Mga HUGOT ng buhay ko. by Rhyme_Txunamy
Mga HUGOT ng buhay ko.by Chameme
hallo ito po ay mga hugot.HAHA un lang.GINAWA KOTO OCTOBER 13,2018 siguro not sure po....
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ONE SHOT STORIES by whateverinfirez
Ito ay koleksyon ng mga oneshot o mga kwento na maiikli
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  • bitter
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cruel | namseok by cherryjoonseok
cruel | namseokby zappers
"Why can't I breathe when I'm around you?" - © cherryjoonseok 2016
  • kimnamjoon
  • unrequited
  • ouch
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varian ☆ reader oneshots by LilacStargazer
varian ☆ reader oneshotsby autie ☆
a collection of oneshots, most likely.
  • tangledtheseries
  • angst
  • tangledvarian
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Random stories from my life by PopcornIsGoodStuff
Random stories from my lifeby PopcornIsGoodStuff
Read the title dipshit
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Quotes for Broken Hearts by AnmaBAGUETTE
Quotes for Broken Heartsby AnMaBe
here are some quotes for some broken hearted people.
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BoBoiBoy Memes and Savages messages 😂 by OrangeCenterStealer
BoBoiBoy Memes and Savages message...by Lightning plus GAYase
Heyo! It's Mari-chan here! My second book is here! This book is filled with memes made by me, but the lines are not from me. Enjoy!
  • savage
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KS : That Thing Called Mutual Understanding by Treasurer6
KS : That Thing Called Mutual Unde...by Marie Rayos
A story about the Kagitingan's Story relations.... Some from other year levels... And some that are not supposed to be here.... Relax, Tawanan, Enjoy, Kiligin! KAGITIN...
  • sawi
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  • kuya
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My hugot in life by xx_im_yours
My hugot in lifeby xx_im_yours
Mga hugot natin na magpapaalala ng katangahang dapat baguhin
  • hugot
  • myhugotinlife
  • reallife
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Trapped//Hoseok X Reader by silentwolf427
Trapped//Hoseok X Readerby Lita
"Thats when the panic kicked in, I was trapped." ° ...
  • rapline
  • jimin
  • hoseok
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teens by user04248802
teensby Nicoletta Rants
max is that typical teen but her story is true. horrible mother, terrible siblings, runaway, arrested, anything you can come up with honestly. not to mention shes high...
  • girls
  • wth
  • rebellion
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My Book Of Random by DeadlyEnvoy
My Book Of Randomby Karma
Ok so this is my book of random shit. You'll pretty much find anything from random jokes or creepy short stories. I may have one shots and a lot of random anime nerd cra...
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.. words .. by marykimvhyuns
.. words ..by marykimvhyuns
read the story if you want to know it ...... Tagalog PO ito Hindi english
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• why I hate my life, myself, and society !!  by LittleBlighter
• why I hate my life, myself, and...by Jack
I hate my body my life my school not my puppy though hehe I hOpE yOu EnJoY mY rAnTs • • • • • why are you still reading this dumbass
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Insecurities, and then the bad boy by BellaBlue856
Insecurities, and then the bad boyby 💙Bella Blue🦄
(Complete) Insecurity. Is all I feel emotionally. Pain, self harm. Is all I feel physically. Until Jason Diaz the typical bad boy comes along to show me how good life ca...
  • hurt
  • wattys2018
  • whyme
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Miles Away by kojimakos
Miles Awayby “
🌿 maybe she'll confess another day 🌿 These names were are made by me and my friends.Such as @kthsjjkie,@NAMOBISH88, @jjkiepjm , @sugakookie2 and @D_DamagedNature @koji...
  • angst
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ouch|zody by icyxlaverne
ouch|zodyby ʑơɛ Ɩą۷ɛཞŋɛ
"i'm breaking you..."
  • codyorlove
  • fanfiction
  • zoelaverne
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extraordinary  by _rosesare_red
extraordinary by 🥀
mood swings on crack (Mature Content)
  • wattys2018
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The Girl I never noticed  by EternalSunshine5
The Girl I never noticed by Her
Short Story
  • cousins
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  • prom
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Funneh X Alec (Slow Updates) by alethea-exe
Funneh X Alec (Slow Updates)by Anpanman
Just a small Falic fanfic...
  • yea
  • yanderehighschool
  • itsfunneh
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