L x Near x Mello x Reader by NekoMakesFanfic
L x Near x Mello x Readerby NekoMakesFanfic
✦̷̷°∘♡Seperated by distance♡̷̷ ∘°✦ ✦̷̷°∘♡̷̷Connected by faith ♡̷̷ ∘°✦ (This is a fantasy story kinda. Supernatural, I guess aka shit that does not make any sense. Just h...
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  • lightyagami
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A 2nd Chance In September || Kousei x Kaori + Sequel FF by AliciaPinkyDollsFFx
A 2nd Chance In September || Kouse...by AliciaPinkyDolls FFx
Highest Rank: #303 in Fan fiction|| The young Prodigy 'Arima Kousei' has finally recovered after the worst tragedy of his life happened to him. The day he lost his Belov...
  • kaorimiyazono
  • anime
  • yourlieinapril
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L's Sister (Death Note Fan-Fic) by pokenaruto58
L's Sister (Death Note Fan-Fic)by Rita Winter
After seeing her parents die in front of her and being taken away from her older brother to be experimented on, some other things happen before Claire gets sent to Japan...
  • ruin
  • mello
  • yagami
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Make A Move (Death Note Fanfiction) by kawaiifruit
Make A Move (Death Note Fanfiction)by kawaiifruit
Under editing
  • watari
  • kira
  • mihaelkeehl
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blue leaf. by cheesetarrt
blue leaf.by chii
"Someone who got the looks like Trashykawa but not trashy, huh. That's not bad." And that's their manager. [Seijou x Reader]
  • issei
  • yuutarou
  • kentarou
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Jestem w świecie Death Note /Life Note Vs Death Note/ LxOC (Przepisane) by animelov333
Jestem w świecie Death Note /Life...by animelov333
LxOC Arashi, dziewczyna z ciężką przeszłością.Jest sama, ale jedyne szczęście znajduje w oglądaniu anime.Pewnego dnia umiera w wypadku samochodowym.Jednak nie spodziewał...
  • ryuugahideki
  • lightyagami
  • mailjeevas
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A Bittersweet Melody | Arima Kousei x Reader  by xjiminiex_
A Bittersweet Melody | Arima Kouse...by ilovecoffeeandsleep
Her life was filled with twist and turns, nothing but pure darkness, nothing but sadness was what she felt, in the way of recovery, there stands her love of music, littl...
  • shigatsu
  • kaori
  • yourlieonapril
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A New Petal (A Your Lie in April Fanfiction)  by pepperani
A New Petal (A Your Lie in April F...by pepperani
Is she...alive? When Kaori survives her deadly operation, Kousei's heart fills with joy. Even more when Watari and Kaori break up. Still oblivious to her feelings toward...
  • lie
  • april
  • musicians
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I'm Sorry [Your Lie In April FANFIC] by Phyranim
I'm Sorry [Your Lie In April FANFI...by Exalea 🐥
Tsubaki P.O.V. Why can't I be the one Kousei loves? Why? Can't I be more like Kaori? I wish I know how to play an instrument.
  • watari
  • kaori
  • dylan
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confession by GrandKingOikawa
confessionby 徹
i come from a small down, with two high school classes, a church large enough to fit its entire population, and a boy that seduces me in a way he definitely shouldn't
  • matsukawaissei
  • daishou
  • haikyuu
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Caramel || Watari Ryouta X Reader by StarrySatan
Caramel || Watari Ryouta X Readerby I
[W A T A R I X R E A D E R] It didn't help that you were hopelessly crushing on one of your best friends. The fact that the boy was none other than Watari Ryouta didn'...
  • kousei
  • anime
  • xreader
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Liebesfreud | Kousei Arima X Reader by tinkished
Liebesfreud | Kousei Arima X Readerby tink
❝through the dark and narrow paths, through the hardships and difficulties, and through every sorrow, everyone deserves the joy of love including you❞ disclaimer: i do...
  • lovessorrow
  • kaori
  • ylia
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¿El nuevo mundo? (light x Tn) by Natashlatl
¿El nuevo mundo? (light x Tn)by Natashlatl
Esta es la continuación de Death Note y tu, las cosas novan a seguir su cronología cambiare algunas cosas esto pasa después de utilizar la Life Note. Referencias como BB...
  • walmy
  • amor
  • near
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Where The Light Goes (Your Lie in April/Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso Fanfiction) by RDCASTILLO22
Where The Light Goes (Your Lie in...by Aina Castillo
Five years had already passed since Kaori died. Arima Kousei is now a successful pianist who studies music and plays piano in the United States along with his piano men...
  • hurt
  • hospital
  • piano
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Death Note : Before The Dawn by Akane_Sora
Death Note : Before The Dawnby Akane_Sora
(( L x OC )) Wammy's House, an orphanage for gifted children. Just like the others, a girl went by an alias named Rei. At times, Roger, the manager of the Wammy's Hous...
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • anime
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The Birthday Gift [Iwaoi]  by matsukii_
The Birthday Gift [Iwaoi] by matsukii_
Ok so today is Oikawa's birthday! So I'll be celebrating it with a fanfic and if you check out my Instagram @/Matsukii_ there will be more content! Please enjoy and tell...
  • oikawa
  • gay
  • kentaro
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musicians by spell-book
musiciansby lucy 🗻
||kousei arima x musician! reader|| each instrument holds a beauty in it, and it's us musicians that resonate how beautiful they are. ...
  • kaori
  • tsubaki
  • abitoftakeshixreader
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Chained by the Heart by SleepySkeletonKing
Chained by the Heartby skelebonez
A typical story in which a bad guy falls in love with a (slightly) good guy. Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note nor any of it's characters.
  • anime
  • deathnote
  • misaamane
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Getting Over Kaori Miyazono by RockyMarciano1
Getting Over Kaori Miyazonoby Rocky Marciano
After Kaori dies, Kousei is heart broken but will someone show him how to love and live again? How will he move on? Will he ever play again? Based off the anime "Yo...
  • ships
  • unity
  • kousei
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Your lie in April by tinnyhi
Your lie in Aprilby Ocean Star
For those of you don't know what Your Lie in April. It's an anime about music, love, loss, and many other things. This anime would take your breath, as you watch the cha...
  • anime
  • love
  • kaori
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