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The Haunted- Adventure after change  by Temmieproductions
The Haunted- Adventure after Temmieproductions
After the believed defeat of herobrine at the magical library drake, Grayson and Mia go their separate ways through their portals, but fate wasn't so nice to a certain h...
The Final Fight : the Haunted  by silent_artist0912
The Final Fight : the Haunted by SpaceAce
Is the battle truly over? The three enter their portals to see what awaits on the other side. Will danger lurk around or is peace finally here after so long. The Mage fa...
Forgotten by IlluminatiAgent666
Forgottenby ThatRandomDude
It has been three months since Drake had respectfully parted ways from his comrades, and since his childhood friend had died. Meanwhile, a divine incarnate in another pa...
The Haunted Short Stories (Requests Appreciated!) by Artie_Mauve
The Haunted Short Stories ( Arthur
Since I find writing and reading short stories much easier than entire novelistic fanfictions, I'll be posting some short stories when I'm on writer's block for my longe...
Fate of The Three by Endereye96
Fate of The Threeby Endereye96
Drake, Grayson, and Armen. One will suffer, the rest feel great pain and loss. It seemed Armen was the one to suffer, but is this really true? Is this prophecy really ov...
Experimental Rebooted (The Haunted FF) by Insaneobesser777
Experimental Rebooted (The Insaneobesser777
30 years ago marked what has become known as the Tribulation, the day creatures scientists have dubbed "demons" had begun to show their faces to humanity. Pre...
Awoken by TheLittleFanficters
Awokenby TheLittleFanficters
Drake finds him self in a new world were all magi's have taken over the lands and 2 sides at war he is the only one who can bring them at peace.
Forever with you. Collin (The Haunted fanfic) by MythsofLegends
Forever with you. Collin (The MythsOfLegends
First the diary. Then losing of a friend, a brother. Now, the consequences. Collin's diary is always on Drake's mind. The poor boy was corrupted by Him. The name sha...
The End Of Herobrine: Bringing Armen Home by Weenie_path7
The End Of Herobrine: Bringing Ross Alai
What happens when Drake and Grayson, meet up again? They meet Ross. He tells them he knows where Mia is and that there is a way to bring the REAL Armen back! They will g...
Dreams by FaithTremlin
Dreamsby Mehan Endernight
This is a short story of drake and mehans life in the littlest series
The Haunted - Husk of Innocence by Elbee_03
The Haunted - Husk of Innocenceby WaywardWind27
(A re-write of my first fanfiction ever. Credit to BellaDoodles for the cover and for helping me to write this) The events of the Magic Library ended in tragedy and bitt...
High School Haunted (secretly a Rejectoniczz story inside.........) by FanGirl47FTW
High School Haunted (secretly a LionSpaghetti
When Drake and Armen start high school at Haunted High they meet someone unexpected. His name is Brine. He started to bully them and the boys thought nothing of it. Then...