joins I.M.P, an organization bent on killing people who have wronged clients who hires them. Thought going through some trouble at firs...
A Helluva Time! by DiabloDrago
A Helluva Time!by Brendan Lodden
Izuku Midoriya was an odd case, even by Hell's standards. No one new about him until he started making a name for himself in the hierarchy of Hell. There were few things...
𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐀𝐏𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄𝐃 | Helluva Boss x Hazbin Hotel by ScarletQuakeWitch
𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐀𝐏𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄𝐃 | Helluva ScarletQuakeWitch
Violet Morningstar is the older sister of Charlie Morningstar and is the eldest daughter of Lucifer and Lilith Morningstar. While her sister opens up a hotel, Violet wor...
A Liar in hell(Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel fanfic) by Sh1ft3r7241
A Liar in hell(Helluva Boss/ Shift
What if after P gave up his Ergo, what was left of his soul moved to hell. But circumstances didn't make him a sinner, but a hellborn instead.
Helluva Job by Madtown97
Helluva Jobby Madtown97
Aaron never felt that he fit in at his home ring Lust. He got the unflattering title as the only imp in Lust to never get laid. And being an imp didn't help. That was wh...
( Daddy's little girl ) my version  by Appleplay167
( Daddy's little girl ) my version by Appleplay167
° 🌟 . • . . . • ° . , ° ☄️ Emily is moxxies sister, c...
Hell's Sole Human (male reader x Helluva Boss) by coffeeman9000
Hell's Sole Human (male reader x CoffeeMan
As (Y/N) was looking through a old library, he stumbled across a book. A near perfect intact book in fact! But this isn't just any book, it's a grimoire from hell! Not b...
Stolas x reader x Blitzo| Love Sick Triangle| by Quack_den
Stolas x reader x Blitzo| Love Quack_den
Red_Velxxvetz has helped with the production and preparation of this book by providing her very well-drawn artworks and brilliant ideas. All is in 1st person |"Y/N...
Missing love (stolitz) (Blitzø angst) by CozmicWolf
Missing love (stolitz) (Blitzø CozmicWolf
Blitzø has to deal with his depression and the monsters of his past start coming back to him. His traumatic past slowly starts getting uncovered and his mask slowly star...
I just want some love.. (Stolitz) (Stolas Angst) by CozmicWolf
I just want some love.. (Stolitz) CozmicWolf
Stolas is known as a proper prince to most and maybe a horny demon owl to others, but what happens when his secret past which he has hidden for years from the public eye...
Hazbin Hotel x Reader Preferences/Scenarios by Diamondstripe1
Hazbin Hotel x Reader Krista :D
For that faze of thirsting for a HH character- (this has no exact order, just having fun. you can put requests if you want)
Hazbin/helluva werewolf by ghostriley33
Hazbin/helluva werewolfby ghostriley33
Jonas born half human half werewolf ends up in hell and joins his new adventure with demons
★Lil Doll★ Striker x FEM! Reader by 1xStrikerx1
★Lil Doll★ Striker x FEM! Readerby 1xStrikerx1
This is a story with some smut in it .,. I might be slow at updating, it will take place at the festival and it might have some twists that's not in the episode!