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Cheers, Potter. by NocturnalCarrot
Cheers, Emma
After the Second Wizarding War, Malfoy found himself alienated from the majority of the school; his old friends just irritated him, all of Hogwarts' students (besides a...
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How To Summon Creepypastas by roses35612
How To Summon Creepypastasby Miles
Use it a your own risks! This will work! I did all BE SAFE!
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The Game by Illuminati4Life
The Gameby Legionz
A new game show has captivated the world's imagination as participants from all walks of life and every corner of the globe show off their gaming prowess. Be it fame, fo...
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CheckMate (Completed) by nunucorn93
CheckMate (Completed)by nunucorn93
Everyone knows the stoies of the hot popular guy in school who falls in love with the shy girl who is later learnt to be a diamond in the rough. But no one knows the sto...
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「yes,my majesty」 by UsernameIsInUseAgain
「yes,my majesty」by 「N O O T」
「DRR x READER」 When the sudden news of the Black Queen coming back goes public in the city of Ikebukuro, the drama between both the White Queen and Black Queen are soon...
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The Perks of Being a Social Butterfly by wheadee
The Perks of Being a Social W H I T N E Y
An Opposites Attract Romance It's all a game, until someone gets hurt When seventeen-year-old queen bee, Ashley Davidson finds herself dateless for junior prom, she prou...
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Heartfull (Sequel to Heartless by Marissa Meyers) -COMPLETE- by Dotsybooo
Heartfull (Sequel to Heartless Dotsybooo
WARNING: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ HEARTLESS BY MARISSA MEYERS Some time ago, I finished the book Heartless by Marissa Meyer. It is now my favorite book, but I hav...
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The Uno Quest by Jonakra
The Uno Questby Jonakra
Three years ago, Unodornia was conquered by the king of spades, and his henchmen; the four jacks. When Unoden, the exiled prince of uno, gets a mysterious letter from th...
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Sacrifices must be made for the Volturi by vampireowl
Sacrifices must be made for the Secretly a vampire
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Operation Pucker Up by Geekyyy
Operation Pucker Upby ♛ ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟʟᴇ ♛
A harmless game of chess. A dare. A huge mistake. And 31 consecutive days. In which Danielle Skye would be in Zack Calvert's debt. She must kiss whoever he tells her to...
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MASKED GIRLS | ongoing/editing by maskedst
MASKED GIRLS | ongoing/editingby masked
Rifton Girls' High School is the most elite all-girls school in the city. With a grand school campus, a brilliant reputation and plenty of wealthy alumni providing fundi...
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how to annoy Seraph of the end characters by DelaneyCypher
how to annoy Seraph of the end Delaney Cypher
this is a book on how to annoy Seraph of the end characters
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Lelouch's Other Sister. by TeamWhiteRose100
Lelouch's Other TeamWhiteRose100
Her name is Elizabeth VI Britannia and she is the other sister of Lelouch VI Britannia and Nunnally VI Britannia. She's often better then Lelouch and Schneizel at Chess...
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An Assassin's Faith by Lucid_fantasies_
An Assassin's Faithby 💖Destiny💖
"Life is a game of chess. You are the player and everything you could make use of is in your hands. Kill, manipulate and adapt. There are blunders, mistakes as well...
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Owari no Seraph Oneshots by Airisthetic
Owari no Seraph Oneshotsby Airi
I'm not so sure how to write fan ficts so pls cope up with meeee andddddd i'm the one who edited the cover <3333 mah hubby huehuehuehuehe okay so REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS...
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Hope starts with you - a flowering heart fanfic by stargazer3002
Hope starts with you - a stargazer3002
Step into the flowering heart universe and follow Yeeun, just and average girl with no magical powers what so ever. This is her love story.
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Voldemort's Daughter - (Under editing) by Jem_Styles
Voldemort's Daughter - (Under The Jolly Hipster
Dany was only 9 when her parents were killed, she's been messed up ever since. I mean who wouldn't be if Voldemort took you in. She is Dany Riddle now, Voldemort's Daug...
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C H E C K M A T E  | | 𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕩𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕠𝕝𝕕 ✅ by hollyfirmino
C H E C K M A T E | | 𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥 H O L L Y
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Lifeless by Maddest_Hatter_3
Lifelessby Hatter
(Sequel to Marissa Meyer's Heartless) It's been a year since Catherine became queen of hearts and things are going down hill. And before she became the queen she gave he...
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THE GAME OF CHESS by ArachneStark
THE GAME OF CHESSby Arachne Stark
Seraphina Stark was a naive little girl oblivious of her surroundings, but, not for long. After her parent's unnatural death Seraphina endured a tough life even after sh...
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