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How to Write Fanfiction by Fanfic
How to Write Fanfictionby Fanfiction
How to Write Fanfiction is a writing resource that contains tips and tricks on crafting fanfiction stories - by the community, for the community. This guide will serve a...
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Would You Stay- Klance Rewrite by godly_garbage420
Would You Stay- Klance Rewriteby Beach Ima Cow
this is a rewrite of an old story of mine. it has the same title, and I decided I wanted a more detailed story line. my original was rushed, undetailed, and flawed.(Not...
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You could never know me by cescamorgan
You could never know meby Francesca Morgan
Harry was giving up. No more hiding. No more fighting. No more living. Unfortunately with a crazy Dark Lord on your back it isn't that simple. First fic, but I am now op...
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Destiel one shots by Fredzina
Destiel one shotsby I'm a kitchen sink
Exactly what it is. Most of them will take place in the cannon realm. Also will take ideas for the most part.
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the thing is, i'm in love with you // benjey by benjeybish
the thing is, i'm in love with benjeybish
"how am i supposed to live without you?" "i don't know." ~ a story about jorge garay and benji krol updates every week :)
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Round Two  by bishoa
Round Two by bishoa
Stranger Things ended after season four. Some of the cast's friendships have stayed the same, while some have drifted apart. And in Finn and Millie's case, some no longe...
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Canon | (Harry Styles AU) by EatReadWriteRepeat
Canon | (Harry Styles AU)by Diana
When seventeen year old Harry moves to a new town, he enters a photography contest where he gets more then just pictures and a story when he choses his complex neighbor...
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Mud | Obikin by Alcalinaa
Mud | Obikinby Alcalina
*COMPLETED* Clone Wars: Skywalker and Kenobi are leaving a muddy planet after a long mission. Kenobi can't wait to get back to Coruscant because his former Padawan is dr...
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Zarry One Shots by dattumblrgal  by dattumblrgal
Zarry One Shots by dattumblrgal by dattumblrgal
A collection of short stories, all of them are Zarry. I accept prompts too :) Enjoy ❤️
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Bakutododeku by hope1299
Bakutododekuby kk.slays
Todoroki and midoriya try to take care of a bratty little while still trying to become a hero. Warning will contain little space,ddlb,bxbxb,and fluff #10 in bakutododeku...
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Wish It Were Simple (Vkook/Taekook) by _Rolling_Thunder_
Wish It Were Simple (Vkook/Taekook)by _Rolling_Thunder_
[completed] "Okay, well I guess the main thing that was on my mind was, you." - JK Jungkook has always loved going on tour with BTS. He loved getting to see an...
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Merthur One Shots by 40Whacks
Merthur One Shotsby Edina Saunders
REQUESTS ALWAYS OPEN Merlin and Arthur, aka one of the cutest couples ever!!! If you like what I write about them please don't be shy about voting and commenting. Thank...
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Echo Of Us • Zarry  by dattumblrgal
Echo Of Us • Zarry by dattumblrgal
Every single breath he takes around Zayn is a lie. Harry's entire being when he's near Zayn is a fucking lie because Harry never wanted this to turn out like that. Harry...
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Regalo a mis Lectores (Yuri on Ice) by CarolinaVilladiego
Regalo a mis Lectores (Yuri on Ice)by Carolina Villadiego
Este es un pequeño regalo y agradecimiento a los lectores que me apoyan. Son pequeños fragmentos que escribo esperando que les guste. Estos fragmentos pueden ser en cano...
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Facts to DIE for: CANON CREEPYPASTA FACTS by YummyMangoAngel
Facts to DIE for: CANON MangoAngel
So, I decided to make a fact book about Creepypastas because why not. Plus, people need to know the truth about these, um..... beings. Most facts will be canon or confir...
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Flash to the Future Series (Omakes, Backstories, Deleted Scenes, and More) by AGeekWithGlasses
Flash to the Future Series ( Purple Heart of Diamonds
What's up?! It's finally here. In this book, are the extra stories, scenes, and answers to your questions that you have been waiting on. Here is where you will find mos...
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taekook one shots by baby_kv
taekook one shotsby levi
a collection of taekook stories (13+) -mostly canon and college aus | fluff | angst | kissing | pining | friends to lovers | enemies to lovers | will update this as i g...
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Just Another Book About Harry Potter Ships by alexanderavery998
Just Another Book About Harry Avery Alexander
My thoughts on various Harry Potter ships. Also included is a completely unscientific breakdown of the popularity of different ships on different writing websites, compi...
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KaiShin Doujinshi by QiuQiuXiu
KaiShin Doujinshiby XuZeYan
Kumpulan doujin KaiShin (Kuroba Kaito x Kudo Shinichi) dengan berbagai genre yang jelas BUKAN buatan Kyuu, cuma sekadar menge-share :') Warning : R18, yaoi, dll Disclaim...
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[Transfic| Kookmin] Riptide. by yourlittlemoonface
[Transfic| Kookmin] Moonie
Jeon Jungkook chỉ là một đứa trẻ khi cậu đến với Seoul. Cậu biết đến những toà nhà chọc trời, những con đường như mê cung, và cuộc sống ở ký túc mà cậu sẽ trải nghiệm. C...