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Toilet (nsfw) by xxAl1enFuck3rrxx
Toilet (nsfw)by Jupiter Jackass
Piss and non consensual sex in a public bathroom. That's basically the story. 🤷
Waking Up Next To Him by Your_Perv
Waking Up Next To Himby Your_Perv
An erotic game that was unwinnable for her (CNC Kink)
Forever with you <3 by namjoonscumrag
Forever with you <3by bunnib0y
Hello guys! This is my first ever story so please bear with me :) *DISCLAIMER* most of these WILL INCLUDE MATURE CONTENT such as: CNC,BDSM,CURSING etc. These will just...
For my Demon Children by SubmissiveLilith
For my Demon Childrenby Queen Lilith
Any smut I feel like writing :)
My stranger by Janiyamp
My strangerby Janiyamp
y/n was just your average 16 year old girl experiencing life, when a turn of events happen. She finds herself being pinned down by a man she doesn't know. What will happ...
Drv3 spices by Horny_MF
Drv3 spicesby i am gay
if you are uncomfortable with sex, then just leave. this is basically to just let me be horny, and i am a very intense person and very messed up in the head. my whole a...
DREAM SMP FF by LesbeanCentral
DREAM SMP FFby Lesbean
Sapnap. George. Who will win Dream's heart? Who will fulfill his kinks and desires?
LOV's toy (oc smut) by pumpkin_puppy
LOV's toy (oc smut)by Boba🧋🐕🧋
Being the younger brother (20) of miruko has it's ups and downs, especially when being kidnapped by the LOV TW SMUT, R@PE, PAIN, KNIVES, CUTS, HUMILIATION, THREATS, ETC...
The Night by Jesano87
The Nightby Jesano87
*Trigger warning* CNC is a legitimate kink that does mimic rape. The story is a consensual story not one of legitimate rape.
cnc~ b x g  by slimysteve
cnc~ b x g by slimysteve
WARNING: graphic content do not read if you don't have hard kinks!!!! cnc bdsm degration force lmk if u want more!!!
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i wrote this as a joke but my boyfriend made me publish by bunnyatedrywall
i wrote this as a joke but my bun
PLEASE READ!! Stories may contain- cnc, dubcon, somno, stalking, drugging, blasphemy, manipulation, kidnapping etc.
The Beat of Your Heart by Anonaartist
The Beat of Your Heartby Anona-Artist
A Maxim Horvath x Reader ! Semi slow burn (21+) One day while walking the streets of New York your work schedule flies out of your hands- landing in a mysterious shop, T...
Promise to let me go. by KimmyMthethwa
Promise to let me Kimmy Mthethwa
Clara, a 19 year old student. She leads a normal life, well used to that is until a mysterious man comes into her life and causes havoc in her once peaceful life.
Horror House by needmonmymilkies
Horror Houseby needmonmymilkies
Short romantic story. +18 CNC
the only one - crawford collins by JONAHSANDCRAWFSWIFEY
the only one - crawford collinsby ~ℐႮℒⅈᗅ~
crawford is broken because of the lost of is best friend corey, but then he met sabrina... (rest in peace corey la barrie💙)
pain to pleasure by Aisha0754
pain to pleasureby Aishauchiha
a story about sadism and hardcore sex