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Marching Band Humor by Wolfgirl3183
Marching Band Humorby Trinity
There's are not my own Ideas I have found them on line and I thought they were hilarious. Being a band nerd my self I can relate and I'm sure many of you can to so I hop...
  • instruments
  • marchingband
  • band
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Band Geeks UNITE by kkdxpxrio
Band Geeks UNITEby don't mind me
band problems
  • baritone
  • trumpet
  • marchingband
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Band 101 by Stealthheart
Band 101by stealthheartocarina z
Stereotypes, jokes, and other stuff for marching band, concert band, and guard. Have fun getting triggered!! {Rated NR} Highest rating: #294 in Humor COMPLETED JAN 3, 20...
  • marching
  • flute
  • marchingband
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My Marching Band Love by addynault
My Marching Band Loveby Addy
This is Alexis' Freshman year, when she wants to try something new, she tries out for the school color guard team, and makes it. After practicing and learning the parade...
  • love
  • marching
  • story
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Color Guard/Band Stuff by QueenOfQuirks
Color Guard/Band Stuffby Guard Jerry 🏳️
Random updates from marching season and winter guard season. And... Funny stories and M E M E S (obviously)
  • jerry
  • guardmemes
  • fridaynightlights
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High School Marching Band Stories by abitrantham
High School Marching Band Storiesby Wildfire Meadows
If you like quirky band kids, musical jokes, and marching fails, this is the book for you. This is all real things that have happened to me as a Trumpet player in my hig...
  • reallifeexperience
  • marchingband
  • colorguard
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Just This once by alibeannie
Just This onceby 𝓐𝓵𝓲
She approached the boy reluctantly and tapped his shoulder "Hey, don't let this get to your head, but, I may or may not need you to be my Mr. Mont-eclair." She...
  • teenfiction
  • romance
  • dance
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Guard and band practice quotes by onedayatatime19
Guard and band practice quotesby Madison
All the stupid shit we say during practice.....enjoy
  • quotes
  • weird
  • colorguard
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Falling For Who? by mailysia
Falling For Who?by Mailysia Chuon
Falling for guys suck! Getting your hopes up for a guy that doesn't like you back is the second to worst thing. MaxiLana is the captain of the color guard team spinning...
  • realisticficton
  • victoriapark
  • highschool
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The Saxophone's Guard by partimeredknight
The Saxophone's Guardby partimeredknight
Dave Strider, colorguard and percussionist, doesn't live the same life everyone believes he does. John Egbert, alto and baritone saxophone and bass clarinetist doesn'...
  • pepsicola
  • homestuck
  • johndave
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marching band problems by Xx_Diaec0922_xX
marching band problemsby India/Dia
Only people in marching band will understand the struggles
  • colorguard
  • clarinets
  • flutes
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Adrienette College AU by Iris_Rainbow11
Adrienette College AUby Iris_Rainbow11
Marinette has grown emotionally and physically stronger, thanks to her best friends Tikki and Alya for making her join the Color Guard in marching band. She became less...
  • colorguard
  • adrienette
  • marinette
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Guard your Heart by Lnacrafting212
Guard your Heartby Lnacrafting212
When Addison Cox befriends Crystal Patel, the most popular girl in the school, her life opens up to a whole world of new possibilities, until she finds out that cheer i...
  • sabers
  • rifles
  • colorguard
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How To: Survive Band Camp (Color Guard Edition) by iethraen
How To: Survive Band Camp (Color Isis
Hey you! Yes you! Are you a newbie to color guard or the whole marching band thing in general? Well, this trusty guide here will be sure to help you out! Enjoy (and good...
  • bandcamp
  • colorguard
  • marchingband
Colorguard: Tacos, Tape, and Glitter by booksandband7519
Colorguard: Tacos, Tape, and Jessica Payne
I know there are a ton of books like this, but I thought it'd be fun, so here's my book about guard.
  • captain
  • flag
  • colorguard
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Band Geeks [Queen Marching Band AU] by cheese-on-toast
Band Geeks [Queen Marching Band AU]by Disco Deaky is the Dancing Qu...
*this is my first Queen fanfiction* The four have been transfered to a school in America(dont hate me for this please), and have decided to join marching band. Thats bas...
  • brianmay
  • selfinsert
  • idkanymore
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shika magazine   by luftballonss
shika magazine by shika 🌻🌤
alternate titles: • the daily shika but professional • essay practice • experiences • a more serious daily shika • the daily shika minus slang and bs • what it's li...
  • summer
  • professional
  • hate
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The Guard Girl and The Football Player by Milly_1323
The Guard Girl and The Football Milly_1323
People always stereotype the football players to date the cheerleaders and the colorguard to date the band members, but what happens when a football player falls for a c...
  • romance
  • colorguard
  • marchingband
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Curls and Girls by LovelyLittleDemon
Curls and Girlsby Crymeariverdarling
Charlee has been knowing her for a while. They're a lot alike, but will Charlee admit to her that she has strong feelings about her? Will they just be friends forever?
  • story
  • oklahoma
  • guys
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