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If that's what it takes  by merderlover03
If that's what it takes by merderlover03
❗️Disclaimer ❗️ I didn't write this story all credits goes to "God." from the board "Surgical Language" site tapatalk. Published 2008 I do not own th...
Madelyn Grey | Mark Sloan | EDITING by storiesbylonnie
Madelyn Grey | Mark Sloan | EDITINGby storiesbylonnie
Madelyn grey Fraternal twin sister of Meredith grey and daughters of one of the best surgeons, Dr. Ellis Grey. Madelyn and Meredith are two different people but they bot...
Helena Caffrey - Neal's little sister by HB78866
Helena Caffrey - Neal's little sis...by HB78866
Neal has a little sister - Helena, read to find out about Neal as a big brother and how Peter and El grow to care for her. Can Neal help her conquer her bedwetting? Will...
White Collar by Carl4776
White Collarby c
Neal Caffery is an "ex" criminal who is now a consultant to an FBI agent named Peter Burke. Together they both close up some cases and sometimes it doesn't end...
The Singer by leawp11
The Singerby Leawp11!
Annabeth Chase is as far away from being a teenage girl as someone could possibly be wherase Percy Jackson is a perfectly normal ADHD and dyslexic teenage boy. What woul...
Deaged Neal Caffrey by freegirl220
Deaged Neal Caffreyby freegirl220
Neal shows up after being drugged with something when he was kidnapped. Neal starts talking nonsense and Peter doesn't know what to do about it. Neal passed out from exh...
Story of my life-Cristina Yang by Jaggietrash
Story of my life-Cristina Yangby Jaggietrash
We already know what happens with Merthan in "Meredith and Nathan:fight for your l(ife)ove", but what is Cristina up to?? Best ranking: #7 in #cristinayang #13...
White Collar: The Bloody Bride  by Lirix123
White Collar: The Bloody Bride by Lirix
While on a case of a missing painting, a young woman runs out into the middle of the street with a knife in her stomach somehow still alive. With no name, finger prints...
Grey's Anatomy Preferences & One-shots by shadowhunters209
Grey's Anatomy Preferences & One-s...by ShadowHunters
Oneshots and preferences for: Mark Sloan Alex Karev Owen Hunt George O'Malley Nathan Riggs Preston Burke Jackson Avery
Threads of Trust || Neal Caffrey by X-Lisa-Anne-X
Threads of Trust || Neal Caffreyby Lisa Anne
Peter Burke has an adopted sister; one many people don't know about. He turned FBI and she turned Conman, or should we say, Con-Woman? Avery Daniels broke out of prison...
Farcry5-short story's...funny😁 by Tinyweasle3
Farcry5-short story's...funny😁by Nate
...i do not own the majority of these short stories. I will be crediting the people who made them
Because you loved me  by merderlover03
Because you loved me by merderlover03
SEQUEL to "If that's what it takes" ❗️Disclaimer ❗️ I didn't write this story all credits goes to "GCatsPjs" from site Fanfiction.net Published 2013 ...
My Favorite Sin by sheenajanson
My Favorite Sinby sheena
❝I don't know why," She started, staring up at the night sky. "But you make me feel like I'm sinning in the best way. You shouldn't be here. Seriously. You're...
The Chase > Alex Karev by PLLaddict_TNS_HOA
The Chase > Alex Karevby PLLaddict_TNS_HOA
"If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you're scared that it's not the right thing. Even if you're scared that it'll cause problems. Even if you're scared tha...
Tuckson | Moving Closer  by gayandchill
Tuckson | Moving Closer by sicko mode gay
Olivia asks a big question. First fanfic, a little short.
The Entertainment by Bobbiejelly
The Entertainmentby bobbiejelly
Most of the attending physicians of Seattle have already seen Addison Montgomery naked. Who hasn't? And more importantly, who still wants to? F/F. Meredith Grey/Addison...
Free Leslie Burke/You by InsanityatBest
Free Leslie Burke/Youby InsanityatBest
This is for my best friend Jessica! Happy 18th birthday! I hope you like this one shot I made for you! Leslie didn't die in Bridge to Terabithia. Her and Jess are in hig...
Author to Builder by Short_Sad_Stories
Author to Builderby _Short_Stories_
Post Fourth Closet. John's untimely end that makes all of the books more tragic. I MADE THIS UP, JUST TO MAKE THE BOOKS MORE TRAGIC! Enjoy 😊!
Grey's Anatomy Monologues by hey_itz_abbs
Grey's Anatomy Monologuesby hey_itz_abbs
greys anatomy monologues from each episode 💜