Catshifter Stories

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Cats and Dogs by Caseywantscats
Cats and Dogsby Nimmeret
Liam Jenkins just wanted to finish college. As many cat shifters were, he preferred to watch from the sidelines and not get involved, but what happens when he gets roome...
My Mate Is My Devil Of A Boss by TheUnknownCatGirl
My Mate Is My Devil Of A Bossby The Unknown Cat Girl
I walked into The Anderson Corporation of Finances Building smelling a lot of humans but a hint of werewolves. I became scared of the thought of werewolves here and almo...
mirabel x cat reader by TylerTysonBlackout
mirabel x cat readerby Ray Afton & Emma emily
after fixing casita mirabel is married to a cat shifter,She can turn into any type of cat,But prefers to be a house cat to cuddle with mirabel
The Cat Shifter (Book 1 of Shifter Series) by RissaleWriter
The Cat Shifter (Book 1 of Rissa, Rissy, Riss
Katherine, Kat, was special, was unique. Being the only Cat Shifter she knew, she was one of a kind. At age 18, she lived by herself, moving around from place to place...
My Kitty Crush || Mingyu X Reader by MeliMimiss
My Kitty Crush || Mingyu X Readerby Mia
You and Mingyu have been rivals since childhood, you'd compete over anything, small or big, and he always wins. Ever since, You made it your goal to beat him. But What...
Lu-Pining for Your Purrr-Fection by SapphireGinger
Lu-Pining for Your Purrr-Fectionby Michaela
Stiles has been turned into a cat. He is so very STILES still. It suits him so much he almost wants to stay like that. Well until he sees a red eyed wolf growling at him...
Save Me (Being Edited) by SnowMelts01
Save Me (Being Edited)by SnowMelts01
Left out in the cold harsh world with no family, friends, or pride to guide him and an alley-way as his home. Snow has to fight everyday for his life from the bipolar we...
Untameable by Sinful_Angel
Untameableby Hedwig Raphael
She's in heat and he's her only chance for relief. ---------- First published in Wattpad (2016) Copyright © 2018, Hedwig Raphael
Bell La Rouge (ON HOLD) by Mimic-My-Howl
Bell La Rouge (ON HOLD)by Dionne Michaela
Bell La Rouge is a secret club for Supernaturals. Full of money, sex, and power. Once you're in BLR, you must not speak about it to anyone. You're given a new name, a ne...
Fall (LGBT) ✅ by mickey2k14
Fall (LGBT) ✅by Mickey
Jeremy's always looked after his little brother, Callum, and it's his responsibility to make sure he's safe. When Callum wanders too far into the woods, and finds himsel...
I am NOT your little "meow meow" by LunaWritesFanfiction
I am NOT your little "meow meow"by Scanlan my beloved💜
Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo are all orphans living in a big city that couldn't give a fuck about three 12-year-old boys. They have to do horrible things just to scrape by...
Being An Assassin...And A Hero by cross13ctr
Being An Assassin...And A Heroby Christopher Ross
Derreck is a just fifteen when his dad is killed in a car wreck and his mother is left in a coma from the same thing. A year later he finds out he can shift into a cat...
twin claws by EricaBusiness
twin clawsby Erica Business
I was destined to be one of the girls who is the star of her story. Not a side character to a girl who finds and marries a dream man. Even more so one who is her true ma...
..::"Feathers and Fur"::.." Cat shifter+Avian Diary"::... (Nonfiction) by StrawBerry_KittCat
..::"Feathers and Fur"::.." Cat StrawBerry_KittCat
✿.。.:* ☆:**:. {Started August 28, 2020} My name is Leo, and I'm becoming an Avian and a cat shifter This is nonfiction, and not a role play. This is my first journal an...
Wolf's little kitten by milalalalalalala
Wolf's little kittenby milalalalalalala
A story about wolf and his little kitten.
Looking For a bxb story by XxWolfie45xX
Looking For a bxb storyby Amber
Hi, as the title says, I'm looking for a bxb story that hopefully is still on here(Wattpad). I forgot the name, but from what I remember It was like the main character p...
The Lesser Creatures by Bed_Head
The Lesser Creaturesby Bed_Head
Akora has been less since birth. Born into a small wolf pack hidden from human eyes, the Alpha had wanted her drowned. Yet, as fate would have it, whispers of an orphana...
The Kitten Shifter In A Werewolf Pack by kittycatlover071
The Kitten Shifter In A Werewolf Adrienne "The Dark One"
This story is about a cat shiftier who is a pet to the alpha's daughter and pack. the Alpha knows she can shift into human form but the pack doesn't. She doesn't want th...
No by Roxypoxa
Noby Roxypoxa
Laken kian is an omega and the last of a pack known as the deth star. He has no mate and he is diprest because thay died protecting him and he had no idea why throw. He...