You know, I really hate these things. What do you want me to say? My hobbies? Favorite color? Full name? Height/weight? Shoe size? Number of fingers I have on my left hand? Questions that you all MUST know, right?

The more important question is 'Are any of you going to waste your time reading this? Do you all really want to know more about Katt29?' Well, I bet a majority are like 'Who the heck is that?' Yeah, well, sorry because I don't have the answer for that. (I'm still figuring out myself haha)

I will tell you what is obvious, my nickname is Kat :)
I love to read and write. By my number of stories you all can come to the obvious conclusion that i do in fact have a problem with starting new stories. Yes, i am seeking help so if you know any good therapists TELL ME! (I also have a problem with making story covers for my stories, but I'm keeping that a secret. Shh!)
I play soccer! Woo :)

That's really all i can think of at the moment.

Don't you all feel accomplished now that you've learned a total of THREE whole things about Katt29? I sure do :)

ANYWAAAAYSSS.... you are probably on my profile because you are reading one of my stories, so i hope you enjoy them in some shape or form :)


I stole this goal sheet from Roxy! (Btw, read her stories!)

[x] 10 fans
[x] 100 fans
[] 1 000 fans
[x] Be on What's Hot list
[] #100 on what's hot
[] #10 on what's hot
[] #1 on what's hot
[x] Finish a book
[] Finish 3 books
[x] 10 votes
[x] 100 votes
[x] 500 votes

Over & Out!
-- Kat
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Katt29 Katt29 Nov 11, 2012 07:34PM
@ThatOne_WeirdGirl Yeah! What do you need help with? :)
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