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Echoes ~ (Book Two of The Elite Series) by angel-At-heart
Echoes ~ (Book Two of The Elite angel-At-heart
Sometimes the past is so powerful, those echoes threaten to overwhelm the present.
Delirium (A Divergent Fanfiction) by fanficqueen13
Delirium (A Divergent Fanfiction)by EJ
Amity native Olivia Maxwell makes a bold choice that will forever change her life after her aptitude test marks her as a Delirium. Being Delirium puts a target on her ba...
Hunter by LovelyWriter123
Hunterby D.M. Emerald
When Aubrey meets the handsome Hunter Grey she can't help but want to know more about the mysterious stranger. As she learns more about him she learns all the people she...
Subject Zero :0  (Book One - The Tainted Trilogy) by cyillyeroxx
Subject Zero :0 (Book One - The Odayisha Gordon
Seventeen year old Jay-Roma Sterling or JR, was just another girl on the wrong side of fate. Finding herself in the testing trials of a unforgiving experiment, she's thr...
The Tale of my Shrinking by christnina74
The Tale of my Shrinkingby NINA
Alina is everything her family isn't she smart and bright, not the general killer of thief's that make up her family. It's no wonder she had been one of the founders of...
Indigo Blues ✔ by strawberryichigo15
Indigo Blues ✔by Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 370 Tannus Bracken and Delilah Manchester are two scientists that work in the same lab and have the reputation of getting on each other's nerves. They go w...
Reversing The Apocalypse by starfiresandra
Reversing The Apocalypseby dharshini ◡̈
Scientists are working on this serum, it is to make humans so powerful they will become immune to diseases. Imagine never getting sick ever again. But when the serum goe...
Ian hated the life that he'd been given. School, home, and everything in between was just unbearable. Then one day, he took a different path during that in between and d...
Brocken by Polomints28
Brockenby ❄️WinterIron4ever❄️
Bruce X reader You were a successful scientist working on a cure based on the super soldier serum. One day your house was broken into and you were forced to take your wo...
Kiera x caylus and more by Jaytnfg
Kiera x caylus and moreby Jay tnfg
this story has some parts that don't go with real life facts just to help the story along. kiera bridget is from london. caylus is from california. Lucas(serum) and tomo...
The Beginning of Fate by DanyonChiniquy
The Beginning of Fateby Danyon Chiniquy
A dream, a father, a sister, dark pasts, all intertwine to create a dangerous future around one girl. Fayette Valencia. She is the start of a new era. Will she escape he...
Magic Dairy by Andintaliandra
Magic Dairyby Andinta Liandra
#Obat 1 #Bayi 1 #Hamil 3 #Jepang 2 # Manusia 2 Mengisahkan seorang perempuan yang bernama Andinta yang tinggal di Kyoto bersama Adiknya. Sebuah cerita setelah kejadian w...
DIY Skin Beauty HACKS! by ghostwriterYuri
DIY Skin Beauty HACKS!by ghostwriterYuri
A collection of all the beauty hacks that I've done that worked well for my skin, a little about my skin? Oily for three seasons out of the year, very sensitive and easi...
A Million Reasons (Charles Xavier X Reader)  by MarvelLover9721
A Million Reasons (Charles Pearl/Marvel
This is a one shot about the most amazing mutant ever! Plot: It takes place during Days of Future Past and the Reader, Hank, and Charles are the only ones left at the m...
Bucky Barnes One Shot by GryffindorSmithy
Bucky Barnes One Shotby T. Smith
This is simply a compilation of Bucky Barnes One Shots. Feel free to request scenarios and the like. Hope you like it! :)
The Flight Of The First by sweetlilkoala_124
The Flight Of The Firstby ~ 𝓱𝓪𝔃𝓮𝓵 ~
In the continent of Kyiros... ---- Kamilah was a princess, next in line for the queen's throne. This was her big day. The day she finally got to try the infamous Serum a...
Fight or Flight by IzzyRosie
Fight or Flightby Kali (KAY-LEE)
When a serum made to make children and adults healthier actually kills everyone except people between ages of 10-20, this is the story of one girl surviving her new life.
Convergent; After Allegiant by Spn_Trash1967
Convergent; After Allegiantby Sadgay
Allegiant spoilers...duh •ATTENTION. PLEASE DO NOT POINT OUT SPELLING AND GRAMMAR MISTAKES. I PLEAN TO EDIT SOON. Thank you• What if Tobias took the memory serum? What...
Friends or something more?: Nickroe fanfic by Nickroeshipper67
Friends or something more?: J2&Wincest-shipper67
Plot: so basically, Nick and Monroe are becoming friends but along the way Nick realises he has feelings for Monroe. And those feelings are forced out of him by a truth...