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A Love Worth Billions | Soon to be edited.  by lovelyness-
A Love Worth Billions | Soon to N
[ COMPLETED ] Rosalina Vega is the epitome of true grace. She has the looks, the brains and the men falling at her feet: all with but one glance. Mateo Gerardo is an arr...
  • romance
  • balls
  • sight
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The Wallflower turned Princess  by ThankfullyYours
The Wallflower turned Princess by Steffan Asahina
Charity is your "average" 16 year old girl. Plain hair, plain face, plain everything. She's just another wallflower. When her best friend and crush, Aoi, rejec...
  • rejected
  • aoisakura
  • michaelerics
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White Rose of Purity by hope_love_peace_
White Rose of Purityby Hope
Charity is the sweetest, selfless, and most compassionate werewolf out there. When she was younger it was cute, but now as she gets older, the other wolves take advantag...
  • cruel
  • beauty
  • pure
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Hunter by LovelyWriter123
Hunterby D.M. Emerald
When Aubrey meets the handsome Hunter Grey she can't help but want to know more about the mysterious stranger. As she learns more about him she learns all the people she...
  • honey
  • tease
  • sarcastiam
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Where Love Lives (Complete) by TreshCelestine
Where Love Lives (Complete)by Up-tea-missed
All Rights Reserved © 2015 TreshCelestine Contains a few errors! My very first Wattpad story. Ellie Scott's parents died in an accident when she was only twelve years...
  • love
  • death
  • pregnancy
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Door To Door by defend
Door To Doorby mariam
Hudson Ellis is good at his job. Somehow, he manages not to annoy people when he knocks at their doors and asks them to contribute to the charity he works for - instead...
  • dogs
  • new
  • york
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When Roses Bloom Again by Bookworm1993
When Roses Bloom Againby Bookworm1993
Dear Ms. Hermione Granger, My name is Rosalind but my daddy calls me Ro. I like it better, don’t you? I hopes you become the minister. Your my favorite because you s...
  • lukemia
  • hermione
  • dramione
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Bound Till The End || BTS Jimin Fanfiction by Rowan_C
Bound Till The End || BTS Jimin Rowan
"Lust, stop staring at me like that, you perv!" The silver-haired male could only give a dark chuckle at the girl's words, hungrily licking the edge of his lip...
  • diligence
  • kpop
  • lust
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I Rejected the Alpha by XSoul_SearcherX
I Rejected the Alphaby DJ
I walked into first period Spanish. No one was there. I felt my wolf, Alexa; tell me not to turn around. My curiosity killed me. I turned around and found Jace, our Alp...
  • kindness
  • rogue
  • king
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Daze In Pretension (DIP) by deadlysigning
Daze In Pretension (DIP)by Harle Quin Dianne
Who would have thought that life be a mess. She wakes when all got in chaos. Lost, it got too damn serious to be neglected. Bombarded by frustration, perception in her m...
  • change
  • family
  • infidelity
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Why Don't We: After Apocalypse Stories by rainbowboulevard
Why Don't We: After Apocalypse 🍞🌈🦆
Ancient prophets spoke of a great peace that was destined to settle over the earth in the last days. A perfect "shalom" they called it. As the blazing western...
  • sad
  • funny
  • zachherron
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Charity Case (L.T au) by 1Dering_About_You
Charity Case (L.T au)by ~A
Quinn dedicates her life to soccer, even if it meant signing up to volunteer with the concessions. However, she secretly just wants to watch the cute boys play, especial...
  • highschool
  • louistomlinson
  • onedirection
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A Bonny Wee Lassie by cdcraftee
A Bonny Wee Lassieby Christine Larsen
Last decade, before we moved back to our present farm in the country we love so dearly, I was a careworker for a few years. This story is about one of my most frustratin...
  • scottish
  • cdcraftee
  • short-story
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Soul mates  by ElizebethLail
Soul mates by Elizebeth Lail
Robert and Aaron have been married for 5 years coming up to 6 in a week. They have 2 kids and are the happiest they have been in a long time. Their love is the strongest...
  • charity
  • emmerdale
  • robert
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Perfect Hook by efflorescences
Perfect Hookby sarah
"I didn't expect you, but I'm glad that I didn't. The best things are always unexpected."
  • sadness
  • death
  • rugby
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Business and Charity by TheAceandTheFool
Business and Charityby Aces and the Fool
They are complete opposites. Lara was the do-gooder happy go lucky kind of girl. Reed was strictly business. She did charity and volunteered. He stayed in his office fin...
  • family
  • travel
  • newyork
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Masquerade (Liam Payne) by BelWatson
Masquerade (Liam Payne)by Bel Watson
{book 5} - ❝ I'm Tammy Rodenhizer. Member of Prodigy. Rockstar. Rebel. And I don't trust you. I don't trust anyone and if you're wondering why, you're wasting your time...
  • rodenhizer
  • liam
  • payne
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The Greatest Showman Song Lyrics by Hiccstridlover10
The Greatest Showman Song Lyricsby HiccstridLover10
Now, I love The Greatest Showman as much as u all (maybe more) so I wanted to give u Wattpaders it's wonderful songs. Lyrics, videos and all- enjoy these songs as if ur...
  • fromnowon
  • reprises
  • lyrics
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If Only. (A Descendants Fanfiction) by PrincessGlacierFreya
If Only. (A Descendants Fanfiction)by PrincessGlacier
This story is in Mal's POV. It will be during the second movie and her life after. How she copes with Charity and her sister Sierra. and other things. *Rated 13+*
  • ben
  • elsa
  • charity
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Touching Stories Of The Sahaba (ra) .. by Mudu_Shine
Touching Stories Of The Sahaba ( Mudu_Shine
Stories have always been a great and powerful way to Learn, Understand & Motivate our E'maan (Faith). So why not learn and experience some of the Best Stories of Islam t...
  • wife
  • orphan
  • prophet
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