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Fate of The Three by Endereye96
Fate of The Threeby Endereye96
Drake, Grayson, and Armen. One will suffer, the rest feel great pain and loss. It seemed Armen was the one to suffer, but is this really true? Is this prophecy really ov...
Unmei no Kami Ekaigo by ZonaiLeona
Unmei no Kami Ekaigoby Dweller of Light who Writes i...
A war for Divine Power, which was waged for thousands of years only for the birth of Three Diamonds of ancient and sacred power. Now new and old players come together, f...
The Haunted - The written version of RejectedShotgun's video series by SaturnOfSilence
The Haunted - The written Mikayla Crider
Two regular brothers living in a small, poor home discover something strange lurking in the shadows... Is HE there? Is it HIM? If so, find the closest knife or gun and r...
The Haunted: Revelations (Sequel to Rebellion) by Insaneobesser777
The Haunted: Revelations (Sequel Insaneobesser777
Herobrine was finally defeated after years of strife. They had made new friends and lost old ones, but no death was truly in vain. Drake was brought back and freed from...
A Secret Not Meant To Surface  by FaithTremlin
A Secret Not Meant To Surface by Mehan Endernight
I haven't told drake and Mia everything about because of how much pain was done to me for this secret won't remain deep for vary much longer. Cover not mine!
Experimental (Minecraft: The Haunting AU) by Insaneobesser777
Experimental (Minecraft: The Insaneobesser777
Herobrine is an infamous scientist in the small town of Rubyshire, and a father to a young boy named Armen. One day Armen is brought down to the lab, and is utterly shoc...
Herobrine's Humanity (COMPLETED!!) by CrafterLily1
Herobrine's Humanity (COMPLETED!!)by Įm Ãłívë... Kīńdå
I remember how it all started. I've never wanted this. I never expected it. Now I'm all alone. (Rejectedshotgun Story) Watch "The Haunted" Before reading to u...
RejectedShotgun Saucy One-Shots by MudkiptheFish
RejectedShotgun Saucy One-Shotsby MimikipLovesGaming
It's time for some smutty smut-smut with the cast of Two Halves of a Whole!
The Haunted X Reader/OC's  One-Shots by LadyIrene300
The Haunted X Reader/OC's Zea Dragonfly
Requests are now open NO LEMONS, SMUTS, OR ANYTHING 18+
Shattered (After Haunted Fanfiction) by Dreamcrafter45
Shattered (After Haunted #BandGeeks
After the battle in the Magical Library, Drake, Mia and Grayson each go their separate ways in the world, and start to live lives on their own. One day, many years later...
The Finale War by FaithTremlin
The Finale Warby Mehan Endernight
The time has come for the diamond users to destroy Herobrine but what happens when they find out the real battle is really there god Notch of Minecraft.
Thousands of Years (MC After The Haunted FF) by GhastlyDuck
Thousands of Years (MC After The Infamous Git
"Ghastly" Duck Green had always been a small kid. But he never would have thought that he would ever go on a journey so big... So yeah, the story has my own ma...
Are Melody by FaithTremlin
Are Melodyby Mehan Endernight
Im sarry brother but you can no longer come to are kindom i cant risk my dauthers life over mages in this land im so sarry but its for both are familys safty im sarry my...
The [New  N E W] Haunted Roleplay by MultiRuner_Boyo
The [New N E W] Haunted Roleplayby Heya, is Rune
Howdy howdy ya'll, time to get this party started! You already know what's going on, grab your characters and come on in! :3 All fandom lovers are welcomed - heck, you n...
Haunted High | Fanfic by CrumbOfACookie
Haunted High | Fanficby Sebastian
In the main universe, Grayson, Mia, and Drake are living a life full of hardships and journey, against The Empire, constantly on the run. Their friend, Armen, is struggl...
Breath Of The Wild-The Haunted AU by LadyIrene300
Breath Of The Wild-The Haunted AUby Zea Dragonfly
You took the breath right out of my heart! You take my home and tear it all apart! Now we fight back cause we are free! Taking over our destiny! I'm lost in the dark! Wi...
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"The Haunted" ships/one shots {extremely slow updates} by ImNotCoolAtAll
"The Haunted" ships/one shots { .-.
Yes. This is happening. Since I can't actually write a full story, ill take requests and ideas for hauntedships! Any characters from the haunted and fan characters
It All Started On Halloween by LittleHauntedGoblin
It All Started On Halloweenby LittleHauntedGoblin
Drake has already moved town once because of how badly he was getting bullied for looking different, and he's determined to not let it happen again. That's why he comes...