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Bloody-pain...A vampies pet by storykiddo
Bloody-pain...A vampies petby Storykiddo
HEY EVERYONE!!! this is my new story, I hope you like it as muh as "THE NEW MASTER and the neko boy". however the 2 storys are very different, this one is abou...
  • pain
  • war
  • collar
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The Vampires Pet by XxXInSAniTy15XxX
The Vampires Petby Akali
The world has been taken over by vampires leaving humans to be sold as pets and slaves.At the age of 17 Allyson was caught and put into a pet shop, Allyson is a shy and...
  • slave
  • vampirelove
  • vampire
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Being a pet boy 2 by D0n4ca43
Being a pet boy 2by D0n4ca43
As seen from Bayden's point of view
  • teenagers
  • crawl
  • collar
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What Can You Do, When Voodoo? (ABDL/Furry/Fantasy) by horatiohusky
What Can You Do, When Voodoo? ( horatiopup!
Kaz has always had a soft spot for the mysterious, gods? Those were cool! Mystical beasts? Awesome! Powerful sorceresses? Totally AWESOME! This fox is all about it! Howe...
  • collar
  • stocks
  • diaper
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(ON HOLD)~He's Been Sent To Me~ by Etsu_Loves_Mochi
(ON HOLD)~He's Been Sent To Me~by Etsu's_Mochi
I listened to his soft gasps as I kissed his neck, knowing that he probably looked like a tomato. I loved the fact that his eyes turned a slightly darker shade of green...
  • submissive
  • dominant
  • sub
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I Know I Can Treat You Better Than He Can {DEFINITELY REWRITING} by xGravityFallerx
I Know I Can Treat You Better I'm TRYING
Dipper is Bill's slave. The yellow demon decides to let his brother borrow his pet for the night. It all goes downhill when Dipper starts to crave more of the blue alter...
  • willdip
  • billcipher
  • trustissues
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the dog type ohshc by mandy942
the dog type ohshcby mandy942
Sou is Kyoya's pet dog in the host club. kyoya has a soft spot for Sou but doesn't like to show it. i am editing for spelling mistakes or typos there is probably errors...
  • kyoya
  • host
  • collar
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HACKED: a White Collar fanfic by juliast0ne
HACKED: a White Collar fanficby Julia Stone
"I like computers much more than people. But the people are the ones who named me Override because of my crimes." Blair Taylor is known as Override: the Hacker...
  • white
  • peterburke
  • nealcaffrey
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The Puppy Type (OHSHC) by dannyzedd
The Puppy Type (OHSHC)by danny_zedd
*Completed* No.1 in #haruhi and #collar Being the puppy type of the Ouran Host Club has its ups, and, so far, no downs. Daichi Akiyama is free to do what he wants. He w...
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
  • haruhi
  • originalcharacter
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The Echo- White Collar Fanfiction by vintagepumpkin
The Echo- White Collar Fanfictionby vintagepumpkin
Echo is a criminal mastermind at the age of 15; robbing banks and fast becoming one of the most wanted people in New York. Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke have been given t...
  • note
  • authors
  • white
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collar full [1]; klaus mikaelson ✓ by irradiated
collar full [1]; klaus mikaelson ✓by this is stupid
"If you're gonna be the death of me that's how I wanna go you've got it all worked out with so little time memories that I'd blackout if you were mine you've got...
  • klaus
  • wattys2017
  • collar
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Collared by AllMy1DerfulLove
Collaredby Rose Dragon-Ryder
Wolfe decides he's lonely so he goes to an orphanage to get a companion, what the unsuspecting sibling doesn't know is that this relationship will be anything but ordina...
  • kitten
  • blood
  • sister
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She was a brilliant criminal but love turned out to be her greatest weakness resulting in her capture. After four years in prison and a break out she made a deal with th...
  • whitecollar
  • prison
  • breakout
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Good Kitten // Jungkook Smut by imokayatfanfic
Good Kitten // Jungkook Smutby !ORIGINAL FANFIC!
A Jungkook x reader smut based on an Instagram post describing what sleeping with the members would be like, Jungkook version.
  • sexy
  • kookie
  • collar
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Collar | Muke [slow updates] by lukey-pukey-1996
Collar | Muke [slow updates]by Lukey af
Michael gets caught trying on pretty collars by a pretty blonde. Michael didn't expect the pretty blonde to pick up a pretty leash.
  • muke
  • 5sos
  • leash
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A Vampire's Little Girl by littleredwriter85
A Vampire's Little Girlby Jess McMungan
In 2150, all governments of the world are destroyed. The Vampire Kings of the world, there being 10 of them, call them selves the Vampiric World Order. They make a dec...
  • mommy
  • collar
  • pet
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Danti/Antiseptiplier - Smut and Fluff by TheShipIsReal969
Danti/Antiseptiplier - Smut and Markus
One shots.gayness. Dont read if you dont like. Hope you enjoy ^-^ ??? Anti(septiceye) is a young demon with a boyfriend called Dark(iplier). They are deeply in love. Bun...
  • yaoi
  • shockcollar
  • jacksepticeye
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Yandere!Daddy!America x Pet!Reader : Collars in Arms by Post-Moe
Yandere!Daddy!America x Pet! I'll Suck Your Soviet Dick
Oh no, not that kind of Daddy. I'm talking about the kinky shit. You better believe he's going to own you.
  • alfred
  • yandere
  • vampire
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