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Summer with The Bad Boy by Tori98
Summer with The Bad Boyby Tori
"We're going to send you to a behaviour camp. 'It's called Cormac Camp for Youth's." I was ready to faint. *** "What's your name again?&q...
New Type of Flying by TwilightTRex
New Type of Flyingby TwilightTRex
What if..... Nationals ended. (Not spoiling if you haven't read or watched) Months later, school started again, and volleyball had begun. Spring time came around and Ke...
Colors by misssmoonn
Colorsby misssmoonn
In a near future a disease killed half of the young population and the ones who survived have developed powers depending on their eye color. The goverment, afraid, decid...
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Holocaust Short Stories by ImmortanHolmes999
Holocaust Short Storiesby Lilly_Tomanek
Inside this book is a compilation of stories based on the Holocaust. Most are only a chapter long, and are individual stories in themselves. I may decide to write a long...
The Untold Stories (Heroes of Olympus) by heymeiji
The Untold Stories (Heroes of meiji
Hearts and Minds are gonna be played in this story. All is fair in love and war. But in the end, will it be enough? Will it be worth all the sacrifices. Well, only the F...
Camp Shiganshina by Foxxzilla11
Camp Shiganshinaby Foxxzilla
*C O M P L E T E D* At age 9, young Eren Jaeger lost his sister Mikasa at Camp Shiganshina due to "foul play", as the reports said. They found her body in not...
The Diary of Anne Frank: What If? by mycastleofbooks
The Diary of Anne Frank: What If?by Claire
What if Anne Frank had lived? What if she had survived and escaped the concentration camps? What if she had been given another chance for life? In this final diary e...
Camp Cool Kids (Zach Neil x Reader) by Sofia_is_queen
Camp Cool Kids (Zach Neil x Reader)by Sofia_is_queen
This story is about the Netflix movie Camp Cool Kids. Your name is Ella Anderson. You're 16 and you start going to this summer camp called Camp Istrouma. The camp is two...
If demigods had Facebook (Percy Jackson Fanfic) by strawberrykirishima
If demigods had Facebook (Percy Aj
What would happen if demigods, and the Gods had Facebook. What kind of trouble will they get in.
The Time of Our Lives by Hellowhatisupkids
The Time of Our Livesby Zoe ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵...
John Laurens arrives at summer camp, ready to blend into the background until he gets home. That is, until he meets the revolutionary set.
HELP by seraphdaelynne
HELPby Seraph Daelynne
We need to know about all of this. It's incredibly imperative that everyone knows about the situation in America before it happens even more
This is no Joke, this is war by SputnikWriter
This is no Joke, this is warby The FitnessGram Pacer Test
A novel set in a WW2 interment camp for the "enemies of America".
Can't Forget by Trekkiehood
Can't Forgetby Jamie Dawn
He reached the end of the treeline. Stopping abruptly at the sight before him. The tall barb wired fence had fallen in certain areas. The gate was crooked and pushed in...
Zu's Story by Poptarts15
Zu's Storyby Poptarts15
"Quiet people have the loudest minds"-Stephen Hawkin. This is Zu's story about what happened in Caledonia, some stuff about her past, and her relationship with...
Days Gone RP (Video Game)  by Anastacia-Winchester
Days Gone RP (Video Game) by Dean's Girl
Apocalyptic world with drifters, camps and Freaks!
Brother by MacchioHowellForever
Brotherby Londy
******After The Outsiders Novel****** The Outsiders has been completed, but what happens with the rest of the gang after? What are their lives like? How are they feeling...
The Light of the Cave by GhXxOsT
The Light of the Caveby Elizuuuu
~I have no clue but I will update this later c:~ (btw i will change the cover asap i'm creating one right now because i waited until like the last minute lol)
When Sinking is the Only Way    #Wattys2015 by winterwolf77
When Sinking is the Only Way Shadofaxx
After being sent to a secret camp owned by a ruthless man that takes girls from their spoiled homes and puts them into hard labor, Ethia is on a journey to escape the ha...
A contradiction by tiyashidas123
A contradictionby ☆ Tiya ☆
The story of a teenage girl's life...🍁 Not a love story. My protagonist doesn't like the idea of her being in love. Not yet anyway. As mentioned above, this is the st...