Ouch by intraining
Ouchby in training
(BDSM) "What happens when i'm a naughty girl?"
  • master
  • submission
  • slave
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cruel | namseok by cherryjoonseok
cruel | namseokby yo ma.
"Why can't I breathe when I'm around you?" - © cherryjoonseok 2016
  • namseok
  • heartbreak
  • ouch
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Darling leaves, DARLING STAYS (A Waylon Park and Eddie Gluskin Fanfiction) by Geniebagayana
Darling leaves, DARLING STAYS (A W...by Genie Arnne Bagayana
I held my knee as my ankle aches the further I walk. I was near the exit and I can definitely see Blaire, slump beside the door. I don't even know if this jerk is still...
  • deceasedjeremyblaire
  • waylonpark
  • forcedsexchange
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Mark Watney x OFC by AwesomePants987
Mark Watney x OFCby Lucid_Lightbulbs
A series on Mark Watney and OFC and they're stranded on Mars together, left alone with only each other to think of a solution to get home. Updates are slow, but I am try...
  • martian
  • markwatneyxreader
  • corin
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Messy Thoughts by donnyjake
Messy Thoughtsby donnyjake
welcome to my mind
  • outlet
  • sadshit
  • heartbreak
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HuGots😍,Quotes❤,Patama💘,Jokes😂 BOOK 1-2 by Balasuela
HuGots😍,Quotes❤,Patama💘,Jokes😂...by Kurtengg_B
Para po sa mga may pinaghuhugutan. Sana may makuhang leksyon dito he he. (TAGLISH) HIGHEST RANK #37 IN RANDOM THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORTS
  • balasuela
  • hugot
  • tryagain
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How To Insult Someone by binarystcrs
How To Insult Someoneby was @IWantAGummyBear
in·sult verb verb: insult; 3rd person present: insults; past tense: insulted; past participle: insulted; gerund or present participle: insulting /inˈsəlt/ To make a bitc...
  • entertainment
  • jokes
  • silly
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Boarding School (spanking) by ziallislove24
Boarding School (spanking)by garima
What happens when 5 rude and arrogant boys turn out at a Boarding school? What happens when they realize their actions wouldn't fo unpunished? What happens when they bec...
  • spanking
  • ouch
  • liam
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HUGOT by TheOnlyHera
HUGOTby _jiminology_
"Hindi ginawa ang break-up para masaktan ka at lumuha ginawa ito para ilayo ka sa taong mali na akala mo ay tama" >random >on-going >tagalog+english h...
  • relate
  • ouch
  • hugot
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Quotes for Broken Hearts by AnmaBAGUETTE
Quotes for Broken Heartsby AnMaBe
here are some quotes for some broken hearted people.
  • brokenhearts
  • anger
  • ouch
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Girl? Yung TOTOO? by jeddalyn_yarra
Girl? Yung TOTOO?by 제다린
So ginawa ko to para makarelate tayong lahat. Yup! Tayong lahat. May times kasi na tanga tayo pagdating sa love. Ano na? Leggo read na this. Enjoooy! All the love mwaah...
  • tips
  • love
  • ouch
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Insecurities by suluzah
Insecuritiesby Suluzah-san
Text copyright © Suluzah ™ 2014 According to society, I am weak. I'm an attention whore. I should just die. They say I wallow in my own drama. They say it doesn't matte...
  • ouch