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My Blood Or My Love? ✔️ by DonnaWiyada
My Blood Or My Love? ✔️by Donna Wiyada
Highest Ranking: #7 in Vampire 19/07/2016 COMPLETED Book 1 of the MBOML series. How would you feel if you were suddenly kidnapped off of the streets at 18 years old and...
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Dunclet and Kladora (A Series of Unfortunate Events Fanfiction)  by ME_1234_ME
Dunclet and Kladora (A Series of ME_1234_ME
A story featuring the best two ships in ASOUE: Dunclet and Kladora!
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❝you're way to cute for me, ms. mathews.❞ ❝im sorry which mathews were you talking about, there's two of us?❞ ❨season 1❩ ❨started; june 29, 2018❩ ❨ended; -❩
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slightly less unfortunate; ASOUE by _nicolereads_
slightly less unfortunate; ASOUEby _nicolereads_
Some stories continue even after the story teller stops telling them. This is one. What happens after The End? You're about to find out. Disclaimer: I own no characters...
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infidelity | maya + farkle [REWRITING] by mayaisms
infidelity | maya + farkle [ liz
"don't worry; i won't tell your girlfriend about that time you said i was a better fuck." "this is why i don't give you compliments anymore." | lower...
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After the end  by Emmanroxy011305
After the end by Nightmare Violet
What if everyone who the Baudelaires though were died were alive but searching for them in safe vfd way.what if the Baudelaires were thought to be dead after being presu...
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Girl meets Instagram by MissHuckleberryHart
Girl meets Instagramby MissHuckleberryHart
What happens when the 6 friends, Maya, riley, Lucas, Zay, and smackle are given instagram's. When there social media there's drama, that's one thing I can promise.
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-A series of unfortunate events- by ameliacox19
-A series of unfortunate events-by thatswhatshesaid
set during the middle of all the books, only will have Dunclet and Kladora!! My otpss! Ilyasm baii
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a series of fortunate events (dunclet & kladora) by simmx_s
a series of fortunate events ( simmi 💎❄️
a series of fortunate one-shots where our favorite journalist, inventor, poet, and researcher get together. [dunclet & kladora] {started may 26 2018} {ended january 13...
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Asoue Gif Imagines [COMPLETED] by 1-800-353-DAYS
Asoue Gif Imagines [COMPLETED]by halfway-happy
little unfortunate and fortunate imagines for a show that deserves a little more attention
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Lessons of the Heart and the Liquid it Pumps || by JadedRein
Lessons of the Heart and the Jadelinn
Isadora could sense there was something special about the new teacher Mr.Marrs, and it was more than the fact he was insanely attractive. At the same time Collin Marrs k...
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If Poetry Was The Sorce Of Love  by Sherlyisinthetardis
If Poetry Was The Sorce Of Love by Ya local shipper
The Quagmires and the Baudelaires at Purfrock minus Count Olaf! Prepare for anxt! One smutty chapter but you can easily skip through it as there is a warning. They are t...
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ASOUE Imagines  by blushingloser
ASOUE Imagines by ❛❛Jasmine ❜❜
A Series of Unfortunate Events imagines. I try to make the imagines gender neutral. ↳Requests? ﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌ { ✓ } OPEN { } CLOSED ↳Who? ﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌ Violet Klaus Duncan Isadora Q...
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A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Fortunate Ending by softballerwrites_4
A Series of Unfortunate Events: softballerwrites_4
What if things had gone differently for the Baudelaires? What if they had been in the house when the fire was set but managed to escape only to meet up with soon to be f...
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Memento Mori {A Series of Unfortunate Events} by LianLily
Memento Mori {A Series of LianLily
"You know, if you have to hide a secret headquarters, it's a beautiful place to do it." You remarked. "It's a lovely view." But you noticed Quigley...
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Our World - Girl Meets World by Kelly183
Our World - Girl Meets Worldby Kelly👑
Emily Daniels and the rest of her friends are now starting high school but they're not off to the best start. Now they are the underdogs in their school and they have to...
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PREFRENCES.                                                     (asoue !) by chansoftest
#17 𝐥𝐞𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫
"TO BEATRICE- DEAREST, DARLING, DEAD" started: may 27 2018 ended: july 17th 2018 @2018-sympathic
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Quiglet Oneshots by SwaggieQuaggies
Quiglet Oneshotsby SwaggieQuaggies
Quigley x Violet (ASOUE) Oneshots Don't read if you haven't read the books, most of the Oneshots will be based off the books Some side ships may be: Klaus x Isadora (Kla...
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If I Should Stay ~ Dunclet x Kladora (ASOUE) by kladoracouplets
If I Should Stay ~ Dunclet x ASOUE 🥀
If you opened this app with the intention of mourning the sad occurrence of the separation of the Baudelaire siblings and the Quagmire triplets, I'm afraid you've come t...
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Kladora - It Was Different by Hyperheadphones
Kladora - It Was Differentby
What I wish had happened from the Austere Academy on wards! Very fluffy with hints of Dunclet and Quiglet, but mostly truckloads of Kladora! Spoilers for Austere Academy...
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