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Chicken Run- Flying Dreams by studiocfan312
Chicken Run- Flying Dreamsby studiocfan312
When a chick needs some direction in life, sometimes the best advice is to live on a dream. Even if it's not theirs and things get a little challenging
  • aardman
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  • chickenrun
Chicken 65 by Nishitaeats
'Love can make one do things one may not believe in' ~ Anonymous Their lives were perfect. Fresh out of college, they got married, had a kid; nothing could possibly make...
  • chicken
  • highschool
  • unlimitedpride
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•BangChan• -babygirl by bobbyindae
•BangChan• -babygirlby bobbyindae
You guys being together when you guys at sydney, but is it will be the same if you guys moved to korea? "What is i miss you in korean?" "Bogoshipeo(?)&quo...
  • hyunjin
  • hwanghyunjin
  • chris
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~♥My Book 4♥~ by -_Ms_Bxnny_-
~♥My Book 4♥~by Seira (BunBun)
Ah, Part 4 of My Book of Arts and Randomness + MLBB randomness (And cringyness--) This Book is Matured Content because of Bad Words and dirty jokes (But not that much) I...
  • trash
  • dyrrothabuse
  • ribbon
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Chicken Strips: Chicken Legs X Reader by Chicken_Legs_
Chicken Strips: Chicken Legs X Chicken_Legs_
One foggy morning, you hear a knock on your door. A few minutes later, a pair of chicken legs climbs through the doggy door. It's love at first sight. In this difficult...
  • readerxcharacter
  • romance
  • love
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Unbearable Pain || Min Yoongi by Chimsy-Chims-a-lot
Unbearable Pain || Min Yoongiby ฯ~Kayke~ฯ
"I know I'm not like everyone else but please don't give up on me." "I'll never give up on you, I'll never leave you, I'll never let you go, even if I...
  • âu
  • rm
  • angsty
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Their perspective  by Giacheetah
Their perspective by Giacheetah
(I'm going to describe them. Yeah, these are my old cringe fnaf oc's which I haven't used in forever, SO.... WHY NOT MAKE A STORY?) (Cathy the Cat: She is a green cat wi...
  • cheeriethecheetah
  • oof
  • fan
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a fataass in minecraft
  • fat
  • minecraft
  • bulling
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Mount Infinity  by far_end_of_spectrum
Mount Infinity by Epicyon
Regimond was always... questionably normal, will his strange affiliation to blowing stuff up. But when he gets blackmailed and kidnapped on his tenth birthday, his worl...
  • chicken
  • steampunk
  • soul
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Chicken Run- No Harm No Fowl by studiocfan312
Chicken Run- No Harm No Fowlby studiocfan312
Ginger, Rocky and their kids are out and about when they come across a chicken farm much like that of the Tweedy's and try to help their fellow feathered friends escape...
  • aardman
  • chicken
  • chickenrun
GOT7 Pregnancy Series by Mrs_Roxalina
GOT7 Pregnancy Seriesby Roxalina
GOT7 as fathers, who wouldn't want that? A collection of fluff, angst and emotional scenarios as the members prepare to have children. This is the original version of my...
  • jinyoung
  • chicken
  • park
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S N A P // Camp Camp by ChickenAndNuggies
S N A P // Camp Campby TheFanfictionLord
It's all fun and games until he snaps. "Have we gone too far?" MAJOR CHARACTER DEATHS!! Warnings: Gore Major Character Deaths
  • max
  • campcampau
  • death
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Chicken Run Meets The Nightmare Before Christmas  by studiocfan312
Chicken Run Meets The Nightmare studiocfan312
Coming Soon
  • dreamworks
  • chickenrun
  • chicken
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Chicken Run Meets Wallace and Gromit- The Wrong Trousers by studiocfan312
Chicken Run Meets Wallace and studiocfan312
Coming 2020
  • aardman
  • chicken
  • chickenrun
Chicken Run meets Racing Stripes by studiocfan312
Chicken Run meets Racing Stripesby studiocfan312
The gang is at it again with another adventure, ending up at a run down little farm in Kentucky where they befriend a confused zebra who thinks he's a racehorse
  • aardman
  • chicken
  • chickenrun
Chicken Run- A Christmas To Remember  by studiocfan312
Chicken Run- A Christmas To studiocfan312
When the chickens have all gotten together for the holiday, everything seems great. Until Rocky's sister drops in and spoils this very merry Christmas for the family alo...
  • aardman
  • chicken
  • chickenrun
Chicken Run- Ask the chickens  by studiocfan312
Chicken Run- Ask the chickens by studiocfan312
Have a question for the chickens? Go ahead and ask away!
  • aardman
  • chickenrun
  • random
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My Camp Camp Edit crap by ChickenAndNuggies
My Camp Camp Edit crapby TheFanfictionLord
  • edits
  • edit
  • art
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Chicken by Lindz_the_nerd
Chickenby Lindz_the_nerd
Katherine Mae Jost is a little crazy. She plays Chicken with unsuspecting people in the hallways, and she always wins. Well, until she challenges Price Mitchell. What ha...
  • romance
  • price
  • chicken
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Biscuit  by Tiggerandtiger
Biscuit by Tiggerandtiger
"Lets go pet" It hurts. As a consequence for having a naturally bad mouth my body is littered with still bloody scars, making walking a single step agonizing...
  • sortofromance
  • violence
  • strongmaincharacter
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